Our First Christmas Trees at the Berry Patch House

Hello Dear Friends,

I love Christmas and all of the wonderful things that make up the most joyful season of all.

Knowing that our time at the Berry Patch House is temporary and I was not quite certain

if we were going to set up any large trees this year. Maybe just a table top tree with

visions of how I will display and decorate trees in our future home.

However, it’s not me to put a tree on a table and call it a day!

So today, I bring you Our First Christmas Trees at the Berry Patch House.

We are celebrating with beautiful trees from the wonderful Tree Classics

and participating in their fabulous Home For the Holidays Tour.

I am joining fellow bloggers with 12 Days of amazing Christmas tree inspiration.

Links to the tour are below.

Also the complete product list links will be below too!

I did something different this year and love it.

I have done this in the past and thought why not do it again

as I have the perfect trees!

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs

Tree Classics Home for the Holidays

Other than the beautiful trees itself, my inspiration for some of the tree decor

started with a gift tag. A gift tag of some of my favorite things . . .

blue and white and topiaries!

Christmas Topiary-Housepitality Designs

I took a faux topiary that was in a plain white container

and inserted it into a blue and white vase. . . tied a red ribbon around it

and now it is a lovely piece to coordinate with the gift tag.

Christmas Tree-Housepitality Designs

I have another topiary that has traveled from room to room in the past and now

sits on top of my vintage nesting tables next to the trees.

All the topiary needed was a red bow.

Below is a little peek of the colors I will be using

in the Great Room for Christmas.

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs-6

So let’s talk Christmas trees!

As we set up the trees which are the Kennedy Slim LED Changing Lights in 9 and 7 /12 feet,

I could not help but think of how amazed my dad would have been with the technology

of today’s beautiful artificial Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree-Housepitality Designs-3

After seeing how each section of the tree when placed into the stem starting with the base,

. . . .  lights miraculously lighting up . . . . no searching for the cords/plugs

to connect to each other. I could hear my dad’s  words, “Well I’ll be darn, how did they do that?”

Christmas Packages-Housepitality Designs-2

And then I would have followed up with, “If you think that is the Bee’s Knees

(term he often used) . . . take a look at this!

Christmas Tree-Housepitality Designs

With the push of the button on the remote, it will change to multi-colored lights!

My dad would have truly been even more impressed …. as he loved the traditional colors

of lights on the tree. The bigger the bulb the better!

Oh how I remember him loving that color wheel!

Christmas Packages-Housepitality Designs

As for me and my hubby, I love the twinkling of the clear lights,

as if I am looking up at a starry, starry night sky. . .

while the hubby loves the wonderful multi-colored lights.

When we want to enjoy both of our favorite looks, then with another push of the button

on the remote and you get both …

the clear and multi-colored lights transitioning back and forth.

. . . Clear . . .

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs-2

. . . Multi-colored . . .

Christmas Tree-Housepitality Designs

When putting up our Christmas trees, I know we all tend to go down memory lane.

Thinking about Christmases past either as a child or with our very own family.

Memories of the traditions we all had.

I remember the “no opening gifts till Christmas” as a child; however, I remember

vividly one year, a couple of my siblings carefully opened up some gifts that were hidden

(so my mother thought) before Christmas and my mother caught them in the act.

Not me!! Oh no!! I was a “go by the rules kind of gal!”

Christmas ornaments - Housepitality Designs

The only thing at the time that interested me is the way the tree was decorated.

I would re-arrange the Christmas ornaments and straighten out the tinsel every day

as I know my brother would mess it up on purpose! 

Christmas Ornaments-Housepitality Designs

My hubby and I started a tradition of our son opening one gift after Christmas Eve dinner

and church services . . . a gift from Mom and Dad . . . as he would have to wait

for his gifts from Santa the next morning.

Christmas Tree Skirt-Housepitality Designs

Oh the gift of memories a tree can bring to us!

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs-4

And these trees in particular!

From my childhood . . .

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs

To today . . .  creating memories every year . . . in each phase of our lives.

As children, parents, grandparents . . .

and memories of the the treasured moments of those we who are no longer with us;

however, oh so with us in spirit and in our hearts.

Christmas Trees-Housepitality Designs-5

Traditions we hold dearly in our memories . . .

countless photos by the Christmas tree in our PJ’s . . .

traditions we observe and hope that continue through the generations.

Traditions that so many times involve the Christmas tree.

Roses in Tree-Housepitality Designs

Oh the joy they bring!

Hope you enjoyed our first trees at the Berry Patch House. More to come! 🙂

And speaking of “Joy” Tree Classics is having giveaways on the

Tree Classics Facebook Page. Don’t miss out!

I want to thank Tree Classics for partnering with me to provide you all with

great Christmas Tree Inspiration. The trees, gorgeous sequined skirt and

many beautiful ornaments were provided….All glorious reviews of these products

are joyfully and entirely my own!

Links to all beautiful items are below along with the links to the Home for the Holidays

Tree Classics tour.

Have a most beautiful and joyful day! ….. and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!



9 foot and 7 /12 foot Kennedy Fir Narrow Christmas Tree w/quick setand real feel technology – LED Changing lights

Silver and Gold Collection Ornament Set

Gold Satin and Sequin Tree Skirt

Silver and Gold Collection 20 pc. Ornament Set



November 12th ~ ~ Jessica of Domicile 37

November 13th ~ ~ Linda of The Home I Create

November 14th ~ ~ Jen Lutz of Tree Classics/Jennifer Lutz at Home

November 15th ~ ~ Caroline of Caroline Bivens Home

November 16th ~ ~ Haley of At Home with Haley

November 17th ~ ~ Kathy of Up to Date Interiors

November 18th – ~ Heidi of Home by Heidi

November 19th ~ ~ Jennifer of The Ranch Uncommon

November 20th ~ ~ Shirley (Me) Housepitality Designs

November 21st ~ ~ Monica of Monica Wants It

November 22nd ~ ~ Cindy of Edith and Evelyn Vintage

November 23rd ~ ~ Ashlee of Ashlee and Her Tribe

November 24th ~ ~ Leah of Life as Leah


For more inspiration you can visit the Tree Classics Blog too!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Joining Rhoda (Southern Hospitality and Janet (Shabbyfufu) for:



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  1. Omigosh Shirley – what a stunning display! Your trees are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!!! xoxox

  2. Simply stunning my friend! I love the two trees together and your story of memories. What is it with men and colored lights. You know who loves the colored lights, too. I remember us having one of those color wheels shining on a silver tinsel tree when I was a child. Yes, technology has come a very long way! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Shirley, those trees are beautiful, and I know it’s not just the trees themselves. It’s how beautifully you’ve decorated them. Just gorgeous!

  4. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your trees are beautiful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Swoon Shirley! What an outstanding display…no wonder you’ve been decorating trees since October! I love the technology and ability to switch light colors but mostly I love your pair of trees together!!! ♥

  6. 2 trees together! I LOVE it!!!! I never would have thought of it and I doubt I have a place where I could do that. I am just swooning over these trees, absolutely gorgeous. Your tree decorating ability is fabulous! I JUST finished getting my tree up and decorated at 8 last night! Brian is coming here for lunch today!!!! Talk about crunch time:) Have a wonderful, fun Thanksgiving with your beautiful family! I will be posting tomorrow. Thank goodness I don’t have to do much for Thanksgiving dinner as we are going to Tracy’s. XO, Pinky
    PS, where did you get those gift tags???? I definitely need some:)

  7. I love the two trees together. You did an absolutely beautiful job decorating them!

  8. Shirley, I’m in awe! Your trees look spectacular! Decorated with your designer’s eye, your Tree Classics Trees are absolutely gorgeous. That they can change color at the flip of the switch is also pretty impressive. Happy Holidays at the Berry Patch House have begun. Xo Lid

  9. Your Christmas trees are stunning!! I love the way you put one large and one smaller tree next to each other. The color scheme is so lovely and so Christmas-y! They are so elegant and beautiful!

  10. Shirley, I adore the trees! I love the ability to change from clear to colored lighting with the flip,of a switch. I enjoyed reading your sweet memories dear friend, we had a color wheel when I was a child, it seemed so magical! Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. So beautifully done Shirley! It’s really amazing how different the trees look with the different light sets on. What a treat to be able to do that! The tree skirts and ornaments are gorgeous and I love how you displayed the ribbons! I enjoyed reading this!

  12. Oh Shirley, when I saw your beautiful twin trees it literally took my breath away! Absolutely stunning! One of my children was born on Thanksgiving and we have always had a rule about no Christmas anything until after his birthday, but you have me wanting to run to the closet and pull out the decorations! Your room is gorgeous, and the packages are much too pretty to open! The topiary tags were meant to be yours and the topiaries you created to match add the perfect pop of color! You have really brought joy to my heart today, Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays!

  13. Your trees are gorgeous! Love the tree skirts. Will you tell me where you got them. Thanks

  14. Bobbi Duncan says

    Sooo much to love about your beautiful room. The blue and white porcelains with the deep green topiaries are a favorite of mine, the two trees together are stunning, and even the name tags are lovely ( could you give a shout out where you found them?). All around gorgeousness!!!!! My wishes for a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  15. Your trees took my breath away. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love how you put two trees together and can’t wait to do that myself. You are so talented and I thank you for your creative and beautiful blog.

  16. Cassandra Egan says

    What fun to have two trees! I love it. It’s amazing how different they look with colored or clear lights. Both lovely in the extreme.
    Thank you so much for replying to my question the other day. You’re such a kind blogger and it really shines through.

  17. Linda Hilligoss says

    Shirley, while drinking my tea this morning, I was viewing your post and I must say, your tree and all your decorating are absolutely beautiful. Your story about childhood memories really touched me. I lost my 96 almost 97 year old dad this last June, and he really like color at Christmas. Your story was so spot on for me. Have a blessed holiday season and please continue what you do so wonderfully!

  18. Alycia Nichols says

    I have no words. I’m just………………..beautiful!

  19. your trees are stunning shirley! we have the same christmas eve tradition over here as well. Happy holidays to you and Tommy. Enjoy your time at the Berry Patch House.

  20. Sandra Fischer says

    Absolutely gorgeous!! That is so funny to hear that you and your hubby are on different ends if the spectrom with the lights
    My husband and I have the same problem so We have two trees one with colored lights and one with white!! Works out great !!!

  21. My mouth literally fell open when I saw the first photo. This is beyond stunning, Shirley! So so gorgeous!!

  22. A simple trip over the room to your pc is many it will take to get going.

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