The Berry Patch House Christmas Porch

I love “firsts” don’t you?

Well I have a first for you today!

The Berry Patch House has a wonderful porch, perfect for decorating for the seasons.

Only one negative though ….. no electrical outlets on the porch,

so I will have to add some sparkle in other ways!

Come on in and welcome to the Berry Patch House Christmas Porch.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-4

Today I am joining many wonderfully talented bloggers

for the amazing Holiday Homes Tour

hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane and & Evolution of Style.

Many thanks to these lovely and talented ladies for hosting the Holiday Home Tour.

If you are are visiting me from Southern State of Mind . . . Welcome!


Again, this year’s  Holiday Home Tour is being sponsored by Lynch Creek Farm.

I chose this beautiful Silver Deluxe Wreath for its combination of evergreens

and the silver bow . . . as it acts as a preview of the colors used in the rooms

as you enter the house, The Berry Patch House . . . our temporary home until our

“right-sized” home is built. It’s been a process as we keep tweaking our plans.

Christmas Wreath-Housepitality Designs

We contemplated giving away our  large faux wreaths before me moved;

however, we decided not to and glad that we did not as they will serve us well here.

The house across the street from us is a stunner. A grand French chateau style home.

As you can see from the reflection in the window (other than me taking a photo)

there have been workers/trucks there for days putting up Christmas decorations on and about the house.

It’s truly award winning….very chic and classy. . . and there there is us …. some wreaths ….

I can sit out on the porch and look across the street all night…it’s that gorgeous.

Christmas Porch-Housepitality Designs-5

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-7

I usually place the vintage wagon on the porch for Christmas every year

and decided to incorporate it at the Berry Patch House too.

Rather than in a corner … I am using it as a “coffee table.”

Christmas Wagon-Housepitality Designs

Vintage Wagon-Housepitality Designs-2

While going through bins of Christmas decor,

I came across this cute pair of black and red checked skates. Perfect for the porch.

The woodland resin trees were used ever year in our former Media Room.

Vintage Wagon-Housepitality Designs

Christmas Porch-Housepitality Designs-4

Christmas Wagon-Housepitality Designs

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-3

The entire time that I was decking the halls of the porch,

I kept thinking of how I will be decorating the porch of our future home.

It will be so different in appearance.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-8

I know that there will always be potted plants on the porch.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-2

I chose evergreens for the plant containers that I can actually use in the “right-sized” house.

Dragon Cryptomeria Japonica fill the large pots.

I embellished the base of the container with faux greens, pinecones and berries.

Christmas Porch-Housepitality Designs-2

Other than the evergreens, I added poinsettias for color.

I have to take them in every night due to the cold temperatures, but it is worth it.

Christmas Porch-Housepitality Designs

A Japanese Compact Holly fills the large plant container.

I used a unembellished garland and wrapped it around the base of the plant

and added large ornaments that used to hang on the porch in our former home.

Christmas Porch-Housepitality Designs-3

I obtain my poinsettias from my fav garden center, Dales Garden Center in Sanford, NC.

Dale grows his own poinsettias….they are so beautiful with great prices.

Poinsettias-Housepitality Designs

These cute snowmen skaters are on the table next to a chair.

Beyond this table is a little courtyard. It is just filled with plantings

that are struggling due to the freezing weather. Oh what I could do with that courtyard.

Snowmen-Housepitality Designs

Rudy also has a friend to invite family and friends for the Holidays.

He is  Nicholas the Nutcracker…He has always been indoors in the past,

but decided to brave the cold with Rudy with his special duty as “Greeter.”

I remember long, long ago that my Sweetie was rather intimidated by Nicholas.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-6

If you have been a reader of mine, you know you can always count on my vintage

Flexible Flyer sled being by the front door for Christmas.

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs-5

Stepping up to the front porch . . .

I thought, oh wouldn’t it be nice that these lanterns were set in a blanket of beautiful snow?

How pretty would that be . . . but I thought again . . .

and happy that I was not decorating in the snow. I do love the beauty of snow,

for a couple of days . . . then I am over it!

Front Porch-Housepitality Designs

So there you have it …. The Christmas Porch at the Berry Patch House.

Rudy is looking forward to the next adventure at the “right-sized” home

and he and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

We have been decking the halls and please come back and see more Fa-la-la-la-la!!

Rudy-Housepitality Designs

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at 11 Magnolia Lane and Evolution of Style,

for coordinating this wonderful Holiday Home Tour and to

Lynch Creek Farm for providing us with beautiful fresh wreaths! Lynch Creek Farm also

provides the most gorgeous fresh evergreen garlands, centerpieces and table top trees!

The links to the Holiday Home Tour are below …. they are all filled with

amazing Christmas inspiration for your home. So please visit away!

Following me today on the tour is 2 Ladies and a Chair.

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Come back tomorrow when I reveal the Master Bedroom dressed for Christmas.

And on a personal note: I want to wish my beautiful mother a very Happy Birthday.

She is 93 years young today and her smile and laugh are contagious.

She cherishes every moment of the day and always starts her day cheerfully,

saying that it is a great day as I woke up and saw the sun!…Happy Birthday Mom!


Photo taken Thanksgiving Day.  She loves it when all of her family are do we!

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!

Note: I have been sent this beautiful wreath to present to my readers.
All reviews are happily and joyfully my own!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom! Shirley, what a welcoming porch that you have created with so many different areas to work with. I love that Rudy always finds an honored spot and the vintage wagon is so perfect. I don’t remember seeing your nutcracker before, they can be a little intimidating to a child. The poinsettias are just beautiful as well as the LCF wreath. As always, you do a fabulous job styling any space!❤️

  2. You always create the cutest holiday porches. You did it again on the rental porch and I know you can’t wait to decorate the new house porch next year. I hope the house is built in time. 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your adorable mom whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. Yes, her smile is quite contagious!!

  3. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your holiday porch is so lovely! I am looking forward to seeing more. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom!

  4. Another stunner Shirley, I envy your determination to make Christmas in a rental as cozy and wonderful as if you were in your forever home. I most likely would make all my decor minimalist so as to not pack and unpack and repack. Sigh! 20 lashes with a wet noodle for me because one has to pack and repack at Christmas anyway. I love your Rudy and using your wagon as a coffee table is a great idea. The vintage sled is like mine and my sled will always have a place at my front door. It wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing the skates, muffler and scarf draped over mine. I love love love your plaid skates, so woodsy and rustic.
    I would be anxious to see the house across the street all decked out professionally…only for inspiration for little outdoor vignettes.
    Have a great and blessed day.

  5. it looks very warm and welcoming. I love the checkered skates! A big Happy Birthday to your dear mother!!

  6. Oh Shirley, I have SUCH porch envy. I so miss my porch, real sleigh with Santa, etc. You have decorated your porch SO beautifully! I love Rudy and Nicholas too! Those poinsettias are GORGEOUS! I am going shopping in a few mins. and may stop by a garden center to see what I can find. We haven’t been able to do outside yet as it has been brutally cold and WINDY! Ugh. I wish we lived wher you are to get the seasons but not this brutal cold. Merry Christmas my friend and a VERY happy birthday to your dear Mom! What a wonderful, happy picture that you will treasure forever! XO

  7. PS, wish I could see a picture of the house across the street:):) I LOVE seeing how people decorate for Christmas.

  8. Shirley, your Berry Patch Home looks beautiful all dressed up. It’s nice to see my favorites, your reindeer and sled. Your beautiful home is ready to welcome gusts! Xoxo Lidy

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom. And, I love the porch–(ours has 10+inches of snow and ice on us!)

  10. Happy Birthday to your mother, Shirley! What a blessing to have had her with you at Thanksgiving! The Berry Patch house porch is beautiful, which of course is no surprise as you wave your magic wand over every home you inhabit. I can’t wait to see the “right sized” house when it’s completed! Thanks for joining us again on the tour!

  11. Nancy Brantley says

    Your porch at the Berry Patch house is decorated very pretty! Happy Birthday to your mom! She looks so happy and young!! Would LOVE to see French house across street? MERRY CHRISTMAS

  12. Susan Smith says

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! She has a pretty smile! Love your decorated porch!

  13. Shirley your front porch looks so welcoming! I love all your Christmas touches, especially the giant nutcracker! I wish you and your family a happy Christmas season!

  14. JoAnn Mooney says

    What a beautiful porch and an even more beautiful Mom at age 93!

  15. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom. Your porch is so welcoming and inviting. Every detail done with love and care. Beautiful!

  16. Oh my goodness will you come do my porch? Mine looks pretty sorry compared to yours! Happy Birthday to mom enjoy her while you can. Your porch is over the top gorgeous!

  17. Everything is just lovely! Love your wagon coffee table especially! Merry Christmas!

  18. Alycia Nichols says

    Wait, what?!!?!?!? No electrical outlets on the front porch??? What on earth?!!?!?!? Sometimes I just wonder what some of these builders are thinking. But the best revenge is that you overcame that little obstacle and made the porch fabulous anyway!!! Wow!!! Good thing you didn’t get rid of the wreaths! I LOVE the ice skating snowmen, too. They are right at home on that table. And using the sled as a coffee table…genius!!!!!!! You have so many great ideas! The chateau across the street may be all professionally decorated for the season, but your decor (still “professional in my opinion!) has heart and soul invested, too. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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