A Mom’s Inspired Bouquet – Monday Morning Blooms

Happy Monday Dear Readers!

It’s one of my favorite Mondays as it is the first Monday of the Month

which means it’s Monday Morning Blooms, when I join my most wonderful Bloom friends,

Lidy (FrenchGardenHouse), Mary (Home Is Where The Boat Is), Pam (Everyday Living)

and joining us on the first Mondays of each Month, is our friend, Yvonne (StoneGable).

Their most beautiful images and post links are at the end of this post.

Today our common theme is using one type of flower. One, for the first, number one,

Monday Morning Blooms of the year.

My arrangement is A Mom’s Inspired Bouquet. It is one of her favorite flowers, the Oriental Lily.

Actually my mom’s very favorite flower is the Orchid;

however, I was unsuccessful in finding an Orchid that I could effectively use in an arrangement,

so I came across another one of her favorites, the Oriental Lily.

I went to Whole Foods last week and found these amazing Oriental Lilies,

locally grown from Sara and Micheal’s Farm in Durham, N.C.

They grow and cut lilies year round and harvest 6 days a week….amazing!

I read an article about the farm on the internet and found that this lily farm

is noted for being environmentally conscious . They plant approximately 5400 bulbs a day!!

The soil they use is actually ground coconut husk that comes from Sri Lanka.

The bulbs are from Holland.

I love the opportunity  of buying flowers that are locally grown.

I am not too familiar with the different varieties of Oriental Lilies.

So I did some research and found some great images of the lilies. (From the Lily Garden)

The one above I believe to be “Miss Lucy” … beautiful multi-layers of petals.

As it was blooming out in the pitcher in its early stages,

it reminded me of the shape of a bromeliad bloom.

Another “Miss Lucy” bloom.

This lily is the one I most often see…”the Sapporo”

The above lily (the Sorbonne) has such a beautiful shade of pink in the center with white edges.

I think one of my favs has to be this one with the soft pink and white with the multi-layers

of petals … possibly the “Pirouette”

I do encourage you Lily experts out there to let me know if I am coming close to

identifying these varieties of Oriental Lilies.

The most common lily that I have found in the stores are the Asiatic lilies.

They are smaller in size and the colors are brilliant as opposed to the Oriental lilies

that are large and mainly in the shades of pink and white and are more fragrant.

After placing the ironstone pitcher on the dining room table,

I thought the perfect compliment to the pitcher of lilies

were my white reticulated ginger jars.

Rather than using a tablecloth or runner, I framed the jars and pitcher with

seeded eucalyptus, both fresh and dried. I recycled the dried eucalyptus and baby’s breath

from my Christmas mantel garland.

To make certain that I was properly cutting and preparing stems to place in the pitcher

I did some research and found that you should not cut more that one-third of the stem

for longer life of the blooms.

The other side of the arrangement:

Thank you mom for the inspiration today …. I have truly grown fond of these Oriental Lilies.

So much so that I have started researching the proper way and time to plant the bulbs.

Now we come to more inspiration today from my wonderful and talented Bloom friends!

A visit to each Monday Morning Bloomer will truly make your day!!!

The link to their post are below each image.


LIDY ~ ~ FrenchGardenHouse






YVONNE ~ ~ StoneGable




I wish you all a most beautiful day and hope that you have gained so much inspiration today

that you are planning on creating a beautiful flower arrangement for your very own!

Also, you have seen some peeks of my new antique French Armoire.

I plan to give you a tour of the Dining Room very soon!!

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  1. How wonderful to find locally grown flowers at your Whole Foods Shirley! I love to support our local growers. I know next to nothing about lilies other than that they are beautiful and Miss Lucy is a stunner with all her layers of petals. In addition to your beautiful blooms, I was excited to see get a peek at your beautiful armoire! I know it will be very happy in its new home with you. Thank for the flower therapy this morning. It’s always a treat to start my day with your beautiful blooms. ♥

  2. it amazing to see such a beautiful flowers at your foods shirley! i love to see it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautifully focused arrangement on the Oriental lilies, Shirley! I love the title pirouette and the image it conjures for me. I see swirls of tulle of a dancer’s tutu as she turns, like the petals in the flower’s layers portray. Happy Monday!

  4. I didn’t know they could grow those year round. 5400 bulbs a day is amazing. They are quite beautiful in your arrangement.

  5. Wow! I was not aware of the varieties of Oriental Lilies. Thank you for the lesson! Happy Monday!

  6. The lilies are so beautiful to look at on this frosty morning. The armoire is to die for.

  7. Lilies were my mother’s favorite. A cousin in Oregon grew hybrid lilies and gave my mother bulbs. Ten plus years later I still have one bulb I got from her yard and it warms my heart each year it blooms. By the way…it is great to read a blog coming from a neighboring county. I am in Chatham. Still trying to get to your favorite thrift shop in Durham…and now to Whole Foods to buy local lilies! Love your blog!

  8. What a beautiful arrangement of oriental lilies! I’m intrigued about this place growing lilies year round. I am also trying to imagine planting 5400 bulbs a day!! The seeded eucalyptus is the perfect color for this vignette and I love the white jars. Your beautiful French cabinet in the background is beautiful!

  9. How beautiful! I bet they smell wonderful. They look perfect with the ginger jars.

  10. Your arrangement is beautiful. I especially love the different varieties of Oriental lilies, along with your ginger jars and the seeded eucalyptus. So uplifting on this dark and dreary Monday!

  11. The Oriental Lilies are a beautiful choice as they can look so different depending on which stage of blooming they are in so it actually looks like there are a variety of flowers! I really enjoyed reading about the incredible farm they are from, wow, that is amazing! What a lovely way to start the week!

  12. Shirley, I too have come to appreciate lilies. Star Gazer has been my favorite but you have given me ideas to try. Like others, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful cabinet in the background of your picture. It is FABULOUS! A Christmas present for the new house? Enjoy.

  13. Shirley, what a beautiful and informative post. I love that you could get locally grown lilies, it’s such a great feeling to support local growers. My favorites have always been stargazers, but oh, that frilly Miss Lucy has captured my heart! I’m hoping to be able to find her here. I do always gently remove those brown red stamens from the lilies, as they start dropping their pollen on the flowers, and it stains everything a deep yellow that is almost impossible to get off.

    In one word, your arrangement is stunning!

  14. These lilies are truly amazingly beautiful! I love the ones with the double petals! I am going to look for some. I do love the very fragrant lilies too, like Casa Blanca. Your sweet Mom is a wonderful inspiration for you.

  15. I can’t imagine finding locally grown flowers in a grocery and these lilies are beauties for sure. I have always loved lilies, but I am not familiar with their names. You chose some gorgeous varieties and I loved reading the info that you shared. I must try to find some Miss Lucy ones, they really caught my eye. What a great pleasure to share Monday Morning Blooms with you!
    P.S. The armoire is amazing!!!

  16. JoAnn Mooney says

    How amazing to find a source of such beautiful local oriental lilies! Your Mom will be so pleased!

  17. It’s so wonderful when we can buy American made products. Those lilies are just gorgeous, I’m going to check out our Whole Foods here in Birmingham. Your arrangement is just to pretty with the white and pink together, fresh.

  18. São simplesmente Lindas, adoro obrigado por compartilhar conosco.

  19. Donna B Oliphint says

    Love all the different kinds of lilies you found! A floral designer I knew taught me to pick off the red stamens as the lilies open. Otherwise, as the lily ages the red will start to “powder” all over the blooms and your table linens, and it stains badly!

  20. Shannon@belle Bleu interiors says

    Shirley, your lilies are beautiful! I adore their soft pink color. I’m going to have to check out my local Whole Foods to see if they might have some. Enjoy your day!!!

  21. MArtha Whitten says

    Hi Shirley,
    Just had your home tour on my screen. I believe it was your 2018 fall tour. I spotted the blue and white pagoda bedding and would like to know what the name of it is. I believe I saw it in a Pottery
    Barn catalog awhile back and think it may discontinued. If that is the case I would like to have the name of the collection to search online for the set.
    Love your style and look forward to the new home adventure.
    Warm Regards,

  22. Where do you find the seeded eucalyptus?? I am in Durham and just can’t find it anywhere!

  23. That is soooo beautiful! I bet it really smells gooood!

  24. Hey Shirley,

    This is the first post I’ve read from you and I loved it! I really like your writing style on “HOUSEPITALITYDESIGNS” Internet site. But for a minute I was confused. The more I read I thought, “Good grief!! On the subject of a Moms Inspired Bouquet Monday Morning Blooms. Keep rockin’ it..

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