A Staging Area Turned Into a Pretty Display

Hello Dear Readers!

I am sure that many of you tuck away things to make room for Christmas decor as I do.

I had many  blue and white pieces throughout the house and I kept placing those

pieces that have been displaced in one area.

That area was a demilune table that is in a little hallway that leads to the master bedroom.

As the Christmas decor was being put away, I went to that hallway area

to retrieve some blue and white pieces. But then as I gazed upon all the pretties

on the table and also underneath . . . I thought why not?!!

So a staging area turned into a pretty display of blue and white was born.

I have collected these blue and white pieces over the years from various places and shops.

The trio of vases came from my favorite consignment shop, Always Home in Durham, N.C.

Do you remember the Bombay Company stores? I loved that store.

I discovered a Bombay outlet in Atlanta many years ago

and that is where I purchased the pair of lidded egg cups.

I actually had 6 of these; however, I used 4 of them for mini flower arrangements

to place at each place setting at a dinner party for the guests to take home.


The pair of peacock motif vases by Maitland-Smith that sit under the table

were also from . . . yes . . . Always Home.

The crock filled with flowering branches is a piece that seems to float from room to room.

This blue and white chinoiserie crock was a find in a local furniture store.

This little display of blue and white reminds me a bit of how the Interior Designer,

Mark D. Sikes, who wrote the book, “Beautiful”, displays blue and white collections

on tables, mantels and more.

“Somewhat” similar to  this exquisite vignette shown in his book

from a Montecito project.  Oh my, how “Beautiful”

I call my display in the little hallway in the Berry Patch House,  my “low”

of a “high low project” (remember that show?) with the Mark D. Sikes display being the “high”

I also find this little display/vignette a bit serendipitous. What do you think?

The Christmas decor for the most part is put away; however,

the trees are waiting for me to have a free day to pack them up and . . .

re-appear next Christmas in our new home!

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. Shirley
    This is a lovely vignette. I live in Atlanta and I loved the Bombay co as well. I have two botanical prints that i bought there
    I still love them after almost 30 years. Love that crock.

  2. Alice Genzlinger says

    I love this display and oh my, the egg cups are awesome. Yes I renpmember the Bombay store. It was a treasure and I would go inside every time I was at the mall in Raleigh. Probably left with something every time.

  3. Very pretty! Love the reflection of the trees in the mirror too, Shirley.

  4. Gorgeous Shirley! Your blue and white pieces make a beautiful vignette displayed together! I’m in love with your lidded egg cups, I feel like I must have seen them before but I don’t remember them. Your guests must have been thrilled to receive them! I love seeing the reflection of your pretty tree in the mirror. I’m extending the twinkle season again this year. The house is just too dreary to take the tree down yet. Happy Wednesday. ♥

  5. I love this grouping of blue and white pottery. They always say collections look better together. I hope your house is ready by Christmas decorating time this year. Fingers crossed!

  6. Beautiful display!

  7. Perfection!

  8. That is s gorgeous grouping! I’m a collector of blue and white also and still mourn the closing of Bombay Company. I loved that high/low show too!

  9. Love your display!Blue and white has been a favorite of mine for years!

  10. Gorgeous, like you I adore blue & white, especially Delft ware. Your vignettes gave me a few ideas.

  11. This is beautiful. I’ve been a blue and white girl forever!

  12. Rebecca turner says

    Beautiful! I love blue and white, but my sister and my Mom collect it, and one of them is usually with me when we’re out shopping, so I have competition for a good piece. I love the reflection of your trees in the mirror! Your gorgeous trees served as inspiration for me this year. I decorated my tree in blue and white and added a fluid white ribbon. I intended to add more but I never got around to it. The lights were set on that warm glo setting. Like you, my Christmas decor is packed away, all except for the empty tree—which Hubby was supposed to take care of. I guess I’ll tackle that today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas with us!

  13. Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse says

    It’s beautiful! My Mom adored blue & white, and I am reacquainting myself with my love of it. {I’m really a red girl}. Your grouping is definitely a “High” and what a delight to be able to see this on an everyday basis. Like Mary, I’m stretching out the twinkle season, our main tree is still up in the living room, but most of the holiday decorations are put away.

  14. Alycia Nichols says

    I like this display A LOT!!!!! You’ve inspired me for an area in our home that needs something different for the winter months as Christmas comes down!

  15. Your blue & white vignette is just beautiful and what I love is blue/white is a true classic that never goes out of style. I do remember the Bombay Company very well and bought several things there. You always seem to find the best pieces at Always Home consignment. I love Chinoserie/Japanese pieces and there is one thrift store in the Norfolk, VA area that I always make great scores.

    The only reason I can come up with is there are many military/retirees in the area and they were perhaps stationed in Japan and now are down-sizing or their families selling pieces from their estates.
    P.S. Thought maybe you would keep one of your smaller trees up and do a Valentine tree.

  16. I think this is wonderful! I love these little “moments” in out home when we come across something that just makes us smile. Plus, I a, a certified blue and white lover!

  17. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    They look beautiful there! What a wonderful accident!

  18. Shirley, this is absolutely gorgeous. Upon first glance, it reminded me of the “Beautiful” book. However, I think your rendition is much prettier! I have several pieces from the Bombay Company. I miss that store so much! Enjoy you day!!!

  19. Nancy Brantley says

    Your blue/white collection is beautiful grouped together. Classic! I don’t have the first piece but I think its pretty! I had a collection of Blue Willow and sold piece by piece??? Also sold my delft??

  20. Carol (Lewis) Griffin says

    Absolutely beautiful! I do have a few pieces of Delft which we purchased when visiting the Delft factory in Holland many, many years ago. Replacements in Greensboro, NC usually has a great selection of the blue and white and I do stop there from time to time on my way to my hometown, Burlington, NC. As always, your blogs are so refreshing and full of inspiration!

  21. Shirley, this is definitely a “High” in my book. I love blue and white and your vignette is just stunning. I remember The Bombay Company very well…the pair of lidded eggs are just gorgeous!

  22. JoAnn Mooney says

    Your blue and white display is beautiful! I also miss the Bombay store and have several items in my home that I purchased there!

  23. Beautiful blue and white, always so fresh and you can put things together so well.
    Well, I’m behind boxing up Christmas this year had grandgirls from Texas and am just tired.
    Plus downsizing things from two houses, decisions what to keep and what do let go.
    So much in my Christmas collecting over the years. Thank you, Shirley you are a bright spot in the blog world.

  24. I finally got a chance to come back. I sure wish I had been at that dinner party!!! I also noticed that under the table is an outlet for an in house vacuum system! Do you like it?? I had one in the last house and have it here too and LOVE it. Your blue and white pieces look beautiful grouped here. I love it and I, too like to group them together. Hope you had a great day. We started a new session of bowling this morning and I started out well. Happy days:):)

  25. I LOVE blue and white. Wish there were more pieces like these in the stores! I always love your posts!

  26. I love the blue and white pieces grouped together. I have collected a few over the years. I think I will try grouping them together, also. Your blog gives me the BEST ideas!

  27. That is a beautiful display of your blue and white pieces. They make a nice impact when grouped together like that. I recently moved my blue and white pieces out to another area near the living room. I keep playing with the arrangement. I enjoyed Bombay too and wish they still had their stores. My Christmas deco is put away but it seemed to take a lot longer this year to do it! Winter arrived and we are getting snow nearly every day. Dreaming of spring already but it’s a long way off here!

  28. Love your blue and white Shirley! You nailed the inspiration pic! Hope the New Year is being good to you and yours my friend.

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