An Ensemble of Flowers in Glass

Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome to another magnificent Monday Morning Blooms,

when I and my fellow Monday Morning Bloom friends,

Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse, Pam of Everyday Living, and Mary of Home Is Where the Boat Is,

present our floral creations with a common theme.

Their beautiful images are below along with their links that will bring you

to their posts where you will truly be inspired to create!

Today’s common theme is using glass containers.

An Ensemble of Flowers in Glass

Prior to shopping for flowers, I searched my cabinet of vases for a clear glass container.

I spotted multiple small glass containers that I have purchased from the Dollar Store

and thought, why not?!

I purchased my flowers and some bulbs, arranged the flowers, and placed them the dining room table.

After taking many photos like above, the floral ensemble was competing with the background

of the dining room hutch, in this particular case . . .  So I moved it to another area

where just the flowers stood on their own. 

Spray roses, a variety of mums, green pepper berries, and dusty miller were in a pre-selected

bouquet and I thought that would work in the small glass container and it did.

Actually, the inspiration for the ensemble of flowers and the color palette were the Anemones.

I went to Whole Foods and saw a bucket of Anemones!

Yes, unusual this early in the year for Anemones stated the floral department representative. 

I found the “purple puffs” that remind me a little of the onion bloom.

 In researching on my plant app I came up with no luck on the search.

So again, if you know what it is, please enlighten me!

Their stems are woody and typical of Trader Joe’s, they just label those non-flower stems, “filler”.

I was also fortunate to find both cut purple Hyacinths and Hyacinths in bulb vases.

My intent in choosing many glass vessels for this Monday Morning Blooms post

was to show you how pretty it is to have several small unique arrangements for a centerpiece

that can be used on a table for a dinner party, a casual meal, or buffet.

After your event, these pretties can be distributed throughout the house.

I so love having little vases of flowers in each room.

I can honestly say that it did not take me very long at all to create

this ensemble of mini arrangements.

Consider this medley of flowers in various glass containers something that you can easily

create for a centerpiece and thus having more time to prepare for your event

or something just for you!!

I hope you have enjoyed Monday Morning Blooms as much I have creating my little ensemble of flowers.

Now…it is time to visit my very talented fellow Monday Morning Bloom friends.

Their links to amazing floral inspiration is below each image.

I wish you a most beautiful day filled with doing things you love, with the ones you love!


Lidy ~ ~ ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ ~ ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is


Pam ~ ~ ~ Everyday Living


And Me! ~ ~ ~ Housepitality Designs

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  1. Shirley, You elevated those dollar store glass vases to beautiful and artful bouquets! I’m swooning over the color and those gorgeous anemones! And those hyacinths are the smell of spring! I haven’t had much luck finding flowers at our Whole Foods, it’s a much smaller store than most of their others so maybe that’s why. I’m really craving color this time of year with our cold, gray weather. The sun returned yesterday, but the our freezing temps and wind had us staying indoors. Thank you for the beautiful start to my day and the flower therapy this morning. ♥

  2. Oh my goodness, what beautiful flowers and arrangements, Shirley! The anemones caught my eye immediately, such a beautiful flower. I always look forward to those blooming in early spring in my garden. Not sure of the purple puff, but it sure does its job well of filling around the anemones. Even the bulbs are pretty as individuals, and your main arrangement is a welcome sight on this frigid winter morning.

  3. Don’t ask me what any flowers are as I certainly don’t know. There’s a flower app? Of course there is. I need to get that. These little glass vessels filled with the variety of flowers is so pretty. I go to TJ or Whole Foods and have no clue what to buy or put together. Y’all put together the prettiest arrangements which is a gift.

  4. Ruth wren says:

    Oh so pretty! Encouraged me to get out my rose bowl. It isn’t clear but pink clear. Ever hear of them? Flat on the bottom but completely round, especially made for roses. Some flowers would perk up this frigid weather we are having.

  5. Beautiful way to start a Monday morning. Your arrangements are so beautiful. The ensemble is wonderful together.

  6. Such pretty floral arrangements, Shirley! I adore flowers, and I always look forward to Monday Morning Blooms! You are all so talented and create the most stunning arrangement!s!!! Happy Monday!!!

  7. There is nothing better than flower therapy Shirley, and your creative vases are wonderful eye candy! I can almost see you smiling as you discovered the beautiful stems at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s…Last week I was in need of perking up so I made a quick trip to TJs for flowers and came home with sunflowers and pink roses, that did the trick! I just love your floral posts, and now that you’ve moved to Monday, it is the perfect start to the week!

  8. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    Love the purple and creamy white combination. Very pretty.

  9. Just sooooo beautiful. I adore the color palette and your little arrangements. I learn so much from you, Shirley! xo

  10. Shirley, what a beautiful grouping of cheerful flowers! I love the colors together, sure to bring joy to any day. You always inspire and delight with your beautiful flowers. Happy Monday Morning Blooms to you, sweet friend.

  11. Nancy Brantley says:

    You pick the prettiest flowers. I love purple and the white with purple is so uplifting this time of year. Clean and soothing!

  12. Shirley-
    I believe your mystery purple puffy flower is Trachelium caeruleum. Such a great filler flower!
    I am constantly in awe of your styling. Even in your temporary quarters you have created a place of beauty, and the addition of fresh flowers is certainly a part of that. I take much joy from your posts.

  13. JoAnn Mooney says:

    Shirley, your arrangements are beautiful and I love the iron piece in the background!

  14. I love all of this Shirley! The colors are so pretty and what a nice fresh bunch of blooms for winter to enjoy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anemone’s for cut flowers- so pretty! I should start some hyacinths since I have two jars that are made for growing them. I bet they smell wonderful!

  15. Great combinations you have used in this week’s arrangement and I do like the touches of purple that brighten the whole.

  16. What a beautiful arrangement! So refreshing after all the greenery of Christmas. And thank you for turning us on to Lidys site. Her flowers were fabulous as well and I found the most gorgeous. Santos doll at her shop, which I collect! I’m tickled pink! I think flowers can be arranged in even the most humble of items, yes even dollar store vases! Why not,right? If it’s clear glass, who’s going to know anyway? I love your posts and get more and more inspiration from you, so thanks for sharing your time with us. Have a great week!
    Shelia In Mississippi

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