Pretty In Pink Valentine’s Day Table

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s a very happy Monday as today is Monday Morning Blooms,

when I and my very amazingly talented Monday Morning Bloom friends,

Lidy, Mary, Pam and Yvonne,

 happily create  wonderful floral inspiration for you to enjoy.

Their beautiful images of their floral creations and links to their posts are below.

Our common theme today is Valentine’s Day.

This year’s Valentine’s Day table is one I created for me and my Love.

I set out to create a table for two that would please both myself and the hubby.

I created this Valentine’s Day table to reflect both of our likes

and when it all came together, he gave it the thumbs up.


I placed the arrangement in my MacKenzie-Childs teapot to add another design

and maybe a bit of drama to compliment the pink and florals.

I used four different flowers:

+ Parrot Tulips

+ Gerbera Daisies

+ Pink Roses

+ Dark Pink Variegated Spray Roses

Baby’s Breath and Seeded Eucalyptus were used for filler.

I cannot think of a Valentine’s Day that my hubby and I have missed

since we have known each other and that’s a lot of Valentine’s Days.

The count is more than 50, but keep in mind that we have known each other since the 2nd Grade!

In the past, I have done a few arrangements in this MacKenzie Childs teapot,

and yes, I do use it to make tea too!  🙂

I was excited to see that my local Whole Foods had Parrot Tulips.

I was not planning to use more than 3 different flowers;

however, who can resist Parrot Tulips!

All of the other flowers and filler are from Trader Joe’s.

A bit of a warning though, these tulips keep growing in a vase of water…

so plan on tweaking the arrangement to cut them back down to size!

The ones that are at the top surface of the arrangement had grown 2 inches in one day!

I so love the shades of pink against the pale blue french armoire.

I set the table to include two of my hubby’s favorite desserts.

Cheesecake and fruit! I love cake; however,

I have been on a gluten free or almost gluten free diet and these Petit Fours are perfect.

Another favorite of mine is chocolate covered marshmallows

and was very happy to have found these at the grocery store

as it went with my “drink theme”.

I pulled a “Mary” on the next image.

She is well known for the “unexpected” in her photos.

Now to my drink theme . . . well, I love a great champagne;

however, my hubby prefers ice tea or water.

When there is no time to prepare his favorite cheesecake, Banana Pudding Cheesecake,

my local grocery store has a great plain New York style cheesecake topped with fruit.

I just add more fruit and there you have a pretty dessert.

Enamelware MacKenzie-Childs dinner/charger and salad plates

are combined with my pretty vintage Copeland Spode Rosebud Chintz dinner plates.

Many years ago, I loved to collect sweet little vintage handmade napkins with some simple

embellishments of embroidery.

I thought that one of these sets of those napkins I collected would be perfect for this  setting.

Because I use floral preservative and I do not want to compromise the inside of the teapot,

therefore, I placed a dollar store cylindrical glass container

inside the teapot to use as my “vase” for the flowers.

When doing an arrangement in a vase, I select the flowers that will be in tallest

and place them in the container first and then work my way down and around with the

various levels. After that is all done, I save a few flowers to place in the sides

of the arrangement to add an asymmetrical shape to prevent the arrangement from

being too round.

I hope you enjoyed my Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day table as much as I loved creating it!

Now it is time for you to see the other fabulous Valentine’s Day creations

from my ever so sweet and talented friends of Monday Morning Blooms.

The links to their posts are below their most beautiful  images.


Lidy ~ ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is


Pam ~ ~ Everyday Living


Yvonne ~ ~ StoneGable


And ME! ~ ~ Housepitality Designs


So much great inspiration above for you to gather for your own Valentine’s Day creations

to make your HEART HAPPY and others too!!

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. Oh so pretty in pink Shirley! Your combination of flowers including the parrot tulips makes me swoon. I wish I could find the flowers that you do in our small Whole Foods and I have Courtly Check envy every time I see your blooming teapot!! I’d happily share the champagne with you, it’s my favorite tipple. 😉 Everything looks delicious from your heart-shaped strawberries and fruit-laden cheesecake to the sweet petit fours. As always, it’s a pleasure to join you for some flower therapy this morning. Thank you for the beautiful start to my day. ♥

  2. Those pink parrot tulips are gorgeous! Love the entire arrangement of pinks in the MKC teapot, Shirley. Now I’m on a mission to find those champagne & strawberry marshmallow cremes – yum! And yes, haven’t we all taken a bit of inspiration from Mary?

  3. Absolutely beautiful as always.
    That blue armorie in the pictures, beautiful! Where did you find it?

  4. All that pink is so pretty in front of the pale blue armoire! Y’all sure have spent a lot of Valentine’s day together. Enjoy the one coming up.

  5. Shirley, your oh so pretty in pink is a feast for my eyes. The lovely pink flowers in your MKC teapot are stunning, and who can resist parrot tulips?!! I do love the sweet plate stack with the delicate Spode, oh so romantic. Your sweets treats look so delicious. I will take a petit four, please. Wishing you and Tom a most beautiful Valentine’s Day celebration. It is always a pleasure to share Monday Morning Blooms with you!

  6. Susan Smith says

    This may be the prettiest flower arrangement you have ever done! Pink is my favorite color, so looking at it makes me happy! What a nice way to start my day! Happy Monday!

  7. Being a huge MKC fan, you had me as soon as I spotted the Courtly Check tea pot! I love the black and white checks with the pink flowers, such a great way to balance all that pink and add a masculine touch to your table. All the refreshments and treats looks so inviting, and the cheesecake is a work of art! I don’t know about the parrot tulips, how funny that they grow! A friend gave me a daffodil plant last week that did some crazy things too, the stems stretching different directions! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband Shirley!

  8. Thanks Shirley. This is a beautiful post. Those colors with the teapot are just beautiful and makes me long for Spring! Happy Monday!

  9. I have introduced pink to some of my decor and love it. You amaze me with your flower arrangements. I don’t have the patience. Painting furniture no problem, flowers no. Weird right? The napkins are my kind of touch with just a bit of embellishments.

    Enjoy your day


  10. Your arrangement and table are both so beautiful! You are inspiring!

  11. Beautiful.

  12. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    How pretty and romantic!

  13. Your arrangement is gorgeous. I love the pink flowers in the Mackenzie Childs teapot. I have a small collection of Courtly Check pieces and I think the teapot just might be my next addition!

  14. So beautiful Shirley and coordinated perfectly. We are experiencing insane winter temps here in Minnesota. I went through my breakfront, vase cabinet, etc and pulled out as much pink as I could find. Love the feeling pink brings to a room.
    Now to purchase some flowers…my driveway is pure ice so that wont be happening today??

  15. Beautiful floral arrangement! The MKC teapot goes perfectly with the pretty in pink flowers. The armoire is exquisite! Clara

  16. Your pink Valentines arrangement in the black and white MacKensie-Child’s teapot is gorgeous! The contrast of the arrangement against your beautiful French armoire is stunning. What a wonderful piece that will be in your new home. Happy Valentines Day to you and your hubby!

  17. Shirley, a lovely post. Your arrangement is so pretty, love the beautiful armoire.

  18. This is all so beautiful! You really have a remarkable eye! I wish I was going to your house for Valentines! Have a great night, both of you.


  19. Just lovely, Shirley! Came by way of Stonegable today. 🙂 Would love for you to join us tomorrow at Homestyle Gathering at My Wee Abode! 😉

  20. Shirley,
    Absolutely LOVED the flowers and courtly check combo.

  21. Adorable! Valentine’s Day always brings the prettiest of reds and shades of pink. Your choice of flowers in the
    perfect shades of pink are stunning while the tea pot adds that sweet bit of whimsy…just like Cupid!
    Thanks for sharing Shirley.

  22. Well absolutely beautiful as always Shirley! Especially against the backdrop of your new armoire.
    PS I’ve got to get me one of those kettles!!!

  23. Shirley you never disappoint with your vignettes. This one is so full of pretty and fun for Valentine’s Day.
    Hope you are doing well.

  24. Pretty in pink, indeed! Such beautiful vignettes and arrangements. And I love seeing the armoire in the background 🙂

  25. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Shirley! Your table is beautiful and I love your armoire… sigh!

    Looking forward to checking out everyone’s posts,
    Barb 🙂

  26. You make some logical arguments.

  27. Tirarse el rollo…

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