Where Did The Flowers Go?

Hello Dear Readers!

A while ago, when I did a Monday Morning Blooms post,

someone asked what I do with the flowers when I do a “floral vignette”

using several vases and containers of flowers in one setting.

Today, I shall show you what I did with the many flowers and vases that I

presented in the Citrus and Flowers post.

Here is the floral vignette in the Citrus and Flowers post

to give you an idea of the vases and flowers that were used.

I typically use this type of arrangement when setting up a buffet table.

The vases of forsythia branches were placed on the mantel

and as the days went by the branches bloomed out beautifully.

The Calla Lilies were placed into two separate vases rather than in one as previously done.

I love the simplistic look of the calla lilies in these vases.

I guess you can say that this is my Pre-Spring Mantel.

You can see that the daffodils landed on the coffee table.

So where did the alstroemeria and freesia land?

In the vase that once held the daffodils.  

This arrangement now sits on the table between the sofa and chair.

And speaking of sofa and chair, I am still looking for some pillows to complete the room.

I have been busy with the kitchen layout this week along with trying to make a decision

on the appliances. I know what I want; however, wants and needs

and practicality are really coming into play.

So as I promised.  I will show you the new and improved Great Room soon

and here is a sneak peek of the sunroom with the furniture that was in the Great Room.

The only photos I have so far the new house, is our lot clearer, Nash, clearing the lot.

He has been at it for 3 days and now with the rain, it is at a standstill.

The lot is 3/4 of an acre and very heavily wooded!

I wish you all a most beautiful day and wonderful weekend to come.

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  1. Love the Forsythia in the blue and white vase in full bloom. Bring on Spring. Looking forward to seeing construction of your new home .

  2. Shirley, I so enjoyed your blooms yesterday and again today. I have been on a trip and a bit behind. So glad to see the lot being cleared. We will join you with much anticipation as you plan and build your new home. I hope we have a beautiful Spring so work can proceed as planned. I love how you are making the Berry house your home.

  3. It all looks beautiful Shirley! Each arrangement brings lots of cheer to your home. That blue and white is perfect with the yellow flowers isn’t it? And how exciting to see your lot being cleared! Good luck choosing your appliances. It’s daunting! I’m happy to say I finally chose the fixtures for our two bathroom remodels! xo Lidy

  4. So happy to see the lots being cleared!!!! How many trees are you taking out? We took 26 trees out to build the last house and were still IN the woods. I didn’t realize your lot was so heavily wooded.
    The mantle looks great, thanks for showing us where it all landed. I am getting antsy to get home and do some decorating!!!! It will be hard to go back to the cold but I do miss my friends. And my house too, although I could really get used to having a place here….for the whole winter:)

  5. Loving the snippet you showed. Crushing on the chair and fabrics


  6. Your MMB flowers look just as beautiful on their own as they did in that magnificent display! Hopefully, they can get back to work clearing your lot if this rain ever stops! Happy Thursday

  7. All of your new arrangements are wonderful! How exciting getting that lot cleared. We had a lot of rain when we were having our 1 acre wooded lot cleared to build this house too. Ours was cleared in March, because we had to wait all of Feb for the septic inspector to show up.

  8. Such a beautiful post! The photo with your armoire in the background is stunning! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I love yellow for Spring and the blue/white vases looks great with yellow! Excited to see your new build!

  10. I know how much you like blue and white and it is a perfect background for touches of yellow.

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