Spring Mantel

Hello Dear Readers!

I created a simple Spring Mantel here at the Berry Patch House.

I thought that I would keep the blue and white pieces on the mantel

and add one more piece that actually is part of a set of three.

I had only used two of those pieces previously on the mantel.

I actually created the Spring Mantel to prepare for the Great Room Reveal

that I have been promising. Stay tuned for that this coming Thursday!

I am dreaming of decorating my mantels at the new house hopefully by Fall.

I previously had branches of Forsythia in the tall Maitland Smith vases.

The flowers are gone; however, love the texture of the branches.

You have probably noticed that I added Pussy Willows to the tall vases along with

the Forsythia branches.

I was at Trader Joe’s and they had buckets of Pussy Willows …. and into the cart they went!

They compliment the Forsythia branches nicely.

The antique books remain on the mantel for added texture and “lift”

The smaller vases contain simple stock flower stems of white and lavender,

also from Trader Joe’s. The bunches were $2.99 each, so a great bargain of $6.00 for mantel flowers.

New to the mantel is the ginger jar that goes with the other two vases.

Want to know where I got this beautiful trio? …. Always Home of course.

The pair of Maitland Smith vases also were purchased from Always Home Consignment, Durham, N.C.

I must say the room smells amazing as the stock flowers have a wonderful fragrance.

We have had so much rain these past several months,

that it has been hard to photograph not having much natural light.

And. . . unfortunately, normally, the Berry Patch House renders low to moderate natural light

in the main living area.

House update:  due to the rain, the lot is slow going in being cleared.

Our lot is very dense with trees both small and very large and a very large amount of huge “boulders”

have been unearthed. We will keep some of them; however, many of them will be hauled away.

I hope to show you a photo of it cleared soon.

I wish you all a beautiful day hopefully with sunshine in the sky and in your heart!

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  1. Shirley, you endlessly amaze me at how you continue decorating through all the turmoil behind the scenes. Your mantel looks beautiful.
    Finding the huge boulders can be a blessing (if you know you how you’d want to use them for landscaping) and a curse (for obvious construction reasons). I can remember when we renovated our adjacent lot, and how they hauled out truckloads of rich river earth previously never turned before. We ended up paying for that, plus dirt being hauled back in when we landscaped it. If only we’d been smarter than the contractors to have kept that rich dirt and saved ourselves the money!
    Here’s hoping you’ve narrowed down your change list!

  2. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your spring mantel is so pretty. I love the pussy willows. We had a lot of rain when they were clearing our lot too. Mother nature can be frustrating!

  3. Going to Trader Joe’s today and get pussywillows!! I found the seeded eucalyptus there (thank you for pointing me in that direction!), and my flower arrangements looked beautiful for my afternoon tea week before last. You inspire me to get moving toward spring…have a great day!

  4. Love the pussywillows. Mother Nature sure manages to make things difficult sometimes. It will be interesting to see how you use boulders in your landscape…I’m a rock gal, so that’ll be fun. Good luck on the house building…it must be so hard to wait! 😉

  5. Shannon@bellebleuinteriors.com says

    Shirley, your spring mantel is beautiful with the lovely blue and white pieces and pretty spring florals. I’m looking forward to the great room reveal. Happy Tuesday!

  6. Oh so beautiful! I love that collection of vases. The pussy willow is beautiful as well. I did an arrangement for my Easter credenza (on the blog today) and used some faux pussy willow:) I know what you are going through with the lots clearing. I hope you got the LAST of the rain and can “get moving”, LOL. Or rather building!

  7. Shirley, I am always excited to see blue and white. It is so exquisite on your mantel with the stock, forsythia, and pussy willow. I also bought pussy willow at Trader Joe’s in Birmingham last weekend, I love it. I will look forward to your great room reveal on Thursday. I know you are so ready to see progress on your lot clearing!

  8. You can’t ever go wrong with blue and white plus flowers for spring.

  9. I love your mantel and look forward to the great room reveal! So sorry you have had rain delays affecting the clearing of your lot.

  10. Bobbi duncan says

    Shirley, your mantle is beautiful and the flowers look so perfect with your lovely Thomas Kinkade artwork. I know the rainy-day new house set-backs can be discouraging, but I know you’ll have a gorgeous house in the end…and I can’t wait to see it!

  11. I love your trio of vases Shirley! I bet Almost Home has you on speed dial when they get a consignor with inventory of spectacular blue and white. ♥

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