The Great Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

Well it’s about time!

I have been promising this Great Room Reveal and now it’s finally here.

The furniture arrived a while ago; however, there have been some issues with it.

 One of it being that the back cushions on the sofa were made incorrectly.

Also another issue is of the buttons aren’t quite right, so after a visit

from the furniture representative, three of the pieces will be replaced.

They have been very cooperative and understand that things should be perfect.

However, in the meantime just overlook some flaws and enjoy the room.


Can you tell that I chose white for the sofas? Yes, white; however, I chose a very durable fabric.

 Crypton. A fabric that can even ward off the Man of Steel!



Warning . . . grab your favorite drink as this post will be heavy in photos!

The position of the sofas in the new house would lend to the back of the sofa being

exposed, so I wanted a very pretty back profile.



I plan to actually have a pretty desk behind one of the sofas

as an area for me to work.  No office for me at the new house.

I chose a larger laundry room instead.



When my son walked into the house and saw the furniture for the first time, his reaction was,

“Wow! … there’s a lot of white going on in this room!” I told him that he was

allowed to sit on the sofas!



Why white? … You know I LOVE color; however, at this stage of my life, I wanted

a room that was fresh and bright . . . a neutral look that I can still go crazy with pattern and colors

with the white of the sofas and the blue/gray of the chairs.



I chose another Cryton fabric for the chairs too. A soft blue/gray.

A chair that my hubby actually chose and loves! They swivel and rock! He’s a happy camper.

The chairs:



I plan to have an upholstered ottoman. Long enough that my hubby can put his feet on it!

Or maybe an antique table that I can use as a coffee table.  I would have to shorten the legs…

do I hear gasps?  I have used antique blanket chests for coffee tables in the past and never worry 

about feet or things landing on them as they add to the patina.

However, there is no placing of feet on this Chelsea House Chinoiserie table

and there are lots of coasters readily available!

I really do love how the black really anchors the room and offsets all the white.

Hmmmm…you just never know what will land in the “new room” 




I chose these pillows (pillows offered with the sofas).

I saw a chair in this fabric and loved it.

Loved the pattern and colors, but a bit busy for me for an entire chair.

So enjoying it in the pillows.




I chose the gray velvet pillows from Pottery Barn that I had in my stash to

compliment the chinoiserie pillows.



A vintage marble top table sits between the sofa and chair.




A new to me vintage French mustard jar.



Another view looking towards the foyer area.



Looking toward the sunroom:



My pop of color in the corner of the room.

Not sure where this chair that is sooo comfy will land in the new house.



This furniture arrangement will be similar in the new house,

grouped in front of the fireplace; however, the space will be larger.



A look into the Dining Room





I wish I had a better angle of this entire room … especially leaving out the ceiling fan!

But it’s there …. fans in every room of this house! I am not a “fan” ! 🙁



This area really is a bit small…let’s call it cozy….the chairs are about 2 /12 feet

from the kitchen island.

 I look forward to setting up this room in the new house. 

I am on the lookout for a few more pieces for this room

and being very selective as I have time 🙁

Hope you enjoyed my Great Room Reveal at the Berry Patch House.

Have a most beautiful day everyone!!

AND stay tuned for our next Monday Morning Blooms this coming Monday!

I will also have a great giveaway next week too!


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  1. Just beautiful. Love the new furniture.

  2. Janie Landis says

    Shirley, love the detail on the back of your sofas – great idea! Love all that you have done so far – I’m over the top with blue and white too so your rooms soothe my soul and make me happy! I’m wanting a mustard jar similar to yours so I’m searching Etsy. If you have any good sources, please pass them along.
    Enjoy this beautiful day.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing all this beautiful furniture in the new more open floor plan and I know it’s going to look fabulous. You have done a great job with the space you are having to work with.

  4. Shirley, your new furniture is gorgeous! The neutral colors are a smart choice because it allows you to change the look with pillows and accessories. I love the chinoiserie pillows…such a pretty fabric! Your blue and white collection makes such stunning accessories. Everything is beautiful!

  5. Shirley, I love your new sofa and chairs, wise choices as they will be so easy to work in seasonal pops of color. The chinoiserie pillows are so pretty and go so well with your blue and white collection. I am amazed at how you haven’t missed a beat in making your temporary home so inviting and beautiful. I can’t wait for the new house!

  6. Lovely choices! Thanks for sharing your Great Room reveal Shirley. Like the light colors are fresh and bright, versatile, and the (durable) Crypton material…beautiful pieces. Looking forward to seeing your pretty desk behind the sofa in the future. Right size idea noted!

  7. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Shirley, I love your new furniture! It looks great in your temporary home and I know it will look fabulous in your new home!

  8. Ron Carrier says

    It looks so good. I cannot wait to see it all in the new house. I am not a “fan” of fans either.

  9. Can’t wait to see this in your new home. I laughed I’m not a fan person either. I have the back of our sofa facing when you come in too. Using my Walker doesn’t allow for a pretty piece behind. Maybe some day with this miracle drug.


  10. This reminds me of the direction I chose to go in our new home with the white sofas and pops of color. I love it and have the ability to introduce so much seasonal color. I am amazed that you have the vision to purchase furniture for your home before it is built!

  11. As you know, I have had a white sectional for over 30 years w!!! I chose it way back then so that I would have a neautral sofa and could change out accessories and pillows whenever I wanted. It has served us VERY well! I will always have a white sofa. I LOVE all that you have chosen, it all looks beautiful. Those PILLOWS made me SWOON!!! OMGoodness. I wish I could just get a couple made for myself:) You must be dying to get into the new house. Have a beautiful day and weekend!!!!

  12. Shirley, you can just decorate anything!!! Your new sofas are gorgeous and that pillow fabric is perfect! I cannot wait to see all of this in your new home! And that new mustard jar is a perfect addition to your collection.

  13. Love the new look of your room! The colors are a perfect background for the accessories and accent peices. I especially love the chinoiserie pillows. Do you know the fabric name and manufacturer? A dash of it would look great in my house.

  14. Oh, Shirley! I just don’t have the correct words to use on how beautiful your great room is! It’s hard to believe this is not your forever home! Hugs.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. Oh boy, I SO enjoyed touring this new room, Shirley. I love the white, and the button trim on the back of the couch is so chic! The fabric of the new pillows are a perfect coordination with your Chinoiserie table and chairs. Love your chairs also. We had a couple chairs like those before we refinished our wood floors in 2011, and they were even close in color with the gray-blue hue you have. I am keeping my Drexel Chinoiserie pieces and claiming them in my personal space in our new abode, but will also keep my white chaise lounge. I do love a pop of black in a space. This is a very beautiful space, fan and all!

  16. Elegantly appointed in every way, you have such an eye for color, design, and detail to make It homey
    with the perfect touch” of busy ( a complement) which I love. Elegant without stuffiness achieved!

  17. I enjoyed looking at every picture, Shirley. Your taste is exquisite and so inviting. Beautiful color choices (my favorites) make me swoon! I pinned!?Thank you for sharing your creative hospitality through pictures.

  18. Such great choices. I love your attention to details like the pleats and buttons! Your new home is going to be wonderful”

  19. Shirley, love the new furniture and the room is gorgeous!

  20. I love your great room reveal and can hardly wait to see these pieces and more in your new home! It is so nice to have the time to look for exactly the additional pieces you want. Have they finished clearing your lot? It will be exciting when they actually start the building process!

  21. Beautiful Shirley! I love your neutral fabric choices so that you can seasonally decorate adding decorative pillows, etc. I’m not familiar with Crypton, and had to Google. I love how they refer to it: “Part fabric. Part magic. And 100% smart.” 🙂 Sounds like what I need next time I’m in the market for furniture. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday. ♥

  22. Shirley,
    Your new sofas and chairs are just beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful that furniture manufacturers have come out with so many great new performance fabrics that you can choose white fabric without having to stress and worry about stains or spills?

    I love chinoserie as much as you so of course I feel in love with your sofa pillows! I wonder if I could find this fabric or have the manufacturer make me a set? We recently purchased a new reclining sofa and two swivel rockers/recliners. I wanted reclining furniture but with a modern and clean look and thankfully there are furniture companies who make reclining furniture and specialize in that look. I went with a grey upholstery on the sofa and teal fabric on the chairs for a pop of color. I love white as well but grey always seems to be my go-to neutral. Enjoy your new furniture!!

  23. It all looks amazing Shirley!! Your pop of red is wonderful too. Iy all looks warm and inviting. Hugs!

  24. The room is stunning. I too, absolutely love the chinoiserie pillows…the fabric is wonderful!

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