Spring Bulbs Centerpiece

Hello Dear Readers!!

Happy Monday Morning Blooms Day!!

Here we are (Lidy, Mary, Pam and Me)

presenting our Monday Morning Blooms creations

for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Today’s common theme is Spring Bulbs.

Are you ready for Spring?!!

I think we all are after a winter of cold, snow,

and dreary rainy days.

So this will sure to put a “Spring” in your step towards

the beautiful season of Spring.

My fabulous fellow Monday Morning Bloomers’

images and links to their beautiful

Spring Bulb creations are below.

Today I created a Spring Bulb Centerpiece for the dining room.


My intention was to create a Spring Bulb Centerpiece

using potted Spring bulbs;

however, I was only able to find potted Hyacinths

and then settled for cut Daffodils and Tulips.




I was happy to discover that my bunnies

were not packed away into the abyss,

so they made an early appearance

on the table to welcome in Spring.




I used my trio of vases that I purchased

many years ago from a shop that was marking down

their Christmas items to 75% off.

These vases coordinated with some beautiful angels,

so yes, they included the vases in the sale. Lucky me!




Flowers from …. where else? …. Trader Joe’s.



Now there is a bit of a story

behind this Spring bulb centerpiece on the table.

You will see at the end of this post.



I read a post the other day by Jenna of The Painted Apron.

She received some Tulips from her family

and her grands said that her Tulips look like

they are trying to escape! Yes, they are right!

Now, when I look at a tulip draping down a vase,

I will think of her “boys”.




They certainly have a mind of their own…

I guess that is what makes them special.



I am fortunate, as I look out the kitchen window

here at the Berry Patch House, that my view

is of daffodils blooming in the yard across the street.

A beautiful sea of happy yellow!




As I am writing this post . . .

I am texting back and forth with my niece who lives

near Boulder, Colorado . . .

Here I am writing about Spring and pretty Spring flowers,

and they are in the middle

of a horrible snow storm with Hurricane force winds.

The Denver airport closed and I am so happy

that my hubby is on his way home from Chicago today.

ahead of the storm.

I shall not complain about the rain anymore!



When creating my Spring Bulb Centerpiece

I first grabbed a basket and placed the vases

and potted Hyacinth with the bunnies in it.

However, when photographing it,

I could not get the right angles for decent photos.



Just difficult too photograph and obtain the right feel.



So I took everything out of the basket and

just created a centerpiece on the table itself.

Better! At least for photographing!



The flowers actually went back into the

basket where it remained on the table for a while . . .

and now I am getting ready for my “Sewing Group”

when we rarely sew, knit, or quilt . . .

just eat, chat, and eat some more.

So today, I have disassembled the vignette,

made an arrangement for a friend under the weather,

created a simple arrangement for the “sewing table”

and the breakfast table, where the tulips

are trying to escape! . . . And speaking of escaping,

you can escape to a world of

the most wonderful creations of Spring Bulb flowers

by my most magnificent Monday Morning Bloom friends.

The links to their posts are below their image.


Lidy – FrenchGardenHouse


Pam – Everyday Living


Mary – Home Is Where the Boat Is



And ME! Housepitality Designs

I wish you all a most beautiful day . . .

I hope it is just as beautiful as the

flowers that my friends of Monday Morning Blooms

have presented to you!

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  1. I love your grouping of spring in your vases and mixed with your sweet bunnies Shirley! The cheery yellow daffodils mixed with hyacinths and the tulips are in instant mood lifter and I love that I get to see your handsome French armoire as a backdrop! Your tulips look like they are ready for Easter as they drape down over the edge of your vase towards the bunnies. 😉 Thank you for the beauty and dose of spring this morning. I always look forward to starting the day with my MMB friends. ♥

  2. Your arrangement is beautiful, Shirley. Your bunnies with the golden egg are adorable, so I am happy they were not in the abyss! We can only hope beautiful weather arrives soon, especially for those in the midst of severe snow storms or flooding.

  3. Beautiful! Love the color of the tulips and seeing the daffodils makes me happy! The bunnies mixed into your vignette are so cute. We are in melt down mode here but still have a white landscape! Looking forward to seeing my tulips in bloom!

  4. Shirley, I am swooning over the trio of vases paired with those cute bunnies and their golden eggs! Hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils are certainly a breath of spring with their happy colors. I think your centerpiece is perfect both ways, I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two. I have done the same thing so many times, hubby says I overthink everything and I believe he is right! It is always a pleasure to start my Monday’s with my talented friends. Wishing you a lovely day and week as we welcome spring’s arrival!

  5. Oh Shirley, I am loving your crazy tulips! They truly are looking around! Your bunnies are simply adorable with their golden eggs, and I love your seemingly casual centerpiece that is so artfully arranged. Thank you for the shout out, I bought more tulips and made an arrangement and can’t wait to see what these will do! Overnight they did grow I swear 2 inches and today are standing straight and not curved like they were yesterday…I am fascinated! I love Monday Morning Blooms, so much beautiful eye candy, inspiration and flower tips, a wonderful being to this first week of Spring… Have fun with your sewing group, I’m sure they will be ohhing and ahhing over your beautiful arrangements!

  6. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    So very pretty! I love how the hyacinths have a ribbon tied around them.

  7. Beautiful spring arrangement of flowers and yes, it does look better without the basket. Good call.

  8. Good morning my friend and happy ALMOST Spring! Yes, I am longing for it too!!! We had Colleen all weekend so didn’t get a chance to get a flower fix but today I WILL!!!! Your arrangement looks beautiful, I adore those tulips! I also like it out of the basket. I fell in love with those bunnies the first time you showed them. Have a most beautiful day. I am praying for Nebraska.

  9. Love the arrangements, and those adorable bunnies! I am new to your site and would love to know where you got the bunnies?

  10. Bobbie Herring says

    So pretty. Love spring flowers.

  11. Beautiful flowers, the little bunnies are sooooo sweet! I’m glad your hubby is flying home ahead of the storm. Have a great week!

  12. i just love this beautiful series and look forward to the beautiful inspiration.

  13. Always such a joy to be part of our Monday Morning Blooms group with you, dear Shirley. Your bunnies look so happy, and no wonder, they are surrounded by all that beauty! I love the tulips, that is the perfect vase for them, they can go as wild as they want! And the daffodils, I can’t help but be happy when looking at them. I love your centerpiece, it’s spring all corralled on a table surface. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, friend. xo Lidy

  14. Looks So Beautiful, i wish i had such a beautiful bunny in my house

  15. Oh my God. What a beautiful design case it is!!!! I just loved it so much. You have captured very clearly your design and flower.

    I loved reading the post and it seems to me that I’ve learned a lot from here. I want more posts from you that can learn a lot from you. You are actually a very good quality writer. Many thanks for sharing such a post

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