The Berry Patch Kitchen Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s not a bad kitchen at all, just a bit different than what I am used to.

Apparently, the husband of the couple that built

this house  totally designed the kitchen from the cabinetry

to the tile, to the granite, to the appliances, to the everything.

This kitchen design was definitely customized to the users (two work stations).

So here we go . . .



The tiles are  light caramel and terra cotta in color.

The copper items seems to go well with the colors in the kitchen.

Here is the view as you step into the kitchen from the Great Room side.




As I stated previously, there are two work stations vs. a kitchen with one large island.

One that is a peninsula that the main work area.



The main sink is below the window where I have a great view.




I have hesitated so many times with presenting the kitchen at the Berry Patch House.

The view from the window:



Please excuse the quality of the photos today…the light in this room is not stellar.

I tried using my camera, and it seemed that the iPhone worked better…..go figure.

I think it was the poor natural lighting in the room and the back light…



Double ovens and a warming drawer are in the main work station.

I have only used the dishwasher once….it is the drawer type

and believe me, you cannot fit much into them! I think they were very popular about 8 or so

years ago…..but from what I can understand from the appliance store,

they do not sell many anymore. I know I will be getting a “regular” one!



The above is the area to the right of the sink with my new/old Willow Ware.

Below in the main area has two cabinets with glass fronts.





Now to the “cooking station” of the kitchen.



My copper pots that I purchased in France about 5 years ago (wow has it been that long?)

hang above the stove. I used large clear Command Hooks on the tile and they hold the pots

very well. I used these in my previous home.



The two wonderful copper pots on the Pottery Barn candle holders are by Williams-Sonoma

that were made in France. I purchased them at an amazing estate sale and wish there

were more pieces to that collection. The copper berry bucket I purchased in 1990

at a Country Living Craft Fair. The breadboards are gifts from my son.


Breadboards, Herbs de Provence, and French olive oil grace the counter to the left of the stove.

You can also see the faucet of the second sink below. The second work station.



The second work station:




This peninsula/work station is open to the Great Room.



Bar Stools are at the end of this work station.




There it is…the Berry Patch Kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour.

And…. on another note:

My hubby and I met with our kitchen cabinet/designer person on Monday.

We made more tweaks to the plan, and now I think we “have a plan”

This is what was happening last Friday:



When they were excavating our lot, there were many very large (approximately 5,000 lb) boulders

unearthed, along with many other large rocks/boulders.

So rather than carting those huge boulders off, we met with the excavator and placed

them throughout the lot. We created three large rock gardens toward the back of the property.

Can’t wait to place trees and plantings around them.

Also, have you entered the Giveaway of the Enduring Southern Homes (by Eric Ross) Book?


Yes, I am giving away a copy of his book to one lucky reader. Still time to enter HERE.

Have a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. Gosh, has it been five years since we went to France?! I guess it has. I know this kitchen is temporary and not really your style, but it sure has some nice work areas. Looking forward to your brand new kitchen. Oh, and I have a WS copper pot made in France, too that I found at the WS outlet several years ago for $12 that is the same size as yours.

  2. Having the two workspaces is wonderful when entertaining or if you are a couple who cooks together regularly otherwise an island is a better choice. Sacrilege I know, but I would paint those cabinets a light creamy color and replace the back splash. The glass in the upper cabinets replaced with a plain glass panel . Having designed several kitchen spaces for my own houses I can tell you that classic and simple always wins! Above all avoid trends/show pieces that usually aren’t worth the spendy cost ie.potfillers?!?! My current kitchen is eighteen years old and you would never know it, there have been a few updates ( appliances and quartz counters) but it still draws compliments! You have done a great job with updating it decoratively and making it liveable for the short term. What is great though is that it has taught you what you want/don’t want in your own new kitchen. You must be terribly excited!!!

    • I am not certain if the owner intends to place this house back on the market but definitely the kitchen requires some classic elements for sure. Trying to take the focus off the negatives of the room and embellishing it with things that I love…Have a great day Allison.

  3. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Before you know it you will be in your new home with your perfect kitchen made just for you! Love all of your copper. Those rock gardens are going to be beautiful!

  4. The Berry Patch Kitchen has great countertop space and I have always enjoyed having a kitchen window above the main sink. Good luck with your new home, can’t wait to see it all come together.

  5. Rebecca turner says

    You’ve only used the dishwasher once? Wow! I’m too lazy for that, lol! On a positive note, the kitchen has a window over the sink, with a nice view. Mine looks across a small patio directly into the garage. But I can still see the tall palms across the street waving in the breeze. I love your blue & white touches and your copper collection! I gave my antique copper (family pieces) to my daughter, to hang from her decorative pot rack. I enjoy seeing them there more than at my own home. I can’t wait to see the kitchen in your new home! I know it will be great because you have excellent taste, and you are detail oriented. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I don’t care for the granite colors, nor the tile, but I like the set-up. Love the blue/white of course. You’ve decorated beautifully as usual. Like it was noted, this helps to firm up your kitchen plans for your new house! Yay!

  7. I have heard that about drawer dishwashers. Happy I never jumped on that bandwagon. We have Thermador everything in our kitchen. Happy with all and love their dishwasher so quiet don’t even know it’s on.

    Love that you’re using the large boulders. Did that at the old house. We had so many we made huge rock walls. Only downside was groundhogs many groundhogs. I say living there was great for 20 years but big to clean like I liked and Jungle Habitatesque.


  8. Although I know this is just your temporary home, the Berry Patch kitchen has a lot of great things going for it with its large open workspaces and layout. I do like the cabinets and if I owned it I would just update the tile and countertops to lighter colors.

    I thought of you yesterday when traveling back to VA. We stopped in Greenville, SC at a shop called Cottage Grove Vintage Marketplace. It has loads of blue/white and lots of mid-century Japanese ware and chinoserie décor. If you are ever in the area you really need to stop in and check them out. They have a Facebook and instragram page where they post items weekly.

  9. Thanks Teresa! I will definitely check them out!!

  10. A kitchen sink with a view is always a plus. I’m sure being in this rental has given you great ideas for your new kitchen. I love the idea of using the large boulders in gardens.

  11. Oh, you are going to love the rock gardens! As you know, we have the one large boulder and I wish we had more. You have made the berry patch kitchen “yours” with the things you love. I am so excited to see your nEW home! I know it is going to be spectacular! Have a great rest of the week, Shirley.

  12. Carol (Lewis) Griffin says

    As always, your special touch just enhances all of the negatives! Cannot wait to see your NEW kitchen as well as continued updates on the new house!

  13. It’s a lovely kitchen. Perhaps a bit customized but maybe someday the right people will come along and want it that way again. Your new property will be enhanced with the new discovered boulders!

  14. Shirley, the Berry Patch House has a really large kitchen that can accommodate two cooks/chefs! I know it is exciting to be making final plans for your new home. I also have a WS French copper pan that is for risotto and it makes a perfect risotto, which we happen to love!

  15. Susan Smith says

    That’s a pretty spectacular kitchen with lots of space, although not exactly my style in the choice of tile colors. I have never lived in a house that I didn’t remodel in my mind. I love your copper pots and pans and personal touches. I can’t wait to see your new kitchen. I have a suggestion, deep drawers for lower cabinet storage. That way you don’t have to get down on hands and knees to find a pot.

  16. What a huge kitchen! How exciting to be at the beginning of a new house project – enjoy!!! xoxo

  17. This kitchen is wonderful. Lots of great work spaces Shirley. I know your new kitchen will be gorgeous.
    Hope things are coming along with the build of the new house.

  18. I can’t believe you’ve only used the dishwasher once! The Berry Patch kitchen looks so nice and open but it sounds like you are ready for your new kitchen…exciting to be finally breaking ground, and wow those boulders are going to be such a wonderful outdoor element, can’t wait to see your final landscaping!

  19. Amazing kitchen design.
    The furniture is awesome.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. I love your kitchen. I love the color, furniture and appliances used. My favorite part is the one near the windows, it feels refreshing while cooking or doing some kitchen stuff. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. OMG I love you kitchen! It looks so classy! I also love how the colors that you have chosen, it makes the overall look so stunning! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this, I will definitely save this for future reference!

  22. Hey, thanks for the great kitchen ideas! Not many folks realize how many configurations there are in Kitchen design, so this definitely Helps!

  23. Shirley, You got a wonderful outside view from the window. Those caramel tiles are thermal insulated? I can see that lovely unique kettle in your kitchen area. I want that Shirley <3. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. Great looking kitchen. I like the color and design. The tiles are also nice and very appealing.
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  25. Great kitchen design.
    Your Kitchen looks beautiful.
    Kitchen cabinets look Awesome.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
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