A Blooming Watering Can

Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome to the first Monday Morning Blooms of the month!

It’s real – – – no April Fools’ shenanigans  today.

Just truly amazing floral inspiration 

from me and my Monday Morning Bloom friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam.

Today’s common theme is Watering Cans.

The links to their beautiful watering cans in bloom are below at the end of the post.

So let’s see what I came up with for my watering can in bloom.





I selected one of my favorite watering cans that was so kindly gifted to me

by a special blog friend.

I knew I wanted to create a vignette in the Great Room using the design

of casual elegance on the chinoiserie coffee table.

The juxtaposition of the elegance of the table and the casual look of the watering can.



I love the way the gold/brass watering can (by Smith & Hawken) with a brass underplate

blends so nicely with the gold detail of the top of the table.



I added the gold jeweled pineapple lidded box along with the mother of pearl

and brass box to continue the theme of the metals on the table.




All of the flowers in the watering can were purchased from Trader Joe’s.

They are getting in more and more beautiful spring florals.



Here is a list of the flowers contained in the Blooming Watering Can:





Spider Mum



I was thrilled to see Ranunculus arrive at my Trader Joe’s as I love the way

they dance throughout an arrangement.



The pagoda lantern shuffled over to the coffee table too.

Since today is April Fools’ Day, do have a favorite April Fools’ story?

I do.



A long time ago back when my son was a young teenager, I had a friend who dubbed herself

Queen of April Fools’ Day. She actually did do some pretty cool tricks.

However, one year, I was dubbed Queen of April Fools’ Day as I topped all of her stunts!

Well, at least for that year!

It was a challenge!



She LOVED her car!…So on April Fools’ Day Eve, her son (my son’s friend),

spent the night at our house. My friend’s hubby was in on our April Fools’ joke.

He went out that evening and hid the keys to her car so we could find them.

About 1 a.m. we drove over to my friend’s house, found the keys that her hubby hid,

 we unlocked the car, put the car in neutral and pushed it out of the driveway

and about a half a block down the road, then started the car and took it to our house.



The next morning her hubby got up to get the paper and to also check to see if the car was gone.

As planned, he ran into the house and said, “OK, funny, funny April Fools’, where’s your car?”

She in a panic asked, “what do you mean?” She ran out in her robe,

to discover her beloved car was gone. “Oh, is this a joke?” …. “No joke!” he exclaimed,

and proceeded to pick up the phone to call the police, but he was really calling us!



As I picked up the phone, I listened to his “dialogue” pretending he was talking to the police.

I told him to wait outside for the patrol car (ha-ha)  right away as the police,

rather we, would be there in a few minutes.

My friends  were outside in the front yard waiting in their robes!

He said that she truly was in a state of panic!



A few minutes later, there were 4 people (us) driving slowly by their house in her car

waving our arms and screaming at the top of our lungs . . . “April Fools”!!”

We got her!….I know it was a bit cruel to say the least, but this was the kind of thing

that she would do . . . but all in fun! 🙂  She even had a good laugh and admitted

that we got her!!

That was about 35 years ago when we were young and playful!

Do you have any April Fools’ stories to tell?

Hope you enjoyed my Blooming Watering Can,  and it’s no joke, but there are some fabulous

and beautifully blooming watering cans by my friends of Monday Morning Blooms below.

Be sure to stop by each and every one for some fabulous floral inspiration!!


Pam ~ Everyday Living


Lidy ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is



I wish you all a most beautiful Spring day hopefully surrounded by beautiful Spring blooms!

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  1. My kingdom for a Trader Joe’s nearby! I adore your combination of flowers Shirley, especially the Ranunculus! Your gold watering is beautiful offset by the black of your chinoiserie coffee table. Your have a gift for accessorizing, with your ‘housepitable’ decor! The casual and elegant mix of the accessories and pagoda lantern paired with the watering can on the tray is beautiful. I had to chuckle at your April Fools joke…her hubby must have been as anxious as you to help you pull that prank on the Queen of April Fools. 😉 Thank you for the grins and the beautiful start to my morning. I always enjoy starting my Mondays with some flower therapy and my MMB friends. ♥

  2. Ha, ha that was cruel, but funny! Love your watering can filled with the beautiful spring flowers. I would have nice flowers out all the time if TJ wasn’t so far of a drive. I even talked to the girl last time I checked out about we need a closer Trader Joe’s and she asked where I live. She is actually driving further than me just to work there. Have a great week!

  3. Shirley, what I would give for a Trader Joe’s without having to drivie sixty miles. Ranunculus, be still my heart, one of my very favorite flowers! The gold watering can is stunning on the chinoiserie coffee table, and a beautiful pairing with the pineapple and pagoda! The mix of flowers is truly a breath of spring. What a funny April Fool’s joke, Shirley and you all really pulled quite the prank! It is a pleasure to spend time with my MMB friends and what a glorious start to my day and week!

  4. Your watering can feature is lovely! I like the display with the decorative boxes on your chinoiserie table.
    Oh boy I can just imagine the shock of your friend about her car and then to see you guys pull up in it must have been crazy!

  5. What a perfect start to the month of April! You have such an eye for color and design! I love that brass watering can – it’s so unique! Happy Spring!

  6. Shirley, your beautiful Chinoiserie table is gorgeous with your lovely gold watering can filled with stunning flowers. I do love ranunculus! How great to have a source to buy them. Your photos look like they should be in Veranda magazine.

  7. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your arrangement is beautiful! Loved your April Fools story.

  8. As soon as I saw the ranunculus, my heart skipped a beat! I LOVE them. Your arrangement (and vignette) is gorgeous! I now will be on a hunt for a gold/brass watering can to use on my similar table! Loved the story, that would have been such fun to get her back:):) All in great fun, of course. Have a beautiful day. We had a gorgeous Sat., 75 degrees and sunny but yesterday the temps started falling and the WIND is back:( Right now it is UP to 34.

  9. As always, Shirley, your arrangement is stunning! I always swoon over that beautiful coffee table. Happy Spring, sweet friend!

  10. Funny story but slightly cruel. Your arrangement is filled with beauty. Funny for us in our town the flowers Trader Joe’s sells don’t last as long as our food market. I get a solid 3 weeks with my flowers looking like perfection. They also have a super selection.

    Enjoy your day


    • Yes, as I stated in my post, it could be, however, you would have to have known this person…and was “fun” that her family was in on it, as it was them also who wanted to “get her back”!…What we do in our younger days!

  11. Martha in michigan says

    Just beautiful! I love everything about this arrangement, including the table itself. It made me smile when I saw it!

  12. Shirley how beautiful your collection of flowers placed beautifully in your gold watering can. Like many others, ranunculus is one of my favorites. Dancing is a great way to describe them. You have accessorized beautifully. I agree with Bonnie…should be in Veranda or Victoria.

  13. Beautiful color combination. I love the ranunculus with the Siberian irises.

  14. Your watering can is stunning Shirley, I love how you accented the brass with gold touches…it looks absolutely elegant on your beautiful table. I can’t wait to get some ranunculus, I hope my TJs has them! Loved your story! Wow, that was quite a prank!

  15. So very beautiful, oh how those colors enchant!! You are certainly channeling Spring with this gorgeous arrangement, friend. You have a way with flowers, and beauty, that is for sure. It’s such a blessing to join you on Monday Morning Blooms. Thank you for making my Monday so beautiful xo Lidy

  16. Ha, ha…your car joke reminded me of in my teens with my girlfriends—we got two heavy long boards, set them on a front porch stairway, then pushed/parked one of the gal’s boyfriend’s VW on the front porch, we managed to turn it sideways….and it looked like it was an impossible feat! Oh, to have had a cell phone to take a photo—I don’t remember if it was april fools or not–(it was 1964 or 5…LOL) Thanks for jogging my memory—and the flowers are gorgeous.

  17. What a beautiful arrangement, Shirley! Now we just need weather to go with it! I also need a Trader Joe’s. Happy April first and hope know one pulls any pranks on you! Loved your story.

  18. my husband is the King of April Fools jokes and our now grown children even quit answering his phones calls on this day. Having just returned home from a trip and just finished our new pool before we left we spent the last 3 days planning out the large new flower bed next to the pool, shopping for all the plants, stones and mulch and laying it out. This morning he was already out there digging holes before I’d had coffee. He planted 5 huge ferns between 2 trees across the back and 8 very big white Alba begonias in front of them. After they were watered in and mulched I told him I’d changed my mind and the ferns and begonias needed to be reversed with begonias in back of the ferns. It’s our 45 anniversary Weds so I asked pretty please, if he loves me and for our anniversary please switch them. I wish I had a camera for the look on his face before saying APRIL FOOLS!

  19. Beautiful combination in your watering can, Shirley. I love iris and hope mine bloom before we’re gone completely from our current home (but I am thinning some out for my daughter’s flower beds).

  20. Beautiful!!!!

  21. I’m crazy for arrangements in sprinkler cans! I have several small ones and love filling them with a variety of blooms as you have done and grouping them on the table. Always I can count on you to create in most appealing ways.

  22. Alycia Nichols says


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