Thibaut Showroom with Eric Ross and A Winner

Hello Dear Readers!!!

Happy Monday….I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

It was a great weekend for me with company

and a trip to the Spring High Point Market on Saturday.

It was a treat to tour a smidgen of the showrooms along with my friends,

Kristen (Cottonwood Creek Home), Yvonne (StoneGable), Suzy (Worthing Court),

and a pleasant meet up with Courtney (French Country Cottage).

My friend Merry was also along for her very first High Point Market experience.

One of my very favorite showrooms is the Thibaut Showroom,

where Eric Ross, Interior Designer and author of “Enduring Southern Homes”

was there for a book signing.

Today we have the Thibaut Showroom with Eric Ross and a Winner


This room in the Thibaut showroom, was designed by none other than the amazing Eric Ross.

Eric uses Thibaut fabric in many of the interiors he designs.

When I walked into the room, I felt enveloped by the beauty that surrounded me,

and when that happens, you feel “pretty” . . . it is as if the room rubs off on you!



As soon as you walk into the room, you see the gallery wall above the sofa. I could hear

soft music in the background and realized it was the choir of angels.

~ ~ ~

The area above the sofa was perfectly curated  into  a great work of art

and sooo loving the texture of the grasscloth wall coverings.

I plan to use grasscloth wall coverings in the new house.

~ ~ ~

Notice the trim on the drapes. Eric took a fabric with a fabulous graphic design

and created a border for the drape. Such a great alternative to using the usual “trim”.



Take note of the same border fabric being used in the skirted tables that flank the sofa

  Notice how the scalloped design perfectly comes together forming  another 

beautiful design.  This fabric was  also  used in the pillows on those beautiful blue chairs.

~ ~ ~

When I took a specific themed decorating course many years ago, the instructor

had stated that when using many different patterned fabrics in a room,

it is always a good thing that you choose one of the fabric designs

 and repeat  it three times throughout the room.

Notice that they used that border fabric in the skirted  tables,

the drapes, and in decorative pillows .  .  . three times.

 Now,  I do not know if that “rule” really does apply, or he purposely did that

but it is used so beautifully  in this room.


What a statement this side of the room makes.

From the spectacular artwork, to the chairs covered in the same fabric as the pillows on the sofa.

~ ~ ~

Did you notice the “mini bar” on the table?

Let me quote Eric Ross, from his book, “Enduring Southern Homes”

“Southern hospitality requires that the guest be offered a drink upon entering the house.

So having a bar, especially in the living room, is very important.

There needs to be a place where you can set up a small tray with whiskey, gin, and vodka

with sodas. If you have room for mixers too, great!  But at least set up a small tray with

liquor and a bowl of nuts. This simply communicates, ‘we are glad you are here and have

set up some refreshments for you!’

A small bar set up instantly turns down the fussy and

turns up the effortlessness.”

Now in my household, I would have to add Arnold Palmers for my hubby!



Above is Eric Ross signing a book for an admirer of his work. The room was certainly hopping

with many of his “admirers” and ones who love the Thibaut products.

And speaking of admiring . . .

There are so many beautiful “objet d’ art” in this room.

Notice the oh so beautiful (for lack of a better word) stool beside the desk.

This reminded me of what Eric said about ottomans in his book:

~ ~ ~

He writes: “A key piece of furniture that makes a room feel more relaxed and therefore

more southern is a footstool or ottoman ~ or both and in multiples. This is another cue

for your guests to make themselves feel more comfortable.” He goes on to say that an ottoman

is a great piece for an impromptu conversation or a place to put your feet up and rest.

An ottoman is  a most versatile piece of furniture . . . and a great piece to use a fun fabric.


This is Eric’s beautiful wife Ruthann. She is an integral part of Eric Ross Interiors.

It was a such a thrill to meet her too.

~ ~ ~

As I study the photos that I quickly took (this showroom/book signing was buzzing)

I notice things  now that I did not notice then, as you know how it can be

to be awe struck with a beautiful room and trying to take in every detail at that time.

There were fabric shades behind the drapes . . . and the fabric of the shades are the same

as the fabric used in the skirted tables  that flank the sofa.

Eric’s use of the coordinating fabrics (Thibaut)  used in this room is beyond perfection . . . sublime.



It was truly wonderful to have met Eric and Ruthann Ross. A lovely, lovely couple

with a passion for beautiful interiors and showing us how classic Southern Design

can “endure” and stand the test of time by incorporating fresh designs through fabric

and furnishings that compliment a family’s antiques/heirlooms and classic designs that

have been around for centuries. Truly a gift.

~ ~ ~

And now . . . the winner of the “Enduring Southern Homes” book:



Is: Beverly!!! Congrats Beverly! (was the commenter number chosen at random by my hubby!)

I wish you all a most beautiful day.

Thanks to my friend Merry for taking the photos of me with Eric and Ruthann.

I thank you all for taking the time to enter the book giveaway.

There will be another one (same book) soon!!! . .  Stay tuned!

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  1. Lucky you to meet the Ross’! I wish I could have gone, but I had company.

  2. Penny Carlson says

    What an amazing showroom! How fun your got to meet them. Congrats to the winner.

  3. The showroom looks amazing. And I love seeing three of my favorite people together! Can’t wait to see Eric and Ruthan again, and YOU!! Xo Lidy

  4. Geez, I have been trying to get a hold of Y. for MONTHS!!! I hope you had a wonderful time with her. Did she stay with you? The showroom is exquisite. I, too, love grass cloth. I had it in my living and dining rooms at the old house and have been wanting to do it in this dining room too. Since I was not the winner, I am going to order this book. I know I will love. I am glad you had such a lovely and fun filled weekend. XO

  5. Showroom ..alone is breathtaking. I cannot imagine seeing it up close and real must be a true dream come true.
    You so deserve meeting this truly amazing couple, similar taste resides.
    Keep dreaming ideas and sharing.

  6. Shirley, congrats to your winner…she will love the book! I am beyond thrilled that classic design is back in full force, not that it ever left! I think folks are ready to see pattern and color once again. His style is is perfect with all the layers he creates. Yay for skirted tables, I have always loved them and have several in my home! Enjoyed seeing the gorgeous showroom!

  7. That is a beautifully decorated room. Interesting about the repeating the pattern 3 times. I did’t even realize it until you mentioned it. He certainly knows how to mix fabrics, rugs and furnishings! The book looks like a gem!

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