The Re-Designed Sunroom

Hello Dear Readers!

Today I want to show you the re-designed sunroom at the Berry Patch House.

Re-designed? Yes . . . When the new furniture for the Great Room arrived,

we had to move the furniture that was in that room to the sunroom.

That meant a whole lot of shuffling going on!

So come on and see . . . THE RE-DESIGNED SUNROOM.

Previously, the room was basically filled with the outdoor furniture

that I had on the upper porch of our former home,

(you can see the chairs from the outdoor set in the background)

mixed with some pieces of wicker from our former sunroom.

So needless to say, it was a challenge.




The sofa (previously in the Master Bedroom in the former home)

was placed along the wall of windows. Placing it on the adjacent wall,

would have blocked the view from the Great Room.


Instead, I placed the pair of chairs on the sliding glass door side.

The space between the two chairs allows for an obstructed view into the sunroom and beyond.



We call this room the “where shall we put this” room as all the furniture that we do not

want to haul down the stairs to the walk-out basement lands in the “eclectic sunroom.”

This is the view when you first step into the sunroom. This sliding glass door

is the one (out of two) that remains open most of the time.



As I look around the room, I ask myself . . . where am I going to place some of these

pieces. Now I know that I will not be able to use some things in the new house

but my hubby warns me to be sure that getting rid of them won’t bring me

seller’s or charity remorse as some of these items do bring me joy.

But then again, lots of things do!!!…that’s my problem!




Many of these pieces in the sunroom were in the storage unit that we finally emptied

about 7 months after we moved into the rental. It held the furnishings and many boxes

that we stored right after we placed our house on the market.



This tea cart was previously on the upper back porch of our former home

and like many things its temporary home is in the sunroom.



I am pretty certain that this tea cart will morph into a “bar cart” complete with

Happy Hour beverages and my hubby’s fav “Happy Hour Beverage”

of an Arnold Palmer straight up with a twist!



Who knows how many times this room will dance to the furniture shuffle before we move.

When I finally figure out just where the sofa will land . . . then I can move on to

selecting a fabric to recover it. Most likely the two chairs will be in the future

Master Bedroom as they will blend nicely with the new bed that I have had for . . .

oh my goodness, for maybe 2 years now!!! It is disassembled and stored in one of the

bedrooms, we call, the prop room!!

This is it:



In the meantime, I am enjoying this room and the view.



Have a most beautiful day everyone!

I believe next week they will be digging the foundation and hopefully

not finding any more huge boulders!

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  1. Susan Smith says

    What a delightful way to start my day, by reading your blog! Your husband is right. Hang on to your special pieces so you don’t have seller’s remorse. I know I have sold things I wish I had back.

  2. Thank goodness you have places to use your furniture while you wait for the new home to be ready.

  3. Shirley, it is so good that your rental is large enough to store your extra furniture and allow you to do the “furniture shuffle” as you decide what you will use in your new home. Keeping my fingers crossed that they can start on your foundation soon!

  4. The arrangement works and looks great! I like the blue rug with the sofa and those pillows. I hope they’ll be breaking ground real soon and things will move along quickly!

  5. What a gorgeous room! I love the way you arranged the furniture and I love all your pretty spring touches!

  6. I just love this room! Every year when Spring comes, I want to convert the “breakfast room” to a sun room. It is called a “morning room” by the builder. I love how you have decorated this room. Your fiddle leaf trees are doing GREAT! Don’t get rid of things yet! You will have sellers remorse. Wait til you are in the new house for awhile. Have a beautiful day!

  7. Everything looks lovely. I’m sure you are already getting anxious for them to start going on the new place


  8. It looks so inviting Shirley, so much light streaming in! Your bed is fabulous!

  9. Alycia Nichols says

    I LOVE this!!!!!! You have the Midas touch!!!!!!!!

  10. Amy Chalmers says

    I love your new bed and you have already had it for two years but not used it yet?! It will be heavenl when it’s in the new house…when do you expect to move in?! Inquiring minds want to know!

  11. Alice Genzlinger says

    Shirley, this is beautiful because everything doesn’t match. I love it more than I love your living room.cant see one thing you need to get rid of. The bed is drop dead gorgeous. I agree that you will have remorse if you no longer have thiese lovely pieces .Ask yourself if you loved it when you bought it and why you don’t love it now. Good luck!

  12. Rebecca M says

    Hubby is right. Hang on to them until you’re in your new home. Once you’ve moved in then you can decide what works and what doesn’t! You’ve hung onto it this long, what’s a few more months? Berry patch is a lovely home and you’ve settled in nicely.

  13. I have always wanted a tea cart but, now since our down sizing it will remain just a dream. While visiting our daughter and family I shared a peek of yours and told her this is what your getting for a house warming gift ( they are having a home built) she smiled and said I would love one but you have to stage it per season. We both win how fun!
    Now to find something similar to yours is another journey. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful taste and gift in home decor.

  14. Shirley, Your “where shall we put this” room looks so inviting and cozy for its purpose! You’re so fortunate to have all that roomy storage in your rental. I know you must be antsy about building and getting the show on the road! Your bed is absolutely dreamy. ♥

  15. Shirley, I love your eclectic sunroom! I would have trouble parting with any of its furnishings. I love the peach-colored sofa, it is so pretty. Did I read that you are recovering it? So many decisions, I know you can’t wait to get into your new home!

  16. Listen to your husband. Once you’re decorating the new house you’ll think “I know what will be perfect here” and then you will have it at your fingertips. Everything will look brand new and be perfect again when displayed in a new fashion. You might think you’re tired of something but trust me when you try to replace it you’ll find out either it doesn’t exist or is super pricey! Your pieces are simply lovely…especially the blush sofa.

  17. I’d love to go sit in your sunroom and read a good book. It’s so lovely and relaxing!

  18. Hard to believe this is a temporary home for you as it is decorated beautifully! Very hard to find such pretty well made furniture. When I do find something I like it’s very expensive and dispoibting to find a substitute.

  19. OHHH, I love your sunroom! Can’t wait to redesign and upgrade our home next month!

  20. I love your home! Please come to help decorate my house. Hahaha, Thanks for inspirations.
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    Thanks for sharing this article
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