Our Antiquing Road Trip – Destination Maison Decor

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s been a while as I have been  pretty much on a week long road trip.

I love road trips especially when it involves meeting friends and antiquing . . .

and I must say that I love road tripping with my hubby too!

Last week, my hubby had to go to D.C. on business and I tagged along with him.

We arrived in D.C. and the very next morning, I drove to New Jersey

to pick up my friend Mary Alice formerly of Chateau Chic blog

and now and Rare Corners and her Rare Corners Instagram.

I left D.C. around 6:30am and arrived at Mary Alice’s around 9:30am and we then began


Mary Alice and her hubby recently moved into this beautiful 100 year old home.



Love that blue door and large lantern hanging on the porch.

This house had been renovated in the past and Mary Alice and her hubby

did further renovations and the house is truly charming!!! Oh, really loving those containers too!

They were too heavy to stick into my suitcase when they weren’t looking!   Big sigh…

Amy, of Maison Decor, announced the she was selling  many of her beautiful and beloved

things in her home due to a future move to her beautiful  lake property.

She is planning to downsize as many of us are or planning to do.



Mary Alice and I arrived at Amy’s home around 6pm….we drove through very heavy traffic

from New Jersey to Boston. We were truly running behind schedule.

Amy,  knowing what kind of drive we had, pretty much handed us a Margarita

as soon as we walked through the door!!!   Yes, we needed that!



Piper and Mr. Maison Decor were also there to greet us.

What a beautiful photo of them. Truly a most wonderful couple … oh and the fur babies too!

As you can see, it was a beautiful day!



The above image was taken from Amy’s scenic backyard. You can see the Boston downtown skyline

from her home. Even more spectacular from one of her 3rd story windows.

Spring was just starting to pop there after a long winter.



Mr. Maison Decor snapped a pic of us before the sun went down.

We returned indoors to continue shopping, in-between Amy so graciously

serving us dinner at her beautiful dining room table.

After placing all of our purchases in “our corners” Mary Alice and I headed to the hotel.

The next day, we were up early to arrive at Amy’s by 7:30am to load my “Vanna”. Amy and

Mr. Maison Decor helped us load Vanna and calculated the best use of space ….




Here is Mary Alice helping to load that fabulous settee.  

Amy was guiding it in the van at the other end.  Fit perfectly.



This is what we had to load. It was waiting for us in the back courtyard.

So you know Amy and Mr. Maison Decor were up very early carrying all of our purchases

outdoors for easy loading and getting on the road.



Do you spy some great things?



I will be posting later about the wonderful treasures that I purchased, so stay tuned.

We left Amy’s around 8:30am to drive to New Jersey.

Typical interstate traffic and only one wrong turn which is a story that we will always

remember about our trip …. like something out of a movie.

We arrived at Mary Alice’s home around 4pm and started unloading the small things

and when Mr. Chateau Chic arrived home (along with their daughter) we unloaded the larger items.

Mary Alice purchased a fabulous antique table that is actually counter height.

The table landed in Mary Alice’s kitchen as an island. Looks wonderful there!

Oops that is my coffee cup in the pic!



I spent the night at Mary Alice’s and had a wonderful time with her family.

I got up early the next morning to drive to DC to meet up with my hubby and drive home.

It was a most wonderful (whirlwind) trip and I would do it again, as I love adventures

and do not mind driving….I want to thank Amy and her wonderful Mr. Maison Decor for

being the perfect hosts and Amy’s graciousness of allowing Mary Alice and I to shop her house!

And many thanks to my “Thelma” or was she “Louise” accompanying me on this Road Trip.

We actually love road trips and have taken many together, but just day trips…

But we will have to get other names for us, as Thelma and Louise did not have a good outcome

and we always do!!!

Have a most beautiful day everyone!!!


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  1. What a fun road trip antiquing and meeting friends Shirley! Love the pic of Amy, hubby and fur babies! Looking forward to the reveal of your treasures ♥

  2. What a wonderful adventure you had! Can’t wait to see what you found?

  3. Barbara Bertke says

    Oh what fun! Love Mary Alice’s house, and her new (old) table. Can’t wait to see your new treasures.

  4. Fun times and lots of driving. It’s a good thing you don’t mind all that driving.

  5. Wow what a fun trip! Looks like a good haul! Looking forward to seeing what you picked out.

  6. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    What fun! I love that bench and that table. How fun to meet Amy in person. Years ago I made her a mosaic lamps from her broken purple transferware and a little silver sugar bowl as the base.

  7. You do have a way of making things happen and have done a great job meeting fellow bloggers. I like your sense of adventure!

  8. What an amazing and fun road trip! I agree with Linda, you do a great job with meeting fellow bloggers and being more than virtual friends. I can’t wait to see all you bought, the settee is fabulous!

  9. What fun! You packed a lot into this trip, and your car!! I can’t believe you could fit all those things! Can’t wait to see more!

  10. Fun! Can’t wait to see your purchases.

  11. FrenchGardenHouse says

    Super fun! You know I would have loved to join you ladies…..I’m so happy Mary Alice bought that fabulous basket, what a beauty! A girls trip to remember! Xo Lidy

  12. Oh my gosh what a fun trip. I love love love that table Mary Alice got. Just beautiful. Looks like both of you got some great treasures.

  13. What fun! Oh, I know you just had the best time. I especially love the picture of the three of y’all!

    And now you can enjoy being in North Carolina again, since thankfully the worst of the pollen seems to be past. Thank goodness!

  14. Bobbi Duncan says

    Such fun! Shirley, you seem to have my same sense of adventure; I’ll go just about anywhere on a moments notice. You can tell by the broad smiles that you gals had a ball. I love, love, love your new settee! Thank you for telling us about Mary Alice’s new site. I hail from Haddonfield, NJ and Moorestown, NJ, just 10 minutes north–both are beautiful, quaint villages that are a big part of my childhood fun memories. Hugs!

  15. Can’t wait to see your treasures from this fun road trip! Amazing that you got it all in your van!

  16. Can’t believe you got all that in!!! Reminds me of a time we went on a trip with another couple and us girls had to have things on our laps on the way home:) Fun memories. Can’t wait to see what you got!

  17. Can’t wait to see what all you purchased!!! I saw a beautiful mirror and wicker chest in the yard picture; wonder who bought those???? You are a hoot!!! I would love a road trip with you; maybe you could get the anxiety out of me when I go for long road trips. I used to not be worked-up before a trip but the older I get I get in a little frenzy but I know I would love it. I love antiquing and shopping for great finds that have a story to tell!!! I’m so glad I found your site today, May 7, ’19 and I’m checking all your posts and speaking my mind (ha ha)!!!! You just have a way of making someone feel like they have known you all their life. That must be the Southern hospitality in you!!!!! Love reading about your road trip and looking forward to more great blog posts. Your new blog friend,

  18. That house looks pretty cozy! How I wish I too could live in a place like that. Oh by the way, love the furniture you bought! Old furniture are still the best for me. Thanks for sharing!

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