Spring Decor Details and A Treasure Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

Are you enjoying some great Spring weather?

We are enjoying it here

with less pollen and blue skies and fabulous temperatures.

Since Spring is in the air,

I decided to place some Spring decor

in the Great Room

of the Berry Patch House.

It all began with a pair of my treasures that I brought home

from my Road Trip to Boston to see Amy (Maison Decor).

If you missed our Road Trip,

have no fear click here: Our Antiquing Road Trip – Destination Maison Decor




Can you spy the pair of the treasures that I purchased from Amy?

It’s the Pricket Candlesticks! Love them!

Amy actually purchased them a while ago

from another blogger and now this blogger owns them 🙂

I guess you can say that we share the joy!

Pricket sticks?….candlesticks? …

they are candlesticks that have a spike at the top

to hold the candle. However, many people just love the look

of just the candlestick, like me, 

 so there are no candles on them for now.

I must say that my hubby said that

I forgot to put candles on them!



I explained to him that this is one of the ways

they are displayed and I got the

look of me having two heads.

Rather than placing a colorful Spring design plate on the mantel,

I placed this pretty grape leaf Majolica plate that I had previously

purchased from Always Home in Durham, NC



This sweet vintage green transferware Chinoiserie crock by Mason

seemed to be the perfect accompaniment

to the Majolica plate. This was also found at Always Home.




I placed orchids in the white ironstone tureens.

Love that they are so low maintenance!




I try and keep the decor simple here in the Berry Patch House,

using flowers as my seasonal decor as much as I can.



I have been gathering pots of hydrangeas . . .

keeping them in an area

that I call my “future planting area”

so that I can be assured that as soon as we start the landscaping

of the new house,

I can turn the hydrangeas plants over to the landscaper

a.k.a., my hubby.

I placed this potted hydrangea

in my very favorite blue and white piece,

an antique chamber pot.





Tulips just say Spring . . .

so I placed these pretty pink tulips in a mint julep cup

and placed them on the table next to the sofa.




I placed my newly acquired

vintage Mason red transferware mini tureen next to the

mint julep cup of tulips as they went together beautifully,

Shall I say where I found this tureen? … you guessed right!



Do you tend to use flowers to enhance your decor for each season,

bringing the outdoors in?

That is truly my go to way of adding seasonal decor . . happy decor!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On another note . . . things are happening at the new house . . .

no house yet,

but lots of earth being dug and lots of huge boulders

continue to be unearthed.

The foundation should be completely dug

and graded by the end of this week. Yay!

Have a most beautiful day everyone!

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  1. Beautiful Shirley! You find the best treasures at Always Home! Love your newly acquired pricket candlesticks, with or without candles! Your flowers provide the perfect accessories adorning your tabletop and mantel. Enjoy this beautiful spring weather. We have more rain and storms moving in tomorrow. ♥

    • Thanks Mary! Yes, I just heard the news about the weather coming in on Friday….thought that we would be on a roll with the house this week…:(

  2. Beautiful spring additions. Love those candlesticks and no candles or candles. I do prefer the pricket showing myself. I hope that consignment store appreciates all the advertising you do for them. 🙂

  3. Barbara C says

    Do your hydrangeas do well inside your home in pots? I love them but haven’t been too successful keeping the plants indoors. Thank you!

  4. Love your pieces from Amy. As I mentioned to you on Instagram I have the same petite tureen. When I saw one available and with its lid I grabbed it fast.

    Is it tough keeping these plants alive indoors? I know you’re down south so didn’t know if you brought them outdoors.

    Enjoy your day


  5. That looks great with the candlesticks and majolica plate! I think that’s what my new credenza needs- a plate for display! I hope all your hydrangeas will make it to the new landscaping. Hooray on the house progression!

  6. Shirley, I do love the candlesticks and without the candles! I love how you refresh with flowers, they are truly one of life’s simple pleasures. It would be so wonderful to shop at your favorite consignment shop! Happy Thursday❤️

  7. Hi Shirley,
    Love the candle sticks they are gorgeous. How nice that with our without candles these look gorgeous. Win Win! The mantel looks so pretty.
    Happy Thursday.

  8. It always looks magical Shirley! Flowers bring life into every room, and all your “Always Home” treasures really bring out the beauty of spring together with your floral designs. The candlesticks look great without candles! Xo Lidy

  9. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Love the candlesticks you got at Amy’s. Spring looks pretty in your home.

  10. The candlesticks are so pretty! I never knew the word “prickets”. Thanks for telling me:) All of your flowers bring such wonderful life to the room All my plants are outside right now. Will be doing Spring decor tomorrow so may just get some flowers for myself! Have a beautiful weekend!!!!

  11. I love the green transferware crock with your green Majolica plate. Everything reminds me of Springtime. I am so excited that they will soon have your foundation completed!

  12. Shirley,
    Just found your blog site from Southern Hospitality. Boy am I glad!!! You both have so much to show us and how ya’ll decorate everything, even outside. Love the candlesticks and Pink transferware. I’m not familiar with Always Home, is it another bloggers business or what if I might ask? I sure do love what all you bought. I read where you’re building a new house; I can’t imigine it being better than your home I just toured. It is so beautiful; interesting pieces like the laundry room with the antique on the countertop. I don’t know what to call it because I’ve never seen anything like it before but would love to know what it is. I just love your site and look forward to what you will bring for summer and following you with your new home building and decorating!!!
    your new blog friend,

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