A Great Find – Chelsea House Mirror

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy May Day!!!

I am hoping I can find some Lily of the Valley to give to my loved ones.

Did you know that it was a tradition in France 

to give your loved ones Lilies of the Valley on May Day?

And speaking of France  . . .

A few weeks ago, I discovered a beautiful Trumeau mirror at my fav consignment shop.

It was love at first sight. However, being that we are building a new house,

it has been suggested that I only spend what I need for the house.

I did not “need” that mirror, but on the other hand,  I did.

It would look wonderful over one of the mantels or the powder room.



When I arrived home, I posted this photo on my Instagram:



I received lots of comments like …. go back and get it!

I showed my hubby the photo I took of it and told him how I loved it,

but I was good and I left it behind. He said, “if you love it, go back and get it!”

I did not question him!!!….the very next day, I called  the consignment shop and it was still

there and I told them to put a sold sign on it! Happy Dance!



I mentioned to my hubby that the mirror came out of a beautiful estate

in which the owner had exquisitely decorated her home in French Country decor.

The mirror was Chelsea House and a fabulous deal.

He knows all about Chelsea House.  I educated him long ago!



My other hesitation was the color of the mirror

and my friend Kim of Savvy Southern Style reminded me that it really was a neutral color.

There is not an abundance of wall space here in our temporary home, the Berry Patch House,

so I took down another mirror that I had in the little hallway

that leads to the Master Bedroom, so I can admire it now, rather than it be placed

into the “storage abyss”



The scale is a little off in this tiny area; however, I will gladly live with that for now,

until this beauty lands over one of the mantels in the new house….

or in another place of honor.



My posts have been off and on since we have been in the Berry Patch house.

We have been busy making some final decisions on things for the house wanting

everything to be “ready to go” when the time comes for each phase.

The foundation has been poured and waiting for inspection.



You can see that there are many more large rocks to outright boulders that are surfacing.

I can truly open a “rock shop”!!!

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!

P.S. Come back and visit me and my Monday Morning Blooms friends

next Monday for:


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  1. Wow that’s a real beautiful mirror. Glad you were able to go back and get it! Boy you sure have rocky soil! Things should start moving along now that you have the foundation poured.

  2. I think the mirror is beautiful and I like it’s placement. Good choice?

  3. Great mirror and I’m glad you went back to get it! Come on inspectors so they can get their house built!!

  4. What a beauty Shirley! So glad it was still there waiting for you to bring it home! Wish I was closer and had a front end loader…I’d happily remove some of those boulders from your lot for our landscaping! Happy May Day ♥

  5. You always find the most beautiful accessories for your home. The mirror is lovely and looks wonderful in its new/temporary home.

    Congrats on the homesite progress too. Happy day to you.

  6. So happy you went back to grab this beauty. Chances of finding another I’m sure wouldn’t have been easy. I think this would’ve been popping in to your mind down the road.

    This is on my to do list. I have been planning to make one for a year. Want make my take since finding one in our budget around our area will be slim.

    Happy to see your foundation done.


  7. Kathryn says

    I love the mirror and am so happy you went back for it!! You placed it in the Berry House in a beautiful place, and I like the scale!!

  8. Ginny b. says

    Love the mirror, too! Happy for you that you went back for it.
    Question: Where did you get the lovely trio of blue and white vases/jar on the demi-lune table? They are beautiful.

  9. Shirley, so happy you went back to get the beautiful mirror. It will be lovely in the new house. Speaking of the new house, my husband and I are planning to downsize within the next year and if you can share any great sources for home plans I would be grateful. I love William Poole designs but so far have not found the perfect plan for our needs. We would like around 2800 square feet.
    Blessings to you as you plan the new house I am sure it will be exquisite.

    • I love William Poole too; however, as you, did not find any to meet our needs…our main floor is approximately 3,000 sq feet….the other floor is a room over the garage for my hubby’s office and exercise room….cannot wait for one story living again!

  10. Shirley,
    Your new French mirror is just stunning and will look beautiful in your new home. How lucky are we that we have hubby’s so sweet! This past weekend I saw two matching vintage faux bamboo end tables at a local consignment shop. No, I didn’t need them but I had been wanting faux bamboo end tables for a long time. My hubby told me to get them if I wanted them that bad. He didn’t have to say it twice…LOL.

    Happy May Day! I didn’t know about the French tradition of giving Lilies of the Valley on May Day but I do remember as a child celebrating with a May Pole on the playground.

  11. Allison M Wade says

    I love the details in Trumeau Mirrors. Stone Gable had a post that I just recently revisited on how to make your own Trumeau Mirror. That way you can tweak it however you like with your own details. Its on my list of things to do at some point in life! Happy May Day enjoying your new mirror and life in general!

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Gorgeous mirror, Shirley! It will look fabulous no matter where it ends up in your new home. Your hubby sounds like mine; blessed are we gals who have such sweethearts in our lives. I know you are having a ball purchasing new things to make your next home another beautiful haven. Next time we go to our son’s home in Charlotte, I’m determined to stop by Always Home; they seem to carry such lovely items. Hugs!

  13. Usually, I’m a stickler for Scale, but viewed through the moldings of the doors—your mirror is fabulous–framed and made a spectacular feature—love what is reflected in it also. Good luck on the house—and I would be hauling all those rocks off to the side to use in the gardens later!!!!

  14. Another great find! Congrats on the foundation being poured!

  15. Nancy Brantley says

    LOVE that Trumeau mirror! Glad It was still there. I have 3 in my house with different designs and I would have bought this one too! Happy May Day. I don’t comment often because I have difficulty on your blog for some reason.

  16. Beautiful new mirror, Shirley. How many mantles/fireplaces will you have in the new house? I am so glad you got the mirror….Joe would have told me to go get it too. He always says to me, “I get whatever I want, so you should too. Have a beautiful day tomorrow, we are expecting VERY warm temps up to 85!

  17. Shirley, the mirror had your name on it, it is fabulous! It was so sweet of the hubby to say go get it! All the years that I went to market in Atlanta, one of my first stops was always Chelsea House. I found many lovelies for my clients. It will be fun to watch where the mirror lands in the new house. Happy May!

  18. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    That mirror is beautiful and I know it will look amazing in your new home.

  19. It truly is a beautiful mirror! I’m glad you went back for it.

  20. I’m glad you went back for the mirror. It is truly a stunning piece!!!! I can’t wait to see where you use it in your new home :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  21. What a gorgeous mirror!!!Love Trumeau mirrors.
    Glad you went back for it.
    Looks amazing in that spot and it will find another great spot in your new home.

  22. Oh my Shirley the mirror is gorgeous and so you. It looks great in your Berry Patch house and it will look even more fabulous in the new build. Promising the foundation is getting poured. Yeah! Have a great new week.

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