Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement and Tablescape

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you had a great weekend of the Derby

(oh what a memorable Derby it was)

and Cinco de Mayo.

It’s another very fine Monday as it is Monday Morning Blooms!

Today, there is an ever so beautiful collection of fabulous floral inspiration,

by my wonderfully creative and talented Monday Morning Blooms friends,

Lidy, Mary and Pam.

Our common theme today is Mother’s Day.

Their gorgeous images and links to their posts are at the end of my post.

So sit back and enjoy some great ideas for a Mother’s Day celebration.





I chose the most beautiful urn that I purchased from Amy (Maison Decor)

on Mary Alice’s and my Road Trip to Boston

to see Amy and partake in her amazing Estate Sale.



I had met Amy and her hubby Dave

a few years ago when my hubby had a conference in Boston.

The four of us had a wonderful Brunch,  

toured the area a bit and hit an antique mall.

The hubbies were great sports and tagged along with us as we shopped.

Actually, I did not buy anything that day

but my hubby did!….a great lamp for his vintage drafting table.



Amy purchased a few things and one of the items was this stunning urn.

The hand painting is exquisite. When she told me she was selling it,

I immediately shouted “SOLD!!!”



The urn is made by Ardalt – Japan.

So this is why I chose this stunning urn to be the container

for my Mother’s Day arrangement. For my mom . . .

the sweet, and kind woman

who loves and embraces life each day . . .

the woman “made in Japan” …. like me ! 🙂



(My Mom and Me)

My mom . . . the woman who fell in love with a G.I. after World War II.

Actually I know it was my dad who fell in love first!

My mom.

The woman who listened to her deceased mother who came to her in a dream

riding a white elephant, telling her to go

and meet that handsome young man who met her

on a bridge and asked her to come back the next day at the same time.

She was hesitant, but after the dream, she went back and the rest is history.



Today the table setting is all about my mom and my Sweetie’s mom.

A table that I know both of them would love.



The place settings are from Williams-Sonoma . . . the Famille Rose design.

A design that I know that both moms would love and me too!




There were mini spatulas that complimented the set of dishes.

I thought that they would make great items

to give away and serve as a name/place holder.



When choosing the florals for my arrangement,

I was going for an airy and flowing feel

and pale to bright pinks to compliment the dinnerware.






Flowers are from Trader Joe’s.

Light Pink Alstroemeria

White Stock

Pink Hydrangeas

Double Peony Tulips




It was love at first sight when I saw the Double Peony Tulips

and actually it was the first time that I have seen them.



They were my starting point for the arrangement.



They have truly become my favorite type of Tulip.





Sweets for the Sweets and Sweetie!



A table set for the 4 of us.



Rather than using a green for filler,

it seemed best to use a light and airy flower

such as this white Stock flower instead.



It was indeed fun to put this tablescape together for the moms in the family

and hope you enjoyed it too.



We wish you all a most wonderful Mother’s Day to come

from me, my almost 94 year young mom and my Sweetie.



And now you are able to gain more Mother’s Day floral inspiration from my

lovely and talented friends of Monday Morning Blooms.

Their link is below their most beautiful images!


Pam ~ Everyday Living


Lidy – FrenchGardenHouse


Mary – Home Is Where The Boat Is


And Me ~ Housepitality Designs


Have a most beautiful day everyone!

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  1. Jan Taylor says

    Today is the first day to see your page. I absolutely love your parents love story. I am looking forward to following you and your family. Love the urn and the way you have styled it

  2. Swoon Shirley! Your Double Peony Tulips take my breath away…I have never seen them before! How gorgeous paired with your hand painted urn. I love your addition of the stock as filler along with the alstroemeria. Gorgeous WS dinnerware and the sweet spatula take-away gift! The frames with your family photos are the perfect touch and addition for Mother’s Day and I love the photo of the three of you together! As always it’s a treat to start Mondays with my flower friends. ♥

  3. Beautiful, Shirley! Those double tulips are just gorgeous. I thought they were puppies the way they are open. The urn is fabulous, and serves the floral arrangement very well.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom and your sweetie’s mom!

  4. I have never seen those tulips but I am smitten! You have so beautifully displayed them in your arrangement. And that urn is fabulous. I hope to see it again many times!

  5. Shirley, I am swooning over the urn and the floral arrangement is stunning with the double peony tulips. I love its airy and spring feel. Those are such sweet photos of your mom, your Sweetie and her mom. I have contemplated purchasing the WS dinnerware, I loved it as soon as I saw it the first time, but alas, I have way too much. It is always a pleasure to share MMB with you and to start my Monday with your gorgeous florals❤️

  6. This is spectacular Shirley. I love the story of how your mom and dad met. A true love story and such gorgeous tablesccapes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Your table is stunning Shirley, and the double Peony Tulips, swoon! However did you get them to droop so perfectly from your gorgeous arrangement?? I love the flowers you chose and the airy feel of the arrangement so delicate and beautiful! The vase is indeed a truly special touch to honor your mother. Your parents love story sounds like a movie, thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  8. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  9. Lovely tablescape ~ just beautiful!!! The tulips are stunning and I love the vase you bought from your friend. Glad it came to you! And so nice to see your mother and daughter with you, Shirley! Pinned this particular photo to my Favorite Blogs and Artists board ~ where I usually promote everyone’s blog parties, but I thought we should share this… <3

    Oh, and a lovely touch with the light pink and the choice in blooms as they give a cherry blossom look to the whole arrangement ~ a nice touch with your family's Japanese heritage!

    Blessings to you and your family and Happy Mother's Day!
    Barb 🙂

  10. Nancy Brantley says

    THIS arrangement is just Beautiful in that urn! Love the photos with arrangement. Your photo with mom and Sweetie is precious. HAPPY Mother’s Day.

  11. Shirley, what a gorgeous table setting with the beautiful urn filled with flowers. I loved seeing your Mom and Grey together with you….beautiful! Those tulips are stunning, and the alstroemeria too. Hope your Mother’s Day is wonderful! xoxo

  12. Wow! What a gorgeous flower arrangments. You should be a florist. I love the airy feel and the colors you chose. I saw those parrot tulips at Trader Joes. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying any. Great story about your Mom. Such special memories.

  13. Shirley where to begin? This arrangement is spectacular and in the beautiful urn is even better. Seeing the urn with your French armoire they’re a great marriage. Speaking of marriage I so enjoyed the story of your mom and dad.

    I can’t believe your Sweetie is such a young lady. Time flies.


  14. Beautiful flowers, gorgeous urn and lovely setting. I love your pretty dishes and those frames for your pictures. So nice to honor your mother and daughter in law. Your “sweetie” is quite a young lady now.
    Beautiful post for Monday Blooms. The double peony tulips are so gorgeous.

  15. Absolutely beautiful flowers.

  16. Shirley, this is simply gorgeous. And I love the photos of the generations that you displayed. I never realized you were Amerasian… which is odd considering I have three nieces that are! 😉 Lovely arrangement, as well. I’ve never seen those peony tulips either… do they have any fragrance? Would love for you to join us tomorrow at Homestyle Gathering!

  17. What a lovely story!!! And your table is a perfect honor to your mom. I hope your day and her day is spectacular!

  18. Your flower arrangement in that beautiful urn are stunning! I love your table setting and the pictures.

  19. Breathtaking post!!!Happy Mother’s Day!

  20. Your floral arrangement is exquisite in that beautiful urn. Such a sweet Mother’s day table. Hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day.

  21. I love the story of how your mom and dad met. Your mom has such a beautiful soul. Sweetie is getting so tall and so grown up. Love your pretty flowers for the table setting. Beautiful Shirley. Hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

  22. Alice Genzlinger says

    Wow, this tops every arrangement in every vase I’ve ever seen. Congratulations Shirley for a beautiful arrangement.

  23. Sherry Myers says

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful design, stunning presentation! I have always loved your parent’s love story. Happy Mother’s Day, Shirley!

  24. Sandra White says

    Wow, this is beyond gorgeous and I love the sweet story of how your mom and dad met, Absolutely the prettiest presentation you have done in my opinion!

  25. I truly don’t know where to begin! I have never seen the double peony tulips and I gasped when I saw them! Exquisite!!! The urn is the perfect vessel and your arrangement is gorgeous. I love the pictures and the frames are fabulous as well. I have always loved the story of your Mom and Dad! Fate!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents and I wish you, your beautiful Mom and your sweetie’s Mom a VERY Happy Mother’s day!!!!

  26. What a beautiful tribute to your mom and your sweetie. That table is fit for a Queen and I know that when we think of moms that is the word we also think of. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family Shirley!

  27. Shirley, your May 10 post is loading with an error message, both via email and google…is anyone else having problems?

  28. Oh wow this is absolutely stunning! The urn is a real treasure and the flower arrangement is exquisite. I would love for you to share with us over at Thursday Favorite Things! The party is open every Thurs.-Sat.

    Pinning away your gorgeous photos!

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