Master Bedroom Refresh With Blue and White

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s been a very hectic week here dealing with decisions, decisions

for the new house.

Seems as though when I think I pretty much have it all together,

then something comes up . . . like a higher estimate than anticipated,

then back to the drawing board to make more decisions.

In the meantime,

I found some time to do a bit of a refresh in the Master Bedroom.




The very first thing I did was to create a floral arrangement for the room.

I already had some great faux yellow roses in a Mint Julep cup in the room,

so adding yellow to the blue and white container and hydrangeas

seemed to be the perfect pop of color.



Have I mentioned that Double Peony Tulips have become

one of my favorite Spring flowers this year?



I am on my third dozen of these tulips and I plan to buy more soon!

Hopefully they are still at Trader Joe’s!



Using this blue and white tray as a little vanity tray

that is on the nightstandnext to the flower arrangement.

P.S. I miss my plantation shutters!



Another addition to the Master Bedroom is this beautiful table skirt.

It is the table skirt that I purchased from Amy of Maison Decor.

If you haven’t read about the adventures

of Mary Alice’s and my Road Trip you can see it here: Road Trip Adventures



Amy made this beautiful table skirt

of an elegant brocade cream colored fabric with

a classic, elegant design and pretty fringed trim.



The reverse side is a casual print of a pretty cream and tan plaid.

So very versatile, as you can have that formal elegant look or turn it over

and have a fun casual cottage look. Win .. win!



I did not have a round table large enough or perfectly round.

I used my pie crust table until I can obtain one that will fit the table skirt.

Did you know that Amy used to make custom draperies for a living?

Yes, you can add that to her many, many talents!!



I changed out the pillows with what I had in my stash.

All of the linens and pillows on the bed and chairs are from Pottery Barn.




The only thing that is fairly new

is the Belgian Flax Linen Floral Stitch quilt and shams.

At the foot of the bed is the Pottery Barn White Tencel quilt…

it is so very soft!!



The blue and white jars remain on the dresser

along with the blue and white bird motif vases (Maitland Smith)

that were previously on the mantel in the Great Room.




Little changes such as changing out pillows, adding a fresh floral arrangement,

and the big impact of just adding a skirted table can beautifully refresh a room.



Hope you enjoyed my Master Bedroom Refresh today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On another note: the foundation of the new house has been completed.

The bad news is that the county is very far behind in inspections.

It used to be 4 days from request of inspection turn around,

but now it is 10 days!!!

This county needs more inspectors!



(A view from the back of the lot to the front ~ ~ this area is the sunroom

Yes, we turned the screened porch into a sunroom!)


Due to the length of time in waiting for inspections,

we are making all of our decisions/orders way ahead of time,

so when it comes to each phase of the house, we will be ready.

Trying to stay positive!

I wish you all a most beautiful day and


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  1. Shirley, your room looks beautiful! Those tulips, aren’t they so glorious? I love how they do, totally, look like peonies when they open,so fluffy. All your blue and white makes your bedroom look fresh, and cool and elegant. I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing, Happy Mother’s Day friend, xo Lidy

  2. Beautiful room in blue and white and I’m going to check out those tulips at Trader Joe’s. Love the table cover from Amy and two sides is such a great idea to double the goodness.

  3. Your room looks beautiful. I am in love with the double peony tulips, and hope to find some. Glad to see the foundation!!!! It is a long process for sure, but hang in there. The wait will be SO worth it!!! Your new home is going to be fabulous! Have a HAPPY Mother’s day!!!!

  4. Shirley, your blog is my favorite of all that I follow! I just love your decorating and the blue and white pieces are my favorites! I’m almost as excited about your new house as you are. The fun of decorating a clean slate. Can’t wait to see all of it and thanks for posting picture updates.

  5. At first I thought those tulips were peonies. I will have to try to get to Trader Joe’s soon to get some. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  6. Shirley, I too love the double peony tulips that I found at Trader Joe’s. Mine weren’t as pretty as yours, however. I have always loved a skirted table, it softens a room. Your refresh is perfect in all its detail. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!

    • Thank you Pam!…I see skirted tables are making a comeback!!! They have always been a classic! Happy Mother’s Day and I am sure it will be a very special one this year!

  7. Very pretty, Shirley! Love the bedding and that skirted table. I gave away a little table intended for that very purpose. Your new house is coming along! One thing’s for sure, if you put in your mind some variation of it will take at least 1.5X longer and 2X more $, you shouldn’t have too many disappointments. 😉
    I had a big disappointment with remaining furniture in the house yesterday, and am onto my Plan B for its next life. Fingers crossed I’ll be finished in two weeks!

  8. So gorgeous as always Shirley. Elegant and beautiful and serene. How exciting to see the house finally coming along.
    Keep us posted as you continue this journey. This is going to be so beautiful when it is all done.

  9. I am loving these peony tulips you have been showing. Boy do I miss being able to jump in a car and drive. Not being able to drive takes all the purchasing of these items difficult.

    Worst part about building a house is the waiting. Depending on inspections, weather5 and during the summer workers going on vacation.

    Amy has so many talents.

    Happy Mother’s day


  10. Your bedroom refresh is beautiful and so is your arrangement! Oh to have a Trader Joe’s! It is so exciting to see that the foundation is complete. Good luck with all your decisions and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  11. Shirley,
    Thanks for the master bedroom update. It only took a few little things to change up the room. It’s so pretty with the blue and yellow. It’s so hard to beat the color Blue. It’s so soothing to me. I’ve got to ask about the peony tulips; they look real like from YOUR YARD real but are they faux? The arrangement is beautiful; have you been a florist or do you just have the knack to arrange flowers? It’s such a beautiful bedroom. I love the foundation so far; it’s look like it’s gonna be a pretty big house. I just joined your site the other day so i don’t know if you had discussed your new home in the past. Thanks again for sharing your great ideas and have a great Mother’s Day!!!
    your new blog friend,

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Your lovely floral arrangements add yet another layer of charm to your beautifully decorated bedroom! We’ve built several homes, so I feel your pain–luckily, it’s all worth it in the end. I hope you enjoy a fabulous Mother’s Day, Shirley. Hugs!

  13. I love your bedroom refresh Shirley…and I know how difficult it is working with contractors, etc. You are so right, things can change in a heartbeat and one has to go on to plan B. I think the inspectors here in the Cape are the worst…especially with new businesses. We have a Lucky’s Super Market that should have been up and running that hasn’t even broke ground yet because of all the permit issues. ;( We have been declared the permit capital of Florida…and with more permits, comes more inspections…..and unfortunately, many businesses have moved on to cities that are more permit friendly. I love yellow flowers and particularly yellow roses. Yours are beautiful.

  14. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your bedroom looks lovely. I did know that Amy made curtains for a living once! She actually helped me via emails learn how to make a pinch pleat curtain for my master bath in a previous home. You can see them here:

  15. Such pretty flowers for your bedside table! So exciting about your house. Getting to a finished foundation is the longest part. Framing goes up fast, though!

  16. Nancy Brantley says

    Love those Tuplips and how you have them draping! Excited to see foundation…keep the pictures coming! I want to see front. Lol Happy Mother’s Day

  17. So beautiful! Enjoy your lovely space and Happy Mother’s Day!! xoxox

  18. Those double peony tulips take my breath away Shirley! I so wish I had a TJ’s nearby. I know it must be so frustrating with your building delays. I love all the little touches in your bedroom. Your skirt from Amy is beautiful and I love that it is double sided, how versatile. ♥

  19. Happy Mothers Day!
    Your room is lovely.

  20. Those double peony tulips are so gorgeous! I love the blue and yellow, so fresh feeling! Good luck with all your decisions, my daughter is building right now, and it seems like everyday there is a change, I guess you just have to roll with it and stay positive as you said…Happy Mother’s Day Shirley!

  21. Rebecca m says

    We’ve built two new houses and it can be very stressful. Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. Well those florals are fantastic. I love the double peony type tulips- hope you can find more! How frustrating that it takes so long for a building inspection. I guess there must be a lot of new construction going on!

  23. Thanks for sharing your designs and ideas, they are always brilliant! I love the floral arrangement this time, especially the yellow roses, they look so classical and colourful, they pop out perfectly. The blue vases and the rest of the elements were also marvelous, the combination between blue and white has always been classical and the contrast makes every place look cosy and elegant at the same time.

  24. Looks so beautiful Shirley! I just love your flower arrangements. The sunroom is a great idea – more versatile than a screened porch – yay!! Keep on sharing your house progress 🙂

  25. Wow! just wonderful. I couldn’t think that blue and white could increase the beauty of the master bedroom. Thank you for sharing a really wonderful article.

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