Antique Bamboo Tables Added to the Dining Room

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

We traveled to Florida to attend my Great Niece’s graduation and the added bonus

of visiting with my mom and my siblings and their families.

On my way down we stopped off I-95 to meet up with our dear friends to have

lunch and to pick up some great pillows

that my friend JoAnn had picked up for me.

You shall see those pillows at a later date.

When there is time,

I always try and stop at one of my favorite shops on the way home.

The Plantation Shop, on Amelia Island, Florida.

I always find some treasures there

and this time was no exception. My purchase led to:

Antique Bamboo Tables Added to the Dining Room


I actually saw two Bamboo tables on my last visit there and passed them up.

Of course it haunted me.



I was actually drawn to a three-tiered one; however, it was sold.

So I was happy that this one was still there!

When I decided to place it in the dining room

next to my sweet little bamboo and cane chair,

I thought about how I wanted to create my vignettes.

I immediately thought of my mini-bamboo table.



Since these tables are approximately over 100 years old,

the material on the top of the larger table has been replaced as over the years

the woven tiny reed like material  tends to break and disintegrate.

My mini bamboo table has its original top.

You can see the wear from these photos.

I found this sweet little bamboo table

at an antique shop several years ago while antiquing

with my friend Mary Alice.  

It was hiding in a corner with a $25.00 price tag….score!



Since the tables are English, I thought it appropriate to place

the sweet chintz pitcher (Grimwades Royal Winton Ivory England)

that I obtained from

Amy’s (Maison Decor) estate sale.

I later found out that it belonged to Amy’s dearly departed neighbor, Evelyn.



I placed the red transferware mini tureen by Mason  on the bottom shelf.

Another “English” piece used to style the table.



The vintage European books, with the exception

of the French books on the small bamboo table,

were all purchased from The Plantation Shop this past November.

When I went back to the shop this past weekend, the books were all sold.  

Oh darn!  I was hoping to buy more.

There were last least 100 of them!

You can see the book display in that amazing

English antique cupboard that I took a photo of this past November:



I plan to use this table in my future sunroom; however, you just never know

where it may land. It is such a versatile table to place in any room.




Whenever we are in the area of that shop,

I ask my hubby if he minds taking a little

side trip. He knows just what I mean…

and also he knows that there is a good chance

that there may be a strong possibility

of me finding a treasure to bring home.

He’s a trooper!


Hope you enjoyed my Bamboo Styled Corner of the dining room.

I really think my little bamboo table needed company … don’t you?

I wish you a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. I love your new find and bamboo table addition…the perfect partner for your sweet mini table! I know it will land in just the right spot in your new home. Your new-to-you Chintz pitcher is a beauty too! Glad your Memorial Day travels were a success. It’s always fun to mix road-trips to visit family with shopping. 😉

  2. Susan Smith says

    Love your sweet little table! It goes so perfectly with your newly acquired table.

  3. Glad you were able to get one of those tables. They are so expensive around here. You need to come to
    Atlanta and go to Scott’s where you can get old books for five dollars!

  4. Love the bamboo, what a great addition.

  5. burnt bamboo AND chintz china? be still my heart! Amelia Island is beautiful…but certainly not a stop along 95, your husband IS a trooper. I’m curious if you are planning in some easily accessible storage situation in your new home for all your pretties that will serve as a “Shirley Store”

  6. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I wish I would have known about that shop the beginning of this month when we were on Amelia Island!! Love your bamboo tables.

  7. Love this vignette Shirley. Beautiful additions


  8. Whenever I see one of your emails in my inbox I know I’m in for a treat! You never disappoint.
    Thanks, Shirley!

  9. Ron Carrier says

    The Plantation Shop is one of my favorite shops too! We travel there every other year and love finding “treats” there.
    I love the bamboo table. It is such a classic look. I have purchased many books from there too!

  10. I love your new “souvenir”…it is just right for your home. The table you bought is beautiful, and is so versatile. I am so glad that you are enjoying making things pretty while you are waiting for your forever home to be built. Hope you are having a beautiful week, friend. xo Lidy

  11. Love you new treasure and how you have styled it. I have a similar tiny bamboo table that sits next to my reading chair in our bedroom.

  12. I love your new bamboo table and LOVE the mini table! I don’t actually remember seeing it! I love how you styled them too. I sure wish my Joe would take little side trips when we are traveling, he is a “can’t wait to get there or get home” guy, sadly for me. Your hubby is a gem! Glad you had such a nice get away. We actually did NOTHING all weekend, a real first for us. I was bored to tear):)

  13. Shirley, when I saw the IG photo I just knew it would be the bamboo table. It looks so lovely with your smaller one and I love the English pieces you used to style your vignette. Wishing you a beautiful afternoon!

  14. Wow what a great find and it goes so well with your mini version! Love the vignette you created!

  15. So happy we were able to connect for lunch on your way Florida! Your bamboo tables look great together and I love your chintz pitcher! I need to make a visit to the Plantation shop.

  16. Those are so awesome Shirley. They look in beautiful condition too. I love the sweet flowers and chintz pitcher.
    Happy Wednesday.

  17. Wow! It really pops out! You have such beautiful taste in furniture and I love your style. I’m really inspired by this. Thank you!

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