Blue and White and Boxwood

Last week we traveled to Florida to attend our Class Reunion.

On the way down we stopped at one of our fav restaurants on our route,  

to have lunch.

A bonus of this restaurant/inn is that it has a beautiful gift shop too!

So usually after I order my meal, I head to the gift shop!

It was there that I found a beautiful lamp that I could not leave behind.

I am not sure what spoke to me first . . . the design with birds

or the pretty finial. I just wish they had a pair.

When we returned from Florida and I set up the lamp in the Great Room,

of course it lead to the ripple or domino effect,

which truthfully, I enjoy!

The domino effect also led to creating new vignettes of:



Blue and White lamps were shuffled all around.

While I was at it, I created a new vignette for the coffee table.

I really wanted to bring out some shells and vintage fishing floats;

however, I was not in the mood to spend a lot of time in the “storage abyss” 

so I used what I had in the house.



This vignette on the coffee table started my theme of

Blue and White and Boxwood.




On the other side of the room,  

a lamp that was in the sunroom was the perfect height

for the vintage Venetian stacking tables.

A boxwood topiary added to the vignette,

along with a new book, Living Floral by Margot Shaw,

a wonderfully scented candle

(Cedar Leaf and Lavender by Nest) and my enamelware bird.




Did you spy another boxwood topiary in the sunroom?



A preserved boxwood topiary

sits in my antique blue and white transferware commode.



On the other side of the sunroom,

is the lamp that was previously in the Great Room

that was replaced by the new lamp.



The lattice and bird basket is filled with gardenias

from the yard of the Berry Patch House.

There is a very large hedge of them and the fragrance is wonderful.



All of the preserved boxwood topiaries

were purchased over time from HomeGoods.

I am always stalking the aisle of florals to find these beauties.

I mentioned that my hubby and I traveled to Florida for our Class Reunion.

Here we are:



Now we are in full on “House Building Mode”  

needing to make more decisions

before they start to frame the house, like the front door.

We selected this one:

It is an unusually cool day as I write this post,

with lots of clouds and periods of rain.

Rain is good, but now it is time for me to wish

for not so much rain so we can go forward

with the next phase of the building process!

I hope to present an updated photo of the house soon.

In the meantime, join me and my wonderful

Monday Morning Blooms friends

for great floral inspiration this coming Monday! See you then!



Have a most beautiful day and to those celebrating Father’s Day . . .

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Susan Smith says

    Such a cute couple!

  2. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Thanks for shsring!
    Looking forward to the updates on your new build!
    Now tell us about your hair cut, daily maintenance of hsir, do you do your own hair?
    Put it out there for me! Yes, a lady can “tell all”.

    • I thank my mom for my “hair genes” I love my hairdresser in that she does what is best for my hair and length…She is not one to want to chop it all off because I am of a “certain age” I use Aveda products and cannot live without my Titanium flat iron. Thank you!

  3. Lots of pretty blue and white along with the topiaries. It’s hard for me to walk away from a pretty lamp, too. Love the chosen door!

    • Thanks Kim…it was a harder decision on the door as of course it was more money, but in the end the front door is such an important part of the house.

  4. Very pretty lamp choice! Lovely vignettes with your different lamps and topiaries. You two are too cute! Hard to believe you could be 50 years out from high school! That door set is wonderful can’t wait to see the house framed in!

  5. Can’t wait to see the updates on the building of your new place.

    Wonderful picture of you and your husband.


  6. I love blue and white and it looks especially pretty with all the boxwood.
    I hope you enjoyed your reunion. We went back to Kentucky for our 50th High School reunion5 years ago. (Did I just say that out loud?) It was so much fun and we continue to keep in touch with many of them now.
    Here’s wishing lots of sun-shiny days for your house-building.

  7. Great photo of your and your hubby, you both look terrific! Your Berry Patch looks so inviting. So many would simply choose to just stay in limbo while in transition, yet you pull out all the stops. The front doors are beautiful, a sign of what’s to come, I’m certain.

  8. Rebecce turner says

    What a wonderful picture of the two of you, together, Shirley! Thanks for sharing!

    I love your choice of beautiful double-doors, which indicate a certain scale and presence of your new house.

    I have to say that I wouldn’t have been able to leave the lamp behind either. Love that finial! It’s a beautiful detail!

    I’ve always loved blue & white together, but I went a little different direction myself, with mostly white accents, and some Turquoise blue. (Not Tiffany-turquoise but Kingman turquoise, closer to Wedgwood blue.) However, my parents just moved in with me, and I am incorporating some of my mother’s blue & white. It all looks great together!

    I was so happy to hear that you’d decided to go with a sunroom in your new house, instead of a screened porch—because that meant more decorating eye-candy-fun for the rest of us! I hope you are considering a blue & white sunroom in your new house. My sister-in-law had one in her previous home and it was drool worthy! Nothing is so cheerful as blue & white in a sunroom! Then again, green is a lush choice too, Shirley. Ha! Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you do!

  9. All your blue and white pieces are so gorgeous Shirley, I think it’s wonderful that you can still play and enjoy while you are in the process of building! Great pic of you and your husband, wow, class reunion, I bet that was fun!

  10. first of all, you two look so adorable. LOVE your hair, Shirley!!! Your lamps and topiaries are wonderful along with the white accents. I’m going to have to get in gear and start stalking Home Goods. The doors will be perfect; can’t wait to see more of your design plans!

  11. Beautiful lamp Shirley and I would do the impulse buy too! I have followed you for quite some time and as I have commented before, I marvel at how you keep on decorating and making your rental even more beautiful as you wait for your lovely home to be built. I would most likely take the lazy person’s way out (I hope not) and leave most things in boxes…however, life is so short and one never knows what will happen from day to day and life is for the living not waiting. So kudos to you.
    Your choice of doors is magnificent and stately and I can’t wait to see everything all put together for your new home. I also have built homes and know the delays weather can bring….as well as many other delays, which makes waiting almost impossible.. When is your “expect to move in” date?

  12. First of all you 2 HAD to be voted the cutest couple!!!! Second, what is the restaurant with the gift shop? I may want to try it out!!!! I love the new lamp, but you would know that!!! Also love the topiaries. I have been placing boxwood balls in blue and white vessels this Spring. Love the look too. Have a beautiful day and I HOPE your weather gets better for the build!!!! I am so anxious to see it!!!! I KNOW it is going to be just gorgeous. I wish we could have built custom. Oh well, I like my house, mostly and love living here. Do miss the privacy we had though.

    • Thank you Pinky!….there is a restaurant/small inn in Santee, SC named Clark’s Restaurant…we sometimes stop there for lunch if the timing is has a cute gift shop!

  13. Shirley, what a beautiful combination, the blue and white with boxwood. I love that, classic and refreshing. You have such a lovely way of combining your decor accents in new creative and gorgeous ways. And…DOOR! What a gorgeous one, I can only imagine what an entrance your new home will have. Everything you do is beautiful and inspiring, so I can only imagine how stunning your forever home will be.

  14. Shirley, I am such a fan of blue and white! I love the new lamp and I can smell the gardenias, mine have finished blooming. Have I mentioned how much I adore the Venetian stacking tables? Your vignettes are always styled with elegance! I love the photo of you and Tom…beautiful couple! The door is a gorgeous statement, I know you are excited!

  15. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I love all of your blue and white and topiary! Love the front door you chose too. I remember when we were building our house we had a lot of rain delays.

  16. What a great photo of you and your hubby Shirley! Thank heaven for a little shopping spree to break up road trips…love your new lamp along with your other blue & white and boxwood pieces. Your door is a beauty! Enjoy these cooler mornings and see you Monday. ♥

  17. Very Good.

  18. Thanks very much for sharing these images. Planning on redecorating my living room
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