One Thing Leads to Another and a House Update

Hello Dear Readers!

Today I have a bit of “this and that.”

I have truly been trying to scale down some things around the house,

in that,  if I start to pack some things away . . .

maybe that means we are closer

to getting into the house. Wishful thinking.

When I combined three orchids together

(that were originally in their own containers)

into one container, it started that domino effect.

One Thing Leads to Another and a House Update


One morning I went into the sunroom to open the shades I  realized that

the orchids were taking up a lot of room on my tea cart as there were three orchids

in three separate ironstone tureens. So I decided that they needed to be combined.

I placed all three of the orchids in a blue and white planter

and placed it on the dining room table.

That led to more “re-styled” surfaces.

Where did the three ironstone tureens go?




I have ironstone on the “borrowed bookcases” from my hubby’s office 

on each side of the fireplace. There were no built-ins there.

White items look great against a dark background.



I was going to truly pack the tureens away,

but I remembered how my friend Mary Alice

takes some of her ironstone tureens  and stacks them.  So I did just that.

Here is the other side of the fireplace with ironstone

and other white ceramic accessories.



Remember this little alcove that leads to the Master Bedroom?

I had at least eight pieces of blue and white on and under the table.

I distributed 5 pieces to other areas to give it a lighter look for summer.

I did add my Pricket Sticks that I acquired from

Amy of Maison Decor to the table

and applied moss covered balls to the top.




Where did some of the blue and white pieces go?

Here on the coffee table:



Yesterday, I took my poor, not so feeling very well, hubby to the Dr.’s office.

(BTW . . he is OK . . a virus buggy thing he picked up)

He should be his usual happy self in a few days.

While he was at the Dr’s office,

I decided to go down the road to Trader Joe’s.

They still had Peonies, so how can I resist?

The cashier said that he will get me a box

to place the flowers and such in.  He returned and  said,  

“I got the perfect one for you!”

And it was! The employees of Trader Joe’s are always happy!



I took the Peonies and the pretty dark pink Calla Lilies and arranged them

in my blue and white vase. It is always filled with flowers.

Now I shall patiently wait for the Peonies to fully bloom.



Now on to the house update:

On our way back from the Dr.’s office,

I drove by the lot and guess what?!!!

They have started framing!



They were at the beginning stages

and I cannot wait to go back and see more progress.

The front porch will be 12 foot wide by 8 foot deep.



Hopefully I will soon see some upright boards resembling walls!

It’s those little things that make me happy!  🙂

Speaking of happy  . . . I wish you happy and a most beautiful day!

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  1. Shirley,
    You are so right, if you move one thing you spend the next hour rearranging….haha. It looks lovely. The peony’s are the best.

  2. The foundation and brickwork is no small thing. How exciting! I always appreciate the new looks achieved by just changing things around!

  3. The colors of that flower arrangement is so pretty. I heard someone say if you put the peonies in warm water they will open quicker. Yay, the framing has begun!!

  4. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Beautiful flowers from TJ! Yeah on the progress of the house.

  5. It is exciting building a house. We lived in South Florida when we built this house in North Florida. I traveled back and forth not so much about the house but to visit my youngest grandchildren here.? one day I drove by and got so excited I called my husband and said “it’s a house. It looks like a house!” His reaction !??!? I think he thought I had really gone over the edge.ha! It is just exciting to see all your dreams and choices realized. So enjoy the process even though it is very tiring sometimes. It will be worth it.
    Hope your husband feels better soon and doesn’t share that with you.

    • Thank you Nancy! This is the 6th house that we are building (only 1 was an existing home) and I think the process of the framing going up is the most exciting as you know it’s full steam ahead. It took us so long to clear the lot, etc due to the huge boulders! Have a great day!! and yes, this is one thing I plan not to accept from the hubby! He can keep it to himself!

  6. I like the changes you’ve made! The ironstone does play off the bookcases nicely! How exciting to finally see framing on your home. My sister’s house is moving at a turtles pace due to rain and mud! Can’t wait to see more progress!

  7. Still loving the mirror you went back for it makes me happy. Making one is getting closer to the top to the to do list. I love your turerns stacked.

    Hope you see some vertical building soon. It’s so hard to wait which I know you have gone through before.

    Great to be back posting and doing what I enjoy again.


  8. Yay! You have house! Seems like it is taking a long time…has the weather been delaying things? The brick looks great….now you just need a few walls! Your peonies are absolutely lovely! Enjoy your day! 😉

  9. Shirley, your refresh is so pretty! The peonies and callas are absolutely stunning in the blue and white. I am excited that your house is moving along, I know you are. Please tell Tom I hope he feels better soon. Happy Thursday!

  10. So exciting!! Oh, I can’t wait to see it all, friend. Your refresh is beautiful, but then everything you do is. You could totally have a business styling client’s homes!! Please tell Tommy we hope he feels better soon. Happy Thursday! xo

  11. Bobbi Duncan says

    Shirley, I love how you change things up, and you can never go wrong with blue and white containers. I know what you mean about getting excited with each new phase of seeing your home-building dreams unfold–enjoy every minute! Hugs!

  12. Nancy Brantley says

    You always do a great job at changing things around. Love the ironstone against dark…very striking. Glad you are seeing some lumber on your new house. Should go fast. Speaking of new house and your favorite consignment store….I’m thinking about consigning stuff with them. Are you interested in French furniture? If so let me know. Hope hubby feels better soon.

  13. This sounds so familiar. And fun! Enjoy. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the progress on your new home.

  14. Rebecca Turner says

    Shirley, I’m so happy for you! But I know I’m going to be a little envious too, because you’re getting two things that I want—a porch and a sunroom. But at least I have two patios. Maybe one of these days I can talk my husband into enclosing one for a porch/greenhouse? .My parents recently moved in with us and my mom has a green thumb so we usually have flowers in our large kitchen window. Like you, we buy fresh flowers to display in the living room, and like you, I’m always freshening things and moving accessories around. But I don’t move the furniture. There’s usually one perfect arrangement. You’re going to have so much fun moving into your new house and I can’t wait for the virtual experience!

  15. Elaine sharrard says

    you have given me a great influence to downsize some of my things. We moved 7 months ago to downsize and I have had given up on ideas. You have made my day. Love all that you have shown great ideas.
    Can’t wait to see your finished house.

  16. Pretty peonies and refresh Shirley! I so wish I had a TJ’s nearby. Exciting to see progress on your home. I know you’re beyond anxious. Hope your hubby feels better soon. ♥

  17. You’re site must be lovely. Those trees behind the house make are beautiful!

  18. I’m so excited for you seeing that the walls will soon be going up. I know we all are looking forward to follow the progress! Beautiful flowers; Trader Joe’s is on my city “wish list”! Have a wonderful week. I hope your hubby is feeling better by now.

  19. Hope Tom is better by now. We got home from OBX on Sunday evening. Now my Joe is not feeling well:( Love the new arrangements! The peonies and callas are gorgeous together!!!! Love the colors. Our TJ’s is 45 mins. away so I don’t get there often, sadly. SO happy to see progress on the house!!! It is SO hard waiting! XO

  20. Thanks for another great share! The foundation and brickwork is no small thing. How exciting! I always appreciate the new looks achieved by just changing things around!
    Homeia’s recent post…10 Most Important Tips to Prepare Your Commercial Real Estate for SaleMy Profile

  21. I’m very excited to see your home. I love the new designs that have been generated by changing things inside. Thank you for sharing.

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