Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits

Hello Dear Readers!

I am back from a 9 Day whirlwind vacation.

We covered lots of sights and states and had a fabulous time.

When we returned,  the house had really come along.

Our builder is in full steam ahead mode….

so today it’s a Hickory Cottage Update Part 2 and Vacation Tidbits.

But first let’s start off with a few vacation photos.

I will have more pretty photos to present at a later time.


I love this photo of the smaller falls at Niagra Falls taken with my iPhone.

Niagra Falls was actually our second stop of the trip.

We have been there before; however, our friends had not and it was great

spending the 4th of July there.



Of course when you are in Niagra Falls

you have to ride on the Maid of the Mist

and get totally wet even with the rain gear on!



Niagra Falls on the 4th of July

was a bit crowded;

however, ending  the day with fireworks over the Falls was spectacular!



On our way from Niagra Falls to Lancaster, Pennsylvania,

we made a stop in South Williamsport, PA to see…  what else . . . but

the Little League Baseball World Series complex!

My hubby and our friend(s)

who were traveling with us were like 2 boys

going back in time holding their baseball gloves

and then dreaming of someday

making it to this field/stadium: Howard J. Lamade.

What beautiful surroundings!

They never made it as kids, but it was a thrill to see these fields. 

The staff was getting ready

for this year’s 2019 Little League World Series.


My hubby loved this planter!

We inquired about it and were told that it was custom made.

So he said to me, I know “we” can make this! O.K. Honey . . . 🙂

More vacay photos to come but for now, here is

Hickory Cottage Part 2



While we were away, the house got a roof and dormers!

I placed my sign that I purchased at a very cute shop

in Intercourse, PA for a photo op.

That shop sold decorative plaques and plaque holders.  

80% of the artwork was done by the owner/artist

and the other 20% were from photographs

taken by her photographer daughter.

My plaque was from a photograph.

The owner/artist wrote Hickory Cottage on the sign. 🙂

(Her items are on-line if you are interested:


When we went to the house the next day

and they were putting in the windows.



When we returned  later that afternoon. . . it looked like this:



All but a few windows were installed, plus the front door!



The back of the house … sunroom with lots of windows.

There will be a cupola on the sunroom roof.



Another view of the back.



A look into the sunroom.

It does look like a vaulted ceiling; however, that is just the

roofline. We decided to  change the screened porch to a sunroom after the fact,

so the engineering of the roof

as we would have had for the screened porch remains the same.

Not to worry, the ceiling in the sunroom will be pretty.

My builder (Reese Construction) will see to that.



Here is one end of the sunroom where the door will be.



Here is the foyer as you stand in the dining room.

You can see the frame of the door and one half of the actual door.



A look into the Master Bedroom and the kitchen

will be on the other side of the wall.



We are looking at the fireplace in the Great Room

with the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms with

their private baths in the foreground.



Here’s a peek into my Sweetie’s room.

So what did I do when I was in Lancaster County, PA? . . .

other than showing our friends who have never been there, the sights?

Looking for a birdhouse and cupolas!

I found a cupola that I loved  and ordered it when we got home.

Actually ordered two.



And this spire to go on the top of it:



I found a  birdhouse and will present it a later date  

as it is still in the packing material.

It’s a beauty!

I hope you are having a great week.

I chose the bathroom fixtures yesterday

and going to the fireplace showroom on Friday.

I wish you all a most beautiful day and stay tuned this coming Monday

for Monday Morning Blooms!



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  1. Betsy Crittenden says

    Wow, Shirley, it’s really coming along! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Oh Shirley things are really moving forward. I love all the windows and your front door is going to be a beauty. Your cupola is amazing love the sphere.

    Love the name Hickory Cottage. I wanted to name our home but haven’t come up with a good name. Not as clever as you.


  3. Oh, I love how the house is looking. That front door is fabulous. You better keep your window cleaner on retainer. 🙂

  4. How fun to go to Niagara Falls! It’s been years since we’ve been there. Your house is coming along so nicely! Love the front door and seeing the windows. That back view with the sunroom is fabulous. That is a great room and I know you’ll spend a lot of time in it! Love the dormer windows and the cupola!
    Liz’s recent post…Perennials and Some Annuals!My Profile

  5. How nice that the house is coming along so well. Glad you had a lovely vacation too.

  6. Oh the house is going to be fabulous!!!! I am SOOOOO sorry I didn’t get to see you when you were in Lancaster!!!! I would have driven up for sure! I also was in Intercourse last week, I could have run into you!!!! I love The Candle Barn shop there. I’ll have to check out the sign shop, I would love a sign for out fr! Can’t believe I never saw the shop!!! r front door will be beautiful. You are so fortunate that you are able TOTALLY customize your new home.
    WE were in Niagra ls when I was a child. I have an amazing story about that tripthe next time I see you.
    Have a beautiful day, Shirley. Try to stay c. Oh and when I saw Tom with that planter I thought to myself, he is gonna want one of them for sure:):)
    XO, Pinky

  7. Sherry Myers says

    You have to be so excited. I have been excited for you, and getting to admire the recent pictures brings the feeling to another height. Hickory Cottage is going to be lovely; I can already tell. My husband and I have had the privilege of watching our three homes built. It is so exciting to see your plans go from dream to reality. Just like you and your husband packed more treasures into your memory box while on vacation, you will keep filling it with more as the house progresses and becomes a memory making beautiful home. Thank you for sharing such a happy time in your life, Shirley. It brings a lot of joy to those who follow your adventures and creativity.

  8. Going to be an awesome home! Can’t wait to see all the touches you will be putting on this lovely home. I just know it is going to be spectacular!

  9. I’m so excited and happy for you! After all these months things are really gaining momentum. It’s a beautiful place. love love love the sunroom!

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    Even at this stage, I am head-over-heels in love with your house! The arched front door will be such a beautiful tease as to what lies beyond. Your vaca sounds wonderful–I have never been to Niagara Falls. Of course, you know I live close to Lancaster County; Intercourse is just 45 minutes away. We go to The Kitchen Kettle several times each year–such a cute little enclave of shops. Pretty please tell me where you found your cupola as we will be having one custom-made for our retirement cottage, too, and yours looks very well-made. Can’t wait to see more photos of your home and vacation. Hugs!

  11. I remeber how exciting it was while our home was being built. We would visit every weekend to see the progress. We took a very good look around once the framing was in and found a couple of mistakes which were quicly corrected. We also took loads of pictures of the plumbing and electrical wiring before the drywall was done so we could tell later on where there were pipes and wires or not. Those pictures came in handy when we wanted to upgrade the kitchen lighting later on.

    • Good tips Chris….we are using the same builder that built our last home…so easy to work with. We go to the house (when we are in town) every day as we are renting a home about 1/2 mile away…so convenient. Happy Weekend!
      Shirley’s recent post…Blue and White and BoxwoodMy Profile

  12. YAY! It’s really starting to look like a home, Shirley!! I can’t wait to see it finished…I know it will be beautiful. xo Lidy

  13. Years ago our youngest son came home for Spring break with several classmates. One boy was from south Louisiana. He was amazed by the size of the Florida bayou behind our house. Louisiana bayous are not that large. He finally said it is called a bayou because it is by you house. Since then we have been ByU House.

  14. How exciting to see all the progress on your home Shirley! Love those handsome front doors and cupola! Happy Weekend. ♥

  15. What incredible progress on your home, Shirley! Your builder is in high gear. Love the front doors and all the windows. So happy you were able to take a vacation.

  16. Shirley, your trip looks like lots of fun! The house is progressing really fast now, love the cupola and spire. Exciting things are happening at Hickory Cottage!

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