Hickory Cottage Update Part 4 and an Estate Sale Find

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you had a most wonderful week and weekend.

Mine has been very busy with the house

and a tournament thrown in last week too.

I did manage to get to a most amazing estate sale

this past Saturday.

Today we have the Hickory Cottage Update Part 4

and an estate sale find.


This is what you see when you drive up to Hickory Cottage.

We are at the very end of a cul-de-sac street

which is quite different from our former home

that was on a main street, but quiet street,

but traffic flow nonetheless. I do miss my sidewalk though.



The garage floor was poured along with the porch floor.



The Master Bathroom shower was started

along with the guest room and my Sweetie’s bathtub/shower.



Both fireplace boxes were installed.

This one is the Great Room fireplace.



We had a downpour the day

 we were  meeting with our builder

and the electrician to determine where all the outlets

and cable boxes and lighting will go.

That took almost 4 hours to complete.

Above is the view from the foyer.

The doors were taken off to prevent damage from water.

The A/C and Heat installation is well underway.



Now let’s talk estate sale.

This estate sale was phenomenal.

A home of a designer who decorated for the State Department.

She and her hubby traveled the world

thus obtaining many treasures of antiques and art.

I was after those Pricket Sticks above.



And I was hoping to get the  antique Paris street maps

and that amazing wood finial. (There was a pair of them)



This cutie was right by the door and I so wanted it;

however, someone who did not follow the rules, snagged the tag

before they were allowed to. You always come across someone in

every sale who don’t play by the rules.



The sale was so popular with many antique and art dealers

that I heard while in line that one came the night before

and camped out and others were in line at 5 a.m.

So therefore I did not get what I set out for as I was a “late bird”

and got there at 6:30 a.m. and the sign in started at 7 a.m.

Arriving at 6:30 a.m. I was number 54th in line to enter the house.



There were many, many beautiful garden objects

and was lucky to snag this one.

It is very heavy and I lugged it to the car that was a block away!

I am in the process of trying to scrub away most of the red

that seemed to be painted on the urn. But love it!



I cannot wait to place this pretty urn on our new patio.

I hope to bring you some house “pretties” to see next time.

Something very wonderful will arrive at the end of this week

and I cannot wait! I will share that as soon as I can!!

In the meantime, I wish you all a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. That urn is gorgeous! Too bad you couldn’t find more goodies. People sure do get there early.
    That’s right keep us waiting!!

  2. Hello! I decided to pop in for a visit and see the progress on the new cottage. Love it! Love the urn too? But then again, I love everything that you & Kim do! Hope all is well.

  3. I hate it when folks don’t play by the rules! Or they push and shove to get to something. But I love your urn and the house is going to be fabulous!

  4. So sorry you couldn’t get the pricket sticks, they would be perfect for you!!! Love the urn and you will make it beautiful. Hickory Cottage is going to be fabulous! I am excited so you must be SO excited! It will be gorgeous in no time. Have a fabulous week!

  5. The house is coming along so nicely, Shirley. Beautiful urn! Yes, there are always those obnoxious goers to sales. I went to one this past Friday and one goer violated the parking (in a cul de sac, preventing others from turning around on a non-passable street). When the host came out to ask whose car it was and to move it, the lady would not fess up, but when identified by another, just handed her keys to one of the workers to move her car for her! Unbelievably rude, and she was an older woman.
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…July Garden MemoriesMy Profile

  6. Wow, the house is really sprouting up! The personalization you’re doing is starting to show and they don’t even have the doors in yet. I love it! I’m afraid to say that I don’t go to a lot of estate sales so I am not familiar with the rules unless they post them. I might have grabbed the tag if I was in line thinking first come first serve. Guess I am going to have to brush up. LOL
    Christine’s recent post…Lake County Indiana Master Garden Walk – House 5My Profile

    • Yes, even though the rules are fully explained at the beginning when the doors open, people who want something bad enough have no hesitation but to break them….my philosophy is that if I did not get something I was hoping to get, it was meant to be….thank you Christine.

  7. Nancy Brantley says

    Hickory Cottage is rising fast now it seems. I know exactly what you mean about rules at estate sales….that has happen to me! If I really want something I’m there early too! Love those Pricket Sticks!!

  8. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Love the urn. Sorry you didn’t get the things you were after. I quit going to estate sales, because it always seems the first 10 in the door get the best items and I was never the first 10 lol.

  9. The Hickory Cottage is progressing and the surrounding views are so pretty! Love your urn from the estate sell!

  10. Love the beautiful urn you snagged and it looked like an amazing estate sale. I have been to many estate sales and more than often everyone seems like they are interested in the same thing I am after!

    I think you will enjoy living on a cul de sac which is generally less traffic and noise. The one negative we have on being on a cul de sac is when there are kids in the neighborhood they all want to ride bikes, play ball or put basketball hoops in the cul de sac. With the exception of one household, our cul de sac is only empty-nesters now but it wasn’t always that way and we had to be extra careful about children playing in the street darting out or leaving their bikes, balls and skateboards lying near driveways, etc. which they were famous for doing.

  11. Wow Shirley, your house is beautiful. The estate sale had some wonderful finds. Sorry someone didn’t abide by the rules. There is always one in every crowd. This is so exciting. Can’t wait to see it all finished. I hope you share at “Love Your Creativity.”

  12. Sherry myers says

    Shirley, I am in awe each time I see the progress on Hickory Cottage. Your estate find will look beautiful with your creative touch. I will look forward to seeing your new patio. It will be lovely! Have a wonderful week.

  13. Love the urn. I’m not a fan of people who don’t play by the rules.

    The house is coming together.


  14. I love your “find.”

  15. Wow, the house is really coming along!!! What a great urn you found too….so pretty! I can’t believe how early people arrive to estate sales to wait in line. SO crazy!!!!

  16. Shirley, the urn is fabulous! Hickory Cottage is coming along nicely, things are shaping up.

  17. Oh my gosh Shirley how fun to see your new home coming along. Hickory Cottage is looking so great. Love all your estate finds too. Happy New Week.

  18. Hickory Cottage looks perfect on the lot! This is the tedious part waiting for electrical (and plumbing) tto go in but boy it should go quickly after that! The urn you found at the estate sale is fabulous! Wow I can’t believe how early some were there for it!

  19. Your new beautiful home will be a showcase in itself. I am sure your furnishings will be so wonderful. I am anxious to see it finished. And I am sure you will be too.

  20. Sorry you didn’t get the Italian Prickets, but the urn is a beautiful consolation prize, no? It will look marvelous in the new home, I can’t wait to see it displayed with your new home. xo Lidy

  21. Your home is coming along nicely. And that urn is fabulous!

  22. If you use Simple Green that paint should come right off. Use full strength. Even better if you can soak it in something that the urn will fit into. I did that to a claw foot tub feet and I was amazed at how easy that paint melted away. Good luck and beautiful urn.

  23. Thanks for informative share about such project. Your estate find will look beautiful with your creative touch. I will look forward to seeing your new patio. It will be lovely! Have a wonderful week.
    Homeia’s recent post…Important Reasons Why Total Home Warranty is a Right ChoiceMy Profile

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