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  1. Shirley, I love that you created a box of memories for your Sweetie! What a treasure and beautiful vessel for flowers or other keepsakes when the flowers have faded. When I saw your image, I assumed you had picked up this box in your travels, but how wonderful that you created it with a collection of shells your granddaughter saved from a beach trip.
    So wise for someone so young to see the beauty in the less than perfect. We should all embrace the wabi-sabi philosophy (how I feel about my shabby collection of transferware. 😉 Congrats to her for being accepted to the School of Arts. I know you must be bursting with pride. Thank you for sharing this philosophy and your beautiful blooms. ♥

  2. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I love your arrangement. Your sweety is going to love her shell box.

  3. Shirley, I am most impressed that you made your fabulous shell box…that took much time and patience! Your Sweetie now has a precious memory box that she will treasure forever. You wove such a lovely story throughout all of your beautiful photos…the arrangement is stunning! Congrats to your Sweetie for being accepted to the School of Arts. I wish her a most wonderful new year pursuing her passions. It is always a joy to join you for MMB with our friends. Happy Monday and enjoy the time with your Sweetie!

  4. Terri SantaColoma says

    You are so creative, Shirley

  5. Shirley, this is the prettiest arrangement I have seen in a long time! So beautiful with a variety of white flowers not to mention the stunning box you created! Fantastic. I bet your daughter will treasure such a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing with us. ?

  6. Shirley this brought a sentimental tear to my eye. Hearing a 6 year old realize imperfect is a gift and treasures hit my heart. Your sweetie is wise and it’s true things don’t have to be perfect. These shells are beautiful imperfection and all. I noticed the heart shaped right away


  7. Oh how sweet, such a precious box and the flowers are gorgeous.

  8. That is so beautiful and so is the story. Congrats on her acceptance into that new school. I’m sure she will do well! She will love and cherish that box that her grandmother created for her with her collected shells from years ago.

  9. a precious story, Shirley. The shell box is beautiful, such a wonderful keepsake for your little sweetie!
    Debra@CommonGround’s recent post…August Mantel and Hearth RoomMy Profile

  10. What a wonderful story as are the flowers in the lovely box.
    Great idea. Just like you I embraced the art of Wabi Sabi

  11. Nancy Brantley says

    Oh, what beautiful memories you have made for your Sweetie! For a little girl to love imperfection is a true Sweetie!! I just bet she got that from Nana….congrats on her new school!

  12. Linda Hovgaard says

    What a beautiful post and Wabi Sabi inspiration! I love the story, arrangement and imperfection! Thank you Shirley!

  13. This is such a beautiful story, Shirley. What a sweet and beautiful girl, and how proud you must be. I know she will treasure that pretty box and the special memories that go along with it. Your vignette and floral arrangement are stunning!

  14. Shirley, what a sweet story! I love that all these shells have the special memories associated with them for you and your sweetie. She is growing up so fast! She can put the box in her new bedroom at your forever home….your sweetie has the same heart as you, grandmama, kind, caring and loving. Two peas in a pod. As usual, it is a blessing to be part of our Monday Morning Blooms together. xo Lidy

  15. Shirley, I love the concept of wabi sabi, and your shell box / floral arrangement turned out beautifully. I’m so happy for your Sweetie to have been accepted into the School of Arts, and I really look forward to seeing her grow her passion. I feel certain she will treasure this little box for many years.
    I hope you soon find peace in your decision-making process and that it all comes together, leaving you with a continued peaceful living feeling.

  16. Such loveliness in a gorgeous box that you can call your own! Because you made it!

    I also loved the arrangement in the conch shell… and then you styled it so beautifully!

    But this post is also special because of your sweet story.

    Your sweetie sounds quite special… to love the broken shells as well…that’s very special!


  17. Bobbi Duncan says

    Beautiful arrangement and shell box that I know your sweetie will always cherish. Big congrats on her acceptance to the art school.

  18. Oh Shirley, you shell covered box is simply beautiful!! Imperfections are what make things special and keeps life interesting, yay for wabi-sabi! Stunning arrangement, your Little Sweetie is going to cherish it!

  19. Oh wow…you took a memory and made it tangible. It’s not only beautiful, it’s filled with memories and love. I’m sure she will treasure it always. What a Grandma! 😉

  20. Hi Shirley,
    All of you did a beautiful job with your flowers and sea shells. So pretty. Happy New Week.

  21. Shirley,
    Your floral bouquet is stunning! The story behind the shell box makes the arrangement even more beautiful. Congratulations to your daughter for her acceptance into the School of Arts. She must have inherited some of your artistic talents.

  22. How inspiring and elegant!I wish your sweet girl happiness at the new school.Best wishes!

  23. Shirley,
    What a beautiful creation with shells collected over the years and then filled with the most perfect flowers. You really have a gift in telling a story. Your granddaughter was wise beyond her years. Have you read the book “My Beautiful Broken Shell? If our world were only filled with perfect shells, we would miss some of life’s most important lessons along the way. Wabi-sabi! Thank your beautiful “Sweetie” and congratulations to her.

  24. The story behind your creation makes this even better! Thanks so much for sharing, and continue to create!
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