Embracing Beautiful Winter Blues

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and welcome to  Monday Morning Blooms!

Lidy, Mary and I are chasing away the Monday Morning Blues

and the Winter Blues of January by embracing beautiful

Winter Blues. Yes our common theme today

is January Blues.

Pam is unfortunately unable to join us today;

however, she will be back with us for the next one!

The links and beautiful images to Lidy’s

and Mary’s posts can be seen at the the end of this post.




I must say that my inspiration

for today’s Monday Morning Blooms

was the cover of the new issue of Flower Magazine.



The beautiful shades of pink caught my eye

and I thought  how lovely the pink flowers

would look with the blue and white and

give us a preview of happy Spring flowers to come!

I love Flower Magazine. It has wonderful floral

and home decor inspiration.



For today’s flowers, I chose:


Calla Lily


St. Joseph’s Lily

Stock Roses





I grabbed some of my favorite blue and white pieces

and decided to create a centerpiece for the

dining room table, using one of my staples,

of the large silver tray.



Last weekend I attended an estate sale

of friends who are  moving.

My intention was to stop in and say hello;

however, I did find some treasures

such as this wonderful Carolina tobacco jar!



Pink stock roses fill the egg cups

that I have had for many years

from the Bombay Company.




Lilies and alstroemerias fill the medium sized vase

of the trio while the tall vase holds 

blue hydrangeas.


I am truly like a kid in a candy store

when I am in the floral department of Trader Joe’s.



Pink calla lilies, pink tulips,

pink alstroemeria, and pink stock roses

fill this ginger jar.

It was pretty much all about the pink!



I use this beautiful trio of blue and white

that I purchased a couple of years ago

from my favorite consignment shop

Always Home in Durham, N.C.



It was fun gathering the various pieces

of blue and white to create this centerpiece.



I hope that the centerpiece of

Winter Blues helped you chase away

any of the not so pleasant  Winter Blues!

Now it is time to visit my wonderful

flower loving friends!!

The link to their posts are below their

beautiful images!


Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse

Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


And Me! Housepitality Designs


I wish you all a most beautiful day!!

On a personal note:

I am feeling well these days.
I start my radiation treatments
in a week. I want to thank you all
for your continued thoughts and
prayers. They mean so much to me!
The Hickory Cottage is coming along and I plan
to bring you an update this week!

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  1. Shirley, What a beautiful way to chase away the winter blues! The pink florals are stunning, as are your blue and white jars as vases. I always have ‘jar envy’ when you create a blue and white vignette, especially with those sweet egg cups. Oh to have a TJ’s that was close by. I keep hoping they’ll expand somewhere closer so it’s not an hour’s drive for a TJ’s flower fix. Thank you for the beauty this morning. I’m so happy that you are energetic enough to join us once again. ♥

  2. Beautiful vignette of flowers and blue and white. I have never even heard of that magazine. So glad you are feeling so much better!

  3. Good morning! I am not seeing any pictures! Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  4. Swoon Shirley, I adore your silver tray holding the beautiful blue and white pretties filled with flowers! The roses in the egg cups are wonderful {I used to love Bombay Co} I went a little flower crazy in TJs myself last week, so many fabulous flowers! You have definitely brightened my day, and it’s so nice to have you back sharing your gorgeous florals!

  5. Shirley, this is beautiful!! I just love the blue and white pieces you have and mixed with the fresh flowers..it just couldn’t be prettier. 🙂

  6. Love your vignette ? Think it’s a lovely idea to combine pink flowers with the blue & white on the silver tray.

  7. This is just the perfect thing to chase away the winter blues! Your vignette is stunning, and I love the pink with the blue. It is so lovely together. I love reading Flower magazine, too. It is one of my favorites! Happy Monday, Shirley!!!

  8. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I love blue and white and the pink flowers go beautifully with blue and white. Where do you find the Flowers magazine? Glad to hear you are feeling well!

  9. Picture perfect, love the filled egg cups, extra sweet!

  10. Wow that is so beautiful! Definitely a way to chase away the winter blues. Love the egg cups with the little roses in them! I think of you often and pray for your continued success with your treatment. Can’t wait to see an update on the house!

  11. What a gorgeous post, I had to pin like crazy! The soft pink looks great with your porcelains, which I am always in love with.
    Thanks, I have to go dig up my blue Hydrangeas now!

  12. Gorgeous flowers, and I’m glad you are able to do things that bring you joy! Can’t wait to see your cottage update.

  13. Beautiful and so cheering for this January month. And the Carolina jar is a treasure! You have created such a gorgeous centerpiece with your tray, and blue & white pieces, stunning!! Happy Monday Morning Blooms, friend. I’m so overjoyed that you are able to join us again!! Xoxo Lidy

  14. Denise Carlson says

    Shirley, Your Monday Morning Blooms post is just a delight! I love the 5 flowers that you choose. The silver tray and blue vessels all arranged with your flower are a show stopper! A for sure winter blues buster – great post.
    Thanks Denise

  15. The pink flowers are lovely with the blue and white. So glad you are doing well. I’m looking forward to updates on the new house!

  16. Hi Shirley,
    I am embracing blue and white together in my little house. Loving the pretty look. Your flowers are gorgeous with your blue and white items. How pretty of a look for the winter blues for sure. Where did you get the flower magazine. I need to get that. Maybe Barnes and Noble? Looks like a great magazine.

  17. Shirley, our wind chill today is in the 20’s, and you have definitely chased away the cold and winter blues. Your blue and white pieces are just gorgeous, I adore the egg cups and the new Carolina tobacco jar. Your selection of flowers is perfect for the blue and white pieces. The pinks are so striking and give me the hope of spring around the corner. Gathering all of your florals on the silver tray make it so very elegant. You brought a smile to my face seeing this stunning display. I was sad that I couldn’t join my MMB’s friends today, but you all brought much needed flower therapy. ??

  18. Nancy Brantley says

    You brighten my day to see your blog!! Love pink with blue and white and you have it displayed BEAUTIFUL. That French armoire in background makes it even more beautiful.

  19. Beautiful centerpiece! It is so good to hear that you are doing well and yes I am continuing to pray for and with you. have a blessed day my friend.

  20. Kathryn Bunch says

    A beautiful post, but the best part is hearing that you are feeling well!

  21. Love all the beautiful arrangements…oh how I yearn for spring. The midwest has had cold and snowy days…at least when we have blue skies there is promise of whats to come. Continued prayers for you Shirley❤️. Looking forward to seeing the update on your new home.

  22. All so beautiful, Shirley. However more beautiful than your lovely blooms was the word that you are doing well. Such good news. January and February are restful months, so be good to you. Many blessings.

  23. Oh how you have brightened this COLD day! It is 27 here now and with wind chills in the teens. UGH! I am SO happy that you are feeling better and able to blog! It is always a BIG treat to see your posts in my mailbox. You know I love your blue and white pieces and the flowers are so “pretty in pink”!!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist! Stay well. Hope the radiation is NOT too hard on you. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  24. Such a beautiful arrangement and your blue and white vases are stunning! Was just thinking about you today Shirley and hoping you are doing great! XXX

  25. Absolutely beautiful photos! Gotta love anything blue and white, especially when paired with gorgeous blooms! So glad 2020 is treating you well: many good greetings are being sent your way!

  26. So beautiful Shirley. You have gorgeous pieces in blue and white. The tall vases are stunning. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites.


  27. It is so good to have you and your blooms back! I have to laugh every time you mention finding a treasure. I think that’s a part of your DNA!

  28. Beautiful flowers! I am so glad you are feeling well and looking forward to pic’s of your new home!

  29. Ruth Flores says

    What a beautiful vignette! But every time I see one of your arrangements, my eye is drawn to the gorgeous French armoire in the background. You can’t go wrong with a backdrop like that!

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