Master Bedroom and Closet Hickory Cottage Update

Hello Dear Readers!

As I stated in my last post,

I have a little Master Bedroom and Closet

Hickory Cottage Update for you.

This week, there is not a lot happening

at the cottage EXCEPT for the floors

The floors are being sanded and stained.

We were told that it would take a little

over a week to complete as the entire first floor

is all wood. No carpet in the house,

except for my hubby’s office and exercise room

which is the bonus room above the garage.

So I hope to bring you the finished floors soon.



I have always wanted a large closet with an island in it.

So that was one of the first things on my wish list

for the new house.



Now, I shall be sharing this closet with my hubby.

How much of it will be determined! 🙂



This is just a portion of his side.

On the left, is a space for his tall chest of drawers

that actually will not fit in our new bedroom.

Or should I say the style will not fit!



The closet is at one end of the bathroom.

Rather than a regular door for the closet

I had the contractor install a French door

and I shall place some sheer curtains on them.

Thought it would add a lighter feel to the room

rather than just a solid door.



Here’s a little peek of the shower.

None of the tile has been grouted yet,

as there is too much construction dust and

NC clay everywhere!



Did you notice two shower handles on the wall?

Having two shower heads was on my hubby’s wish list.



I was only able to get a couple of pictures

of the Master Bedroom as the floor contractors

were waiting to do the room.

There is only a single ceiling tray in the new bedroom 

vs. a double tray in the previous house.  

Our ceilings are much lower in the new house.



The other side of the room where the door is.

Beyond the door is a hallway and stairs that

lead to the bonus room, a.k.a. the hubby’s

office and exercise room.

On the other side of the wall

to the right of the bedroom door

is the bathroom. The Master Bedroom and Bath

is truly a suite. I will have more photos soon.

This is the chandelier

that will be in the Master Bedroom.

It is the Claiborne by Savoy House.

After the floors are completed,

we will have 5 weeks to complete the house.

So there will be lots of details to show you!

Stay tuned!

Have most beautiful day!!!

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  1. Thank you for the update Shirley! Your home is going to be stunning and you’re building my dream closet. 😉 Can’t wait to see more updates with the floors stained and fixtures installed. ♥

  2. Pat Francoforte says

    Every detail is so stunning! So thrilled for you both!

  3. Kirby Carespodi says

    What a luxurious closet! I love all of your choices, Shirley!

  4. It’s all looking so good and now for the fun parts!

  5. Shirley, you all have created a beautiful master bedroom and bath suite! I can’t wait to see those gorgeous floors stained. So happy things are progressing.

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Sandra white says

    Beautiful master bedroom and bath. I cannot wait to see it all finished and you creating your magic when u move in.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, Shirley!! 🙂

  9. Love your bathroom Shirley! You’re home is so lovely! Can’tvwaitbto see how you decorate itvall. What tile did you go with in the Masrer bath and shower? It looks very classy! So happy you are feeling better! Looking forward to more puctures!

  10. I can’t wait to see the final results! It has been an exciting journey following the build of your new home and I look forward to seeing all your beautiful design work when you finally move in! Your decorating style is sheer perfection! ❤️

  11. Oh my gosh Shirley that closet is to die for!!!! Just beautiful. I cannot wait to see more. This is so exciting to see all your ideas come into play in this new home. I know it will be so beautiful.
    Happy Wednesday.

  12. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your home is going to be stunning! I love that huge closet!

  13. I am SO glad you are feeling better and posting again! Just love the house. I have never seen a tray like the one in the master bedroom. Beautiful. Looking forward to more pictures!

  14. Looking good Shirley!!!

  15. What a blessing to be able to design your own home exactly to suit your needs & desires! I hope you have many years of happiness together in it! I’m so thankful that you are feeling better, Shirley, and able to enjoy the process! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your lovely home.

  16. Just beautiful and you deserve it! you’re husband is one lucky guy to be able to share that space, tehe! I’m so excited to see what’s coming next. This is the fun you’ve been waiting for! xo

  17. It looks so good, Shirley! You are going to have the closet of my dreams! I so much enjoy seeing the progress on your new home.

  18. It is going to be beautiful!!

  19. Oh Shirley, the new house is going to be out of this world!!! Love the tile and Have never seen a tray ceiling like that! It is beautiful! So glad you are back to posting and feeling better!!!!! THAT is the best news. Can’t wait to see it finished, wondering what color your floors will be. XO

  20. Wow Shirley love all the choices you’ve made for the finishes! It really is going to be a wonderful home!

  21. Shirley,
    Wonderful to hear from you!!!! Hope all is going better and bright days are ahead!!!! I love the Master Closet and the floors in the house. What are they? I can hardly wait to see everything you’ve done; it will be AMAZING. Take care and ENJOY all the little details; time will go by so fast and I know you have waited long enough and can hardly believe it is almost finished. Thanks for blog post.
    Your friend,

  22. Sherry myers says

    Shirley, it does my heart good to see you enjoying this process. Enjoy every minute. It is beautiful. I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be when you begin decorating! Can’t wait!

  23. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Just so beautiful, Shirley! You have done a wonderful job of designing your home. How nice it will be when you can move in and get settled! Take care and get lots of rest! We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

  24. Alice genzlinger says

    So glad you are getting well enough to post your beautiful home. Congratulations and best wishes for a long a happy life in it.

  25. Nancy Brantley says

    You are going to really enjoy a big closet with an island. Love the tile in bathroom.

  26. What an amazing bedroom, I like the all white look of it, it looks so clean and the flooring compliments it too, kudos to you guys for pulling this off.

  27. Shirley, that is my dream closet! I can’t wait to see your home finished and all of your style shining through. I know it is exciting for you! I am so happy for you my friend❤️

  28. Simply beautiful!

  29. Shirley,

    You both deserve to enjoy every second of your new place. You will turn Hickory Cottage into a gorgeous home. Your chandelier is gorgeous!!

    Exciting times ahead.


  30. I have been wondering how your house is coming along! Your closet is a total dream and I love the master bedroom ceiling! I know you can hardly wait until you can finally move in! So exciting~

  31. Absolutely beautiful, Shirley! That chandelier is stunning! I know you are getting excited. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  32. hello! I love your home and all that you are doing with it to make it your dream home. I saw that you have red clay and that you are in NC I too live in NC on a farm in the moutains. I am building on a bit of land near Charlotte, in Lincoln Co. and hope to move in by June. Yes, the challenge and pain of red clay is real! My best to you!

  33. Bobbi Duncan says

    Just beautiful, Shirley!!!!! Can’t wait to see all the magic I know you will create when putting on the final touches. So happy you are doing well again–that’s the best news! Hugs!

  34. I’ve been thinking about you Shirley and I’m beyond delighted you seem to be doing well and enjoying the process of making that beautiful new home of yours even MORE gorgeous with all your fabulous choices.

    And wow, that closet would make Oprah envious! It’s truly a dream come true, and you deserve every square inch of it. In fact, I vote for making hubby take the guest room closet ?.


  35. Oops. i forgot to put the // in my url and before I could add them the comment was posted. In any case, nothing new on the blog. I’ve all but given up on blogging. So much to do here I just don’t want to be on the computer as much as I used to. But I enjoy visiting other blogs and catching up, and like I mentioned, I think of you often so I’m glad I took the time to check up on you ;).

  36. Thank you for taking us along on your Hickory Cottage construction. It is amazing to watch your vision come alive. Would you mind sharing your main living area paint color? It is a beautiful neutral.

    I hope your health journey is going well.

    Thanks so much, Karen

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