Flowers, Citrus and Silver

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and welcome to another

fabulous Monday Morning Blooms!

I am joining my amazing flower friends,

Mary and Pam, who are

just as much in love with flowers

as I am!

You can access the links to their

beautiful floral creations

at the end of this post.

Unfortunately, Lidy was unable to join us today;

however, she’ll be back with her 

beautiful floral creations.

Our common theme today is Citrus.

Welcome to my Flowers, Citrus and Silver.





I started creating this arrangement

by first placing in the most of the

citrus that I placed on skewers.

into the wet floral foam.



I then began to fill flowers in

around the citrus.



As I added the flowers,

I added a few more stems of citrus

to add additional color and texture.




In addition to the lemons, limes and mandarin oranges,

the flower arrangement consists of:


Blue Hydrangea

Orange Gerbera Daisies

Orange Stock Roses

Lemon Yellow Tulips

Seeded Eucalyptus for filler.

All of the above are from Trader Joe’s.



I experimented with several containers

for this citrus flower arrangement

and the silver champagne bucket

won out. It seemed to make the

colorful flowers and citrus “shine” 🙂




Using the champagne bucket,

it made it  easy to place pieces of citrus

on the edge of the bucket.



My go to filler for most of my

flower arrangements is the seeded eucalyptus.



I love it for the texture

and it’s gracefulness.



Where there are flowers,

there must be dessert and

what more fitting than Key Lime Pie!




Now Lemon Meringue Pie or

Hot Orange rolls would also do!



With most flower arrangements that I create,

there are usually extra flowers left over

to place in another container and 

that was the case this time.

A silver mint julep cup with the leftover flowers

sit on the coffee table with a origami crane for luck!


Hope you enjoyed my happy arrangement

of sunny citrus and flowers.

And now it’s time to visit

Mary and Pam to gain more beautiful

citrus and flower inspiration.

The links to their post are below

their amazing images!

Pam of Everyday Living


Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


and Me, Housepitality Designs

Have a most beautiful day everyone

and hope you are enjoying the long

holiday weekend!

I will be back soon for more

Hickory Cottage updates.

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  1. Just beautiful Shirley! I adore your combination of blooms with citrus in your handsome silver champagne bucket. I love your method of adding the fruit and then the flowers. (I always do it the other way around, your method looks so much easier!) You have me wanting to search for an affordable silver bucket for flowers at a consignment shop or on eBay. Keep your eyes peeled for me next time you’re shopping at Always Home 🙂 As always it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy. Happy Monday. ♥

  2. Oh so beautiful! And with your blue and white in the background… everything just pops!

    Happy Monday! It’s so good to have you posting again!

  3. Love the fruit and flowers combined with the silver. Another fab creation!

  4. Beautiful arrangement, and I love how you think regarding flowers and must-have desserts pairings!

  5. This is beautiful, Shirley!

  6. Shirley, your champagne bucket is the perfect container for this arrangement of stunning flowers and citrus. If you find two affordable silver buckets, I also would love to have one. Ooh, key lime pie sounds delicious, but did hubby eat it all? I love seeing the blue and white in your hutch, it makes for a lovely background for your gorgeous display. It is always a pleasure to join you for Monday Morning Blooms! Wishing you a delightful week.

  7. Shirley I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this beautiful arrangement! I love the way you added the citrus to the flowers and yes, the champagne bucket really complements the colors and makes the arrangement extra special! Thanks for sharing exactly how you made this, and I especially love the small silver stand with blooms and fruit ??

  8. I have silverware but that is about it. I really like the silver against the citrusy flowers. May have to rethink my silver collection since I also love and grow many blooms. I have utilized many wonderful things for containers but a girl can’t have too many flowers or containers. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love love love this sweet friend. What a great and beautiful idea to add the citrus with the flowers. Just so pretty. That bucket is gorgeous too. Love seeing the blue and white for your backdrop. Hope you are doing well. Been thinking about you.

  10. Pinned! Beautiful colors and choice of flowers. Thanks for tutorial.
    bonnie morgan’s recent post…Love Letters ~ Air MailMy Profile

  11. Allison M Wade says

    Hi Shirley! I spotted your origami crane right away in your secondary floral! I have several and love them for their unique art. Beautiful florals again….spring is right around the corner according to the green sprigs popping out all over the gardens! yay!! Love the use of silver…timeless. Blessings, Allison

  12. Hi, Shirley. Your design is beautiful and your champagne vessel!

    Shirley, I am a floral designer and I wanted to bring awareness about the no-floral foam movement amongst many of us in the floral design business. Floral foam/Oasis does not EVER break down, it is in the environment forever. We are now using different mechanics such as floral pin frogs and chicken wire.

    If you look up on instagram etc. No floral foam there will be the alternatives.

    Thank you for youe consideration, we are trying diligently to get the word out.

    Much respect,

  13. Love, love the silver champagne bucket!! It’s an elegant touch with the citrus. You have so many great ideas!


  14. Ooh this is lovely! That silver champagne bucket really enhances the arrangement. Love the yummy floral colors you chose. Those yellow tulips are striking! I like how you started with the citrus on sticks for the base of the arrangement. Beautifully done!
    LLiz’s recent post…“BE MINE”My Profile

  15. Rebecca turner says

    I’m a big fan of lemons so I especially love your arrangements that include them. This one is stunning in the champagne bucket! I’m so happy that you’re feeling well enough to post again! Can’t wait for more of your new home pics!

  16. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Shirley it is beautiful!!

  17. Shirley,
    Such a treat to visit you and this most beautiful and eye catching arrangement! I am not missing another one of your floral posts. So much inspiration, delight and elegance all in one stop!
    Sitting here at my computer with so much snow, so this color infusion is just what my heart and soul needed!

  18. Shirley, this is absolutely beautiful! The pretty colors have me dreaming of spring. I also would love to have a piece of key lime pie. It looks scrumptious, and I love anything citrus flavored! You have such a talent at creating such gorgeous displays. I always look forward to Monday Morning Blooms!

  19. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Shirley, your floral citrus arrangement is absolutely gorgeous! That lovely champagne bucket goes so nicely with your arrangement. What a bargain you got on your champagne bucket! Happy that you were able to get this. It’s amazing what the silver polish does to these beautiful antique pieces!

    Hope your beautiful home is almost ready for you to move into. Thanks for posting all the pictures for us! Wish you lots of good health and happiness in your new home. How nice it will be for you to get settled and just be able to enjoy your lovely home.

    Hope you are able to get lots of rest! We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Blessings!

  20. Love your choice of flowers and the fruit add a wonderful snap of fresh air
    to your lovely arrangement. The silver bucket was the frosting on all the
    Gorgeous blue!
    I pulled out my silver for Valentine’s Day and filled old creamer/sugar bowls
    With Camilla’s from our bushes to compliment the center arrangement.

  21. Bobbi Duncan says

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love your champagne bucket, too.

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