The Beautiful Greens of March in Flowers

Hello Dear Readers!

Time is just flying by isn’t it?

It’s already March and I know

we are all looking forward to

the beauty of Spring and

seeing the landscape greening up along

with the beautiful colors of Spring.

Today is the first Monday in March

and that means it’s Monday Morning Blooms Day!

Today’s common theme is “Green”!

The Beautiful Greens of March in Flowers!




The links and beautiful images

to my fellow Monday Morning Bloom friends,

Lidy, Mary, and Pam are at the end of this post.



I must say that most of my collection

of dishes are packed way in the storage abyss.

I knew I wanted to use my Jadite

for today’s tablescape.

Luckily, the boxes were easy to find.



I unwrapped my favorite pieces

which were a decorative luncheon plate

and the scalloped edge bowls.

I placed them on a charger

by Franciscan.

Placemats and napkins by Williams-Sonoma.

Stemware by Lenox.



I contemplated selling my Jadite

collection. However, I quickly

changed my mind! I think I shall

keep these pieces for a little while longer.



The flowers that I used today are:

Green Spider Mums

Green and White Hydrangeas

Green Alstroemeria
with a hint of yellow


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I used wet floral foam to arrange the flowers,

starting with the larger flowers first

and then filling in with the Alstroemeria and Bupluerum.


I love using Bupleurum in my arrangements.

It has such whimsy.



I unwrapped my little Jadite vase.

Filled it with the Alstroemeria

and Bupleurum.



A vintage book of poetry

gives the little vase some height.



Soon, my hubby will be dismantling

the upper portion of the armoire

to ready it for moving.

The doors can also be removed for ease of moving.





I cannot wait to have

wonderful natural light in the dining room.

The Berry Patch House lacks in

natural light in many rooms.




So here’s to welcoming March

with beautiful shades of green

in the landscapes to come, not to mention

the Emerald greens of St. Patrick’s Day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now it is time to visit my amazingly

talented flower friends so that you

can gain the most wonderful inspiration

of everything Green!

The links to their posts are below

their beautiful images.


Pam ~ Everyday Living


Lidy ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is


And ME ~ Housepitality Designs


Hope you enjoyed today’s

Monday Morning Blooms!

Have a most beautiful day everyone!

On a personal note:

I will be super busy with the new house going forward.
It is crunch time and we are hoping that we can start
moving within 2 to 3 weeks. The rain has really been
a problem with pouring concrete.
In the meantime, I no longer have to truck to the
hospital every day now … I’m done!
Well at least for this stage of the game!



And I am back to sitting on the bleachers!
But this time it was to see a college baseball game
in South Carolina
of the son of one of my hubby’s co-workers.
The mascot paid me and my friend Faye a
friendly visit!

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  1. Happy March Shirley! Such beautiful shades of green in your table from your array of floral material to your dinnerware and linens. I’m so glad you didn’t part with your gorgeous collection of Jadite. Love the whimsy and addition of the Bupluerum or Hare’s Ear.?
    I know you are beyond ready to be in your new house. The Berry House has served you well while you’ve been building and for storage. Moving that gorgeous armoire would make me nervous but I know your detail-oriented and organized hubby will have it all under control. So glad you are done with daily hospital visits. You look so good! Hope the rain holds off a little while for you. ♥

  2. Elizabet says

    The flowers are lovely, as always! I love using bupleurum, too…but I cannot touch alstroemerias., because it causes contact dermatitis. It makes me sad, because it’s such a great and inexpensive filler!

  3. Shirley, I love all the fabulous shades of green on your table. The jadeite is so perfect with your flowers, you made a good decision to keep it. I also love the bupluerum and its whimsical touch to your lovely arrangement. I know you are so excited to move into your new home and I am excited to see how beautiful you will make it…I can’t wait. I know Tom will take great care in moving your stunning armoire to its new perfect spot. I look forward to the Mondays spent with my flower friends. Have a delightful day! ♥️

  4. Yay, Shirley! You are FINISHED! Moving will be a piece of cake compared to what you’ve been through! Your floral arrangements are so pretty in your jadeite! I love my jadeite. Those are the lotus bowls and plates, so nice that you have a set of those. I sold much of my collection, but did keep a set of the restaurant ware for tablescaping. Happy March to you!

  5. Carol Thompson says

    Gorgeous!! Green is my favorite color. Your combinations with the jadeite makes my heart sing. I didn’t know about bupleurum. What a fun filler. Thank you for the lovely post. I so look forward to Monday morning blooms. Thankful for no more daily hospital visits.

  6. Sandra white says

    Absolutely beautiful as us everything you do. Love all the shades of green in the arrangement.
    So happy to see you feeling well and back at it!! Really looking forward to seeing you move into your beautiful new home and decorating it.

  7. Just beautiful Shirley. Really good decision to keep the jadeite. I am thankful to hear you have finished your treatment and will be moving to your new home soon. You look absolutely beautiful. This beautiful armoire is such a beautiful piece and makes a beautiful background for this post. Best wishes as you continue construction. I was so happy to see you enjoying a game. You have handled all this like a champion. God’s blessings to you.

  8. Another beautiful creation and table! I know you can’t wait to see that most fabulous armoire in it’s new place in your new home.

  9. Shirley, happy your keeping your Jadite for a bit. You have a pretty collection. Your table is beautiful!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all these French beauties in the new home.


  10. Oh Shirley your table is gorgeous! The Jadite pieces, and flowers with your beautiful armoire in the background are simply stunning! I love the whimsical bupleurum, it does add a delightful element to the flowers and the individual arrangements on the plate stacks. I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well ? and look forward to visiting you in your new home!
    Jenna’s recent post…Tales of the Traveling Tote, Welcome MarchMy Profile

  11. Your flowers are gorgeous, as always! The best news is no more daily hospital visits…you can really dive into your new home which will be beautiful, as well! Kathryn

  12. Love these beautiful flowers. That shade of green always makes me think of spring. So tired of the snow here in MN.

    So happy to read your done with this stage of your BC treatment. Prayers for continued progress.

    Excited to see your new home finished.

  13. Bupleurum is new to me. I think I have seen it but did not know its name. Your arrangement and Jadite pieces are perfect together.
    I am so happy for you that your treatments are finished and you look so good.
    Wishing you the best move. It is very exciting.

  14. I’m totally loving this Green Monday….and everyone’s gorgeous green arrangements and it was worth finding the Jadeite dishes…so fun and fresh! Lovely scape and table!

  15. I have enjoyed several of your MMB posts but never commented…until today. I don’t follow you regularly and was unaware of your journey, but I am so glad to hear you have completed daily treatment. What a blessing! I like the “wild” element that the Bupleurum adds in the arrangements…that is very much my style. All the Best going forward.

  16. Alice Genzlinger says

    Praise the Lord you are finished??I know you are excited to move in your beautiful new house and I too am so looking forward to seeing your home after you have decorated it. My second favorite color is green and you used it beautifully.

  17. Shirley, I love your beautiful shades of green, your table is so inviting. Don’t sell your jadeite! It’s perfect with so many other colors, somehow it seems to remind me of you and your style. I love bupluerum and use it whenever I find it, I love how it hangs a little and is so cheerful. {like you!!} I can only imagine how exciting it is to move into your beautiful new home- can’t wait!! Sharing our Monday Morning Blooms has such a special place in my heart, with you three, my dearest floral therapy friends. xo Lidy
    FrenchGardenHouse’s recent post…Spring Green MantelMy Profile

  18. First I am SO happy for you that you are DONE…at least for now. I know you can’t wait to get into your NEW HOME!!!! I am so excited for you and am praying the darn weather will cooperate!!! Your table is beautiful with all the shades of green in the flowers, dishes, and linens! Glad too, that you are getting out to games and fun times!!!! XO

  19. Love the greens, my favorite color along with navy and white. I am really looking forward to seeing the new house and how you decorate. Prayers for your continued healing and health.

  20. Shirley love seeing you doing so well. Makes my heart happy. You have been on a big journey and you are coming through it like a champ. So happy you are done. Love seeing you with the mascot too. That is a fun pic. Your pretty greens are beautiful. Love your cabinet in the background in the blue and cream. Gorgeous. Happy New Week. Can’t wait for you to move into the new home. Yay!!!!!

  21. Nancy Brantley says

    Your green arrangement is pretty. I love just greenery. So glad to hear you are at the end of treatments. You look really good at the ballgame. Looking forward to seeing you decorate that new home!

  22. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Shirley, I so enjoy your Monday Morning Blooms! I love flowers! Your Jadeite dishes are so pretty and look so nice with your flowers. Your floral arrangements are always so beautiful.

    So happy that you have completed your treatments. You will continue to be in my prayers. Make sure you stop and rest when you are tired.

    You will be so happy to finally be settled in your gorgeous new home. It will sure be fun getting everything in place and adding all your personal touches!

    Have a great week!

  23. Such beautiful flowers for this Monday Morning Blooms! You always create the most gorgeous arrangements, and your tablescape is stunning with all the shades of green and that pretty armoire in the background. Enjoy your week!

  24. What a lovely, lovely tablescape! I want to sit at this beautiful table, not to eat, but to drink in the gentle, verdant refreshment that it conveys!

  25. Beautiful table!

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