Bunnies, Jelly Beans, and Easter Joy

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while

and so many things have happened

in these past two weeks.

We are all moved in the Hickory Cottage

and it was truly a difficult move due to

COVID-19. We could only get professional movers

for 4 hours and there were no professional

house cleaners available either.

So with the help of some friends, who are

truly angels, we got the move done in 5 days!

On a brighter note, today is

Monday Morning Blooms and you will see

Bunnies, Jelly Beans and Easter Joy!


Vintage Easter Basket Centerpiece



Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!

Please join Lidy, Mary, Pam and I

for some happy floral inspiration.

Today’s theme will be an Easter Round Up.

Due to many of us adhering to the

“stay at home” situation, getting out to

obtain flowers is difficult, so we

bring you a beautiful round-up for you to enjoy!

My wonderful floral friends images and links

to their creations are at the end of this post.



A vintage Easter basket arrangement filled with

Spring flowers of pink tulips, pink stock,

white and yellow alstroemeria, and white roses.



I so love my ceramic bunnies

with the Golden Easter Egg.

I so remember as a child always

wanting to find that special Golden Egg.




I used the very same bunnies

in this post: Easter Bunny Parade

The bunnies were having fun.




Bunnies with the Golden Egg

purchased from HomeGoods

and the petite bunny dessert plates

are from Pottery Barn.

All purchases made a few years ago.



Another Easter Centerpiece using the bunnies and spring bulbs.





How about some moss covered bunnies

in a pitcher?


Moss Covered Bunnies Tablescape



Vintage seed packets and robin’s blue eggs

placed in an ironstone bowl.




A happy Spring Flower Arrangement

in a Bunny bucket found at HomeGoods.




Now speaking of Jelly Beans . . .

Let’s see my Jelly Bean tablescape.



The arrangement with jelly beans and peeps

is made with the vase within a vase technique.

Placing a smaller vase inside a larger one

with the smaller vase holding the flowers

and then filling the space between the vases

with jelly beans.



I manipulated the napkin

to look like bunny ears!

Just fold the napkin and leave

two pointed ends out of the glass.



I love making flower arrangements as you know.

Especially happy Spring/Easter arrangements.



I love placing the unexpected

in a floral arrangement.

And I did so in this

Easter Brunch Tablescape



Pink peeps among the flowers.



The bunnies with the golden egg return.

The accent plates are Spode floral plates

upon Noritake Summer Estate plate

and a green Franciscan charger.



And I end my Round Up today

with some cute Easter friends

taking a ride in the cart,

wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

I will be thinking of you all as we

hunker down in our homes

in these most difficult times.

However, we shall overcome this!

We are America Strong!



Now it’s time to visit

my amazing and talented

Monday Morning Bloom friends!

The links to their posts are

below their beautiful images.


Pam of Everyday Living


Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse


Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


Hope you enjoyed our Easter Round Up.

I know that for the most part you all

will be spending it at home and most

of us without the company of our families.

We will get through this!

Stay strong, safe and healthy dear friends!

With love and prayers!

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  1. Shirley, So much beauty and joy seeing your beautiful blooms and Golden Easter Egg bunnies! Adorable chicks, moss bunnies and fun Peeps too. I know you are so thankful for your moving ‘angels’ and being able to shelter and settle (finally!) in your new home. Yes, Easter will be different for all of us this year but we just need to keep the faith and stay at home. As always, it’s a joy to join you for some flower therapy and Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful week ♥

  2. Every arrangement is pure beauty! You have such skill in flower arranging! Oh, in decorating too!
    Many blessings this holy week and Easter!

  3. Alice Genzlinger says

    So glad to find you are settled and safe in your new beautiful home. Flowers speak my language and your arrangements fit my taste, looking forward to. Tour of each and very room. Stay healthy.

  4. Shirley, the golden egg bunnies are adorable in every setting, they were such a fabulous find. What a delight to revisit these stunning floral arrangements with a little whimsy like the peeps and the cute chicks. I am so happy for you that you are moved in to your beautiful new home. Those “angels” were a blessing! Wishing you a joyous Easter that I know will be different, but meaningful just the same. It is always a pleasure to share Monday Morning Blooms with you my friend♥️

  5. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    All so pretty! I am glad you are moved into your new home. I look forward to seeing it. Stay safe xo

  6. Shirley, everything is gorgeous! Wishing you the very best getting settled in your new home. You are a whiz at getting things done. Stay safe and healthy! Happy Easter✝️💖

  7. I enjoy compilation posts as much as the individual ones, Shirley. I’m so glad you’re moved, and hopefully you took extra precautions to physically distance from those who helped you. It’s so critical. Be well, and Happy Easter.

  8. Carol Griffin says

    Shirley, as always you have brought a smile to my face seeing your beautiful arrangements! You are amazing and an inspiration to all of us, not only with your decorating skills but, also, your beautiful outlook on life. I absolutely cannot wait to “tour” Hickory Cottage!!! Blessings for a Happy Easter!

  9. Hello sweet friend. Congrats on getting moved in. Yay!!!! You amaze me that you can do up this beautiful arrangement in the midst of moving! Shirley after all you went through last year this is wonderful new and amazing beginning for you. I hope you are loving Hickory Cottage even with boxes everywhere. Timing right?!!!! How crazy you were moving during this pandemic. I cannot wait to see future pics of the new cottage. Faith girlfriend and strength. You showed us both of those and how if you stay the course you can make it to a better place. This is a good way to look at what we are all going through. Let’s all make the sacrifices and stay the course and we will get to a better place soon. I am truly excited and happy you are finally moved and through your treatments and now are ready for the new chapters in life. xoxo Kris

  10. Beautiful…and just what I needed on this chilly, gray St. Louis morning. Looking forward to seeing your new home! Stay safe and thanks for helping others find some joy during this difficult time.

  11. Everything is just beautiful, Shirley! I love your bunnies with the golden eggs too. The flowers, oh the flowers! So bright and cheerful, and just what we all need during this difficult time. I am so happy you and Tommy are in your new home…enjoy it! xoxo

  12. Oh Shirley all of these arrangement were beautiful! So happy you’ve moved in to your new home. Can’t wait to see pictures! Have a blessed Easter. 🐇🐇🐇

  13. Shirley, everything is so beautiful. Thank you. I am so glad you have moved. Very excited to see your new home. Happy Easter and thank you for all the beauty that brightens my day. Blessings.

  14. I love all your beautiful arrangements! You have such a talent ! I can’t wait to see your house all decorated. Happy Easter!

  15. Everything is so beautiful, Shirley! I love those bunnies with the golden egg. Your arrangements are always gorgeous. I am so happy you are getting settled in, it brings back sweet memories. Can’t wait to see more. Stay safe and HEALTHY!!!! Easter sure will be lonely for all of us this year. XO

  16. Nancy Brantley says

    All your arrangements are always pretty. Glad you got moved in your new house with the help of the angel friends. GOD IS LOVE AND JESUS GAVE HIS LIFE FOR ALL

  17. Shirley, I am so happy that you have gotten moved! Take your time to get things arranged and organized and don’t overdo. We will be right here when you are ready to share your new home. If I ever see some bunnies holding a golden egg, I’m going to snag them. They are so adorable!!!

  18. Donnamae says

    Glad to hear you are moved. At least now, you do have plenty of time to settle in. Looking forward to seeing pictures one of these days! Stay safe! 😉

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