The Hickory Cottage Sunroom Reveal (for now)

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes and

packing paper (still) and trying my best to work

with one room at a time; however, it has

been a bit difficult as there are still

many boxes that need to be unpacked.

I worked on the sunroom.

You could not see the floor as it was truly

covered with furniture, boxes, and orphaned

accessories. However, I got through it!

The Hickory Cottage Sunroom (for now)



The good thing about putting the sunroom

together was that most of the items

that are in that room came from

The Berry Patch House, so many of

the items were not packed away

and were just transferred from house to house.



I must admit, I changed the furniture

in this room three times!

I was so frustrated with not feeling

that I had the right pieces in there,

especially when there were chairs that

I had the best intentions of reupholstering.



Life happens and I did not get the chance

to do that. So the two chairs made their

debut in three different areas

in the new house

and finally found their way in the sunroom.

I was hesitant. However, this article

from The Triangle Home (June/July 2019)

made me realize that it was O.K.



I found this article while I was going

through one of my stacks

of magazines and noticed  the cover of a

brightly colored room and noticed

the various colors including shades

of red/pinks/apple green/blues.

That’s when I decided ~ go for it!

Make the best of what you have!




I gathered accessories

in the shades of raspberry,

blush, and blues

to make the chairs feel welcome in the room.



In my former sunroom,

the wicker furniture was apple green

and I had raspberry accents such as

this plant stand.



There is a red origami crane (that mom made)

nestled in the bird’s nest.



I had every intention and still do

of painting my wicker in this room.

However, as I stated previously,

life happens, and it will eventually

get done.



Speaking of my apple green wicker,

I kept the potting bench and a few

other pieces. My Sweetie’s mom

is enjoying the rest.



Watering cans still have a place

in the sunroom.



And so does my bird cage

with the wonderful view behind it.



Another pretty view.



Across from the pair of chairs,

I placed my vintage bench

with my fav grain sack turned

seat cushion.




The other side of the room that is

adjacent to Great Room through

the arches.



We are very pleased with the way

the trim work turned out in this room.

The sun is pretty intense in

the sunroom and the shades

that I ordered will not deter

from the beauty of the trim/windows.

Hopefully they will be in soon and that

they are able to install them!



So these chairs have found their

home in the sunroom. At a later

date, when the fabric shop re-opens

I will be there choosing fabric

for a new look and re-fresh.



I must admit that I love sitting

in this sunroom more than the other.

I think it’s all about the view

and its spaciousness.



A view from the arches.

I love that we chose the rounded

arches and blew our budget on

all of the beautiful trim work.

I hope that you are all enduring

these unusual and difficult times

we are experiencing.

I have faith that this will all be

behind us soon. I so miss my family

and friends too! We will come away

from this and truly appreciate

the little things in life.

Before, one of the things that

I so missed were my taste buds

and now I savor each flavor!!

Stay safe and healthy and

have a most beautiful day!

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  1. You did a beautiful job of using what you have.What a nice big room with a beautiful view! Soon places will be open again….we hope even though I’m sure we will still be wearing masks for quite some time. It’s going to be the new normal. You should be able to have the shades installed just make sure that person wears a mask. We have had workers in and out here since this started and I wipe everything they touched down after they leave.

  2. It’s beautiful, Shirley. I really like the blue and raspberry combination. Unless the fabrics are soiled or worn, I would definitely consider keeping them. The settee is a perfect neutral blend to enable punches of color to tie it all together. The millwork is gorgeous on the windows and arches. I know you must be overjoyed to be there now. It’s a good time to be stuck inside for you!
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Hope Springs EternalMy Profile

  3. Shirley, my heart is full with joy for you. Your sunroom is absolutely stunning. God is great.♥️

    • Hi Shirley,

      I know you plan on getting the chairs recovered. I love the combination of the raspberry, pink, green and reds. It all works and flows.

      Hopefully you can get what you’re looking for.

      Such beautiful arches.

      I’m beyond thrilled for you!!


  4. I am so happy to see this post, Shirley. I have anxiously been awaiting for you to blog on the Hickory Cottage. Your sunroom is beautiful and I love the chairs in there. In these scary times I am happy that you have such a beautiful view to enjoy and projects to occupy your time. Stay safe!

    • Your sunroom came together beautifully. I absolutely love the trim work in your home. Good to see your post today. Take care, and I look forward to seeing your new home as it comes together.

  5. Sandra white says

    So excited to see this post on a room from Hickory Cottage. I have so looked forwarded to seeing what you do with this beautiful new home.
    I love the sunroom and the COLORS in there. I think the room is gorgeous. I don’t think I would change a thing in there or recover anything. Color combinations are gorgeous.
    Stay well!

  6. Shirley, your sunroom is beautiful! I’m so happy that you are doing well! Enjoy decorating that gorgeous home!

  7. Pat francoforte says

    Everything is just so beautiful! Gorgeous woodwork, windows, floors, everything! So thrilled that you are feeling better and enjoying your new home! I know I would be napping in the sunroom…on the chair with the footstool and throw! Thanking God!

  8. What a lovely and bright room. A good cuddle up and read a good book. Have a great day!

  9. Gorgeous Shirley! I know you’re anxious to have everything in its place but how nice to be moved in and take your time unpacking as there is truly no urgency these days…you can rearrange to your heart’s content. 🙂 Love the serendipity in rediscovering your magazine with your color combo. The trim work and arches are truly beautiful. ♥

  10. Absolutely stunning! I love your pagoda style white birdcage since I also collect birdcages.! I love how you incorporated the items you love together. Your millwork is beautiful, too. I can’t wait for the future posts. May God bless you and your family for many happy years in your most beautiful home!

  11. Jacqueline says

    Shirley what an exquisite room you have created.! I love the colour combination.. The view looks amazing and peaceful. A great spot as we self isolate. Take care. Blessings

  12. This room is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color palette. If you never changed the upholstery, it would still be beautiful! I know you are having so much fun decorating you new home! Try not to work too hard!

  13. Your sunroom came together beautifully. I absolutely love the trim work in your home. Good to see your post today. Take care, and I look forward to seeing your new home as it comes together.

  14. Please, please, please publish a book! I believe so many of us would enjoy your heart and art of such comfort and beauty.

  15. Shirley, believe me when I say that I don’t think it’s possible for you to make any mistakes when decorating! Lol! It truly looks beautiful as always!!! I’m sure you’ll be rearranging again until you lived there for awhile and your mind begins to settle with how it will all flow. But no matter what you do, it’s gonna be fabulous😊 Hope your having lots of fun with your new home.

  16. Shirley,
    Your decorating never disappoints. It is always beautiful. I am so happy you are in your home and getting settled. As your rooms come together it will be fun to see them. Happy Thursday. Stay Safe and well sweet friend.

  17. Kathy Vause says

    I can’t wait to see the window treatments.

  18. Your sunroom looks magical! I love everything about it, so beautiful! You have such an eye for design. {And you know I adore the red chairs with their little bees print!} I cant imagine having such a stunning view, I am hoping that you spend at least part of your day on that chaise lounge with a cup of tea. Xo Lidy

  19. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Shirley, your sunroom is lovely! Those windows and the trim work, stunning! Have fun settling into your beautiful new home!

  20. Beautiful room! I do love the colors you have.

  21. Oh Shirley, I can’t tell you how much I love this color combo! It reminds me of my combo of the blue and whites with my russet colors. Your trim work is GORGEOUS!!! I also love the arches! I have always loved arches. Your new home is exquisite. I know you will have SO much fun decorating this new space. I love how you have planted your plants into the blue and white pieces too. Hope you have a beautiful day today!!!

  22. Alice Genzlinger says

    Beautiful Shirley. So clean, pure, colorful and a delight to my eye. The woodwork in your home is amazing, and the arches are so wonderful. You are so special and deserve all this beauty. I’m so glad for you and your hubby to have this time together. I’m looking forward to seeing every room knowing each will have your special touch. Stay safe.

  23. I know you had wanted to recover those chairs…but I think they add so much to the room as is! I love all the color. It is refreshing amidst all the neutral interiors I’ve seen. I am also glad you are feeling better…there’s nothing like decorating to perk up one’s spirits. Stay well! 😉

  24. Mary from Virginia says

    Your room is absolutely beautiful! All the pieces look like they were made for your new home. You can never go wrong with color! Love it! So happy you have the energy to unpack!

  25. It’s stunning. I am so happy you are in your new home and enjoying decorating it.

  26. I’m so delighted to see a post from you! The trim work in your new home is extraordinary! You have worked your magic in decorating the sunroom and it looks very beautiful and comfy!

  27. Truly the most beautiful rooms are those that evolve, and aren’t designed from scratch. You have some great pieces in this room, and I personally love the red in your chairs. I really hope you keep them as is. It’s a big room, and your eye needs to settle on your seating grouping. I also love the dark woods with all your white. Smiles, Sandi

  28. Nancy Brantley says

    I ABSOLUTELY love the color combination. So cheerful, relaxing, and classic! You are amazing decorating a room. I would not recover anything especially that chair with bees. Glad you’re able to be decorating that beautiful home. Dont overwork yourself. Take care and looking forward to see next room. Oh, love your molding and arches!

  29. Shirley,
    What a delight it is to finally see the first room in Hickory Cottage revealed! The millwork/trim are stunning in the sunroom and I am so anxious to see the rest of your new beautiful home. As always, your decorating never disappoints. Hope you are staying safe and doing well. The only positive thing about the quarantine is we all have nothing but time to do projects, clean, and decorate our homes during these strange times.

  30. Terri Santa Coloma says

    I lve the upholstery on the chairs!

  31. Oh Shirley this all looks so good! Love the pops of color. You found a great mix to put together! The trim work is fabulous throughout, it really steps up the elegance of your home!
    Liz @ Home And Gardening With Liz’s recent post…Almost Easter!My Profile

  32. Your room is gorgeous. I adore the arched doorways and gorgeous trim around the windows. You have done an amazing job. Everything looks stunning.

  33. Shirley, when your post came through in my FB feed, I was on my IPhone, so I quickly switched to my IPad so that I could see the pictures better. Because I’ve been looking forward to it, and I wanted to see it in detail. But my IPad needed charging and it went dark on me, so I said, “Nooooo, not now!” Ha!

    I finally got to see it after recharging my battery. I love the room itself, with it’s classic architecture, but as to your decor—I especially love the Asian touches! I also love the blush loveseat, and the “pink” pillows! (Red!)

    I know you have a vision for the room, and it will be interesting to see how it develops over time, but as for now, you’ve really pulled a good look together. It’s a beautiful room and a place that you’ll enjoy spending much of your time. Enjoy!

  34. Judi iucci says

    Looks beautiful! It is refreshing to see color and pattern. So glad you are back and looking forward to see how you decorate your gorgeous new home! God Bless

  35. I love your style. It’s exciting to see how you have designed your new home and how you are decorating it.

  36. Love, love, love it!

  37. Shirley, I don’t what to say that hasn’t been said already. Your home is unbelievable. What taste! How did you and your husband manage to create this beautiful house? It must of taken a long time. By the way, I’m so happy you are feeling better and on with your life. Looking forward to all the decorating and I can’t believe how well your plants have done. Till the next time…stay well.

  38. Shirley, the sunroom is gorgeous. I do love the blue and raspberry combination. I would never leave this room with all the beautiful windows and view. The sofa with the pillows is just so perfect with the rug that I have always loved. I will be anticipating each room as you complete them. Take your time and don’t get stressed, enjoy some time of rest. I am so excited and happy for you, I know this has been a long journey from the beginning of the plans until now, but your eye for design has paid withnbeautiful results!

  39. So beautiful Shirley! I would not change a thing! The woodwork is so pretty. I would be in that room every morning with my coffee. I would not get anything done all day!

  40. Your sunroom looks beautiful, Shirley! I love your windows with the beautiful trim and the arched doorway. I know I would spend as much time as possible in there enjoying the view. Looking forward to seeing each room as you show it to us.
    Paula@SweetPea’s recent post…The Best Peanut Butter CookiesMy Profile

  41. Shirley, you could put pallet would furniture in this stunning room and it would look amazing. Your gorgeous furniture looks absolutely amazing! I love the color scheme you are going with….for now…and the classic look of your furniture.

  42. Ellen shook says

    This room is absolutely fabulous! I don’t see anything u would change. I adore the the colors! So glad you seem well and healthy! This is a wonderful place to quarantine.

  43. Janine Wolfe says

    As always beautiful. What a beautiful house you have built. Can’t wait for the house tour. Keep up the good work. Xoxo

  44. This is beautiful. It looks classic, collected and so put together. I loved your previous home but I think I like this home even better!

  45. Amy Chalmers says

    Well it came together beautifully Shirley! I think it’s more of a collected look than a decorated look and the older I get I feel the less I want my rooms to feel “decorated”….I love seeing a meaning or a memory behind the things in a room. The windows and trim work and arches are truly spectacular and rival the view.

  46. That is one gorgeous room! The trim work is exquisite! Thank you for sharing!

  47. You have a lovely view. Can’t wait to see what new fabric you choose.

  48. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Shirley, your Sunroom is just so beautiful! The windows, the woodwork and the arches are gorgeous. I like the chairs that you have in there! They look so pretty and tie everything together. You have done a great job in getting your sunroom liveable!

    When you move into a new home, it takes awhile to get everything exactly where it looks best! After we built our home here by the lake, it was a year before I hung any pictures, etc. as I just wasn’t sure — and my dear hubby didn’t want a lot of unnecessary nail holes on the walls!

    So happy that you are finally moved in to your gorgeous home. It’s just beautiful and the landscaping you have done is lovely. Such a nice view from your sunroom windows. Hope you make sure you get enough rest! Enjoy your gorgeous new home! God Bless you and your dear hubby!

  49. Wow! I’ve never seen something so beautiful and so decorated, I really love the upholstery of the sofa.

  50. I absolutely love the color in this room. Not a fan of beige and white. Your millwork is to die for. So much of it and so well done. Lovely room. Glad you are moved in and able to enjoy some of it now. The rest of your decorating will come. Just be sure to rest yourself and enjoy ‘coming home’.

  51. Hello Shirley! Very Beautiful work! That nest looks very cute and unique decore. You have used different patterned furniture and Its looking amazing! I am very excited to make my living room as you did.
    Joann J Moree’s recent post…Top 11 Best Metal Storage Shelves ReviewsMy Profile

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