Flowers and Silver Linings

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday Morning Blooms Day!

I will be sharing another grand day

of flower love along with my

wonderful flower loving friends,

Lidy, Mary, and Pam.

As always, the links to their beautiful

flower inspiration will be

found at the end of this post.

Today our common theme is


So today, I am bringing you

Flowers and Silver Linings


(There should always be flowers in a room

that you often begin and end the day in)



I am certain everyone

in these difficult times

are trying to find “the silver lining.”

I know I am.



This week, after having the

opportunity to purchase flowers (lucky me)

I was trying to decide  how I would

approach the theme for our Blooms Day,

Then something happened.



Without going into much detail,

a shelf on our bookcase in the

Great Room fell. The shelf fell

on the TV below and it smashed it

along with my beloved blue and white

antique commode piece.

It was a piece from a treasured friend

gifted to me MANY years ago.



Now if this had happened years ago,

I would be sobbing for days over

my loss. The TV you can replace,

but not this piece. THEN, my hubby

handed me this pair of vases that

were gifted to me after my dear friend

passed away. They had great meaning

of our friendship. They were unscathed!

Not the tiniest of chips were gone from

either vase! The only survivors from

that shelf and below,  other than some books.

It was a sign . . . a message.

Look for the silver lining!



Things may break and be gone

from us physically; however,

the treasured memories of

love and friendship lives on forever.



So from this incident, I found

my silver lining in message

that was sent to me.

From the person who always

gave me so much inspiration from

her fortitude and incredible

outlook on life even though I

know she struggled many days.

The next day, I gathered some silver

pieces and started to create simple

flower arrangements in them.



I knew I wanted to  have

flowers in my bathroom, so I

polished up the silver coffee pot

and placed it on the vanity.

(see images above)

I have a table that is next to our

tub and a chair. It is filled

with smiles. Yes, a photo of

my Sweetie as an infant after

her bath, and a jar of one of

her favorite things, shells.

(In which she collected)



Simple mini flower arrangements

were placed on the table

in silver baby cups.

Silver baby cups that belong

to my son. My Sweetie’s dad.

A wonderful pair of sterling silver

cups gifted to us as a shower gift.



So this table, truly does

have lots of smiles for me.

My Sweetie, my son, treasures

and the comments from my hubby

on how much he likes it too.

Now let’s talk flowers.



My hubby took me to Trader Joe’s.

I heard that they were excellent

in providing the utmost of precautions

for  their customers. So we went to see

if they had flowers….and they did!

I promised that I would not spend a lot

of time (which I usually do) in choosing

flowers. Choose some and leave.

I purchased:



Peony Tulips




A combination of these flowers

were placed in the various silver

containers that I chose.

This silver container bears my

initial “S” A sweet blog friend

brought it to me when we attended

the Haven Conference several years ago.



It sits on top of my

Venetian stacked tables

in front of my treasured armoire.

I tried to use special silver pieces

for all the arrangements.



I did not have a silver piece

from my mother-in-law; however,

there was a vintage powder shaker

with a silver lid that belonged to her.



I took stems of Ranunculus

and pushed them through the

holes at the top of the jar.



I was planning on possibly

starting a hat pin collection

and use this jar for that purpose;

however, I think I found a better purpose now.



Last but not least.

I had just unpacked my

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep cup

gifted to me by friends who

toured the Bourbon Trail with us.

I learned a lot about bourbon

on that trip. Lots of great information

from the distilleries; however,

the greatest amount of  information

came from our friends.



There were many silver linings

on that trip; a designated driver,

(my hubby never liked to “drink”)

making memories with friends, AND

someone saving my life!

Which is a story for another day!

One of today’s silver linings is

being with my wonderful

Monday Morning Blooms friends,

sharing our love for all things flowers!

So it is time to give them a visit!

The links to their posts are

below their gorgeous images!


Pam of Everyday Living


Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse


Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


And ME! ~ Housepitality Designs


I wish you all a most beautiful day

and hope it is filled with silver linings.

I have come to learn more than ever

this past year, to look for

The Silver Lining!

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  1. So glad you can look for the silver linings Shirley! I think I would have cried buckets at the falling shelf and your smashed blue and white treasure and TV. Your arrangement is beautiful…those peony tulips take my breath away! How wonderful to buy flowers finally. Your little arrangements are so sweet in the silver baby cups and your MIL’s powder shaker makes the perfect heirloom flower frog. Thank you for the beauty and flower therapy this morning. Happy Monday ♥
    Mary’s recent post…Fresh Flower Market + Peonies in the Potting ShedMy Profile

  2. Good morning, Shirley.
    Sorry about the shelf mishap but you turned it into a beautiful message, we should all remember.
    I just love all the was you used your Trader Joe’s floral haul. Very creative.
    The sweet little silver cups are a wonderful idea to hold just a handful of pretty stems and blooms.
    Glad to see you’re enjoying your little corner of the world and continuing to make it lovely.
    Stay safe and be well.

    Lisa Tutman-Oglesby’s recent post…Regal Fruit PavlovaMy Profile

  3. Looking for the silver lining behind what may appear as dark clouds is having a spirit of gratefulness which always shines through in you Shirley. I am so sorry you lost your treasured blue and white piece, I know that would have upset me. The peony tulips are amazing, I found some of those last year. I love how you have sprinkled flower beauty all around in silver cups that have precious memories attached. I am enjoy the “anything goes” theme and especially your creative take for this MMB’s edition. I love sharing these special Monday’s with you ♥️

  4. Alice genzlinger says

    Adversity Is sure to pop up into our lives, and how we handle it says so much about the person. Today you made lemonade out of lemons. You found the silver lining. I’ve learned to not cling to things. Love is the way. Your home is beautiful and everything in it, the flowers top it off. Have a blessed day Shirley.

  5. Shirley, what a beautiful message today combined with your treasured silver pieces. You have chosen some of my favorite blooms in your arrangements. The love attached to all of these makes it all the more special. Your readers have certainly witnessed your courage and your ability to find the silver lining over and over this past year. So sorry you lost your treasured piece. Try as we may sometimes we just have to let go and find the silver lining. Thank you for the beauty on this rainy morning in Asheville.

  6. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    All of your arrangement and settings are beautiful Shirley. I love seeing tiny glimpses of your new home!

  7. Lovely, lovely vignettes, but what I loved most were your sentiments. Losing a friend is painful and there is never a day when a close friend is not missed. Thinking of the vases as a message touches my heart. I always appreciate your positive spirit and appreciation of beauty.

    • Denise Carlson says

      Shirley, Such a lovely post for this month’s Monday Morning Blooms! Words to live and love by. Your arrangements and style are enviable, just stunning. Thanks for all you put into this post, I am sure it touched a lot of hearts.

  8. Bobbi Duncan says

    Such a lovely message Shirley, and says so much about you. It’s sad to lose treasured objects that make us smile when we look at them but, as you say, love of friends and wonderful memories are more important. When we downsized, we had to sell or give away so many things I loved-things I still miss- but there have also been many silver linings along the way that make me feel truly blessed. Your floral arrangements always make my day brighter…just love how you can put together such lovely vignettes! Glad you and yours are doing well . Hugs!

  9. FrenchGardenHouse says

    What a beautiful post, dear friend. Those silver linings, they are always there if we look for them, aren’t they? Your flowers are so lovely, I am hoping i will b abl to “go out” to buy some for next time. Wishing you a wonderful day today. It’s always such a joy to share our special Monday Morning Blooms days. Your various flower arrangements in their meaningful silver vases have brought me joy today! Xoxo Lidy

  10. What a beautiful way to start my day by reading your post. Your heart is so full of love and it reminds me of all the wonderful blessings in my life. May God bless you and keep you in His tender loving care. I think right now is the perfect time to look for silver linings when we so many around us are faced with such difficult hardships to endure.

  11. Love all your silver lining flowers. So gorgeous. I agree that you should begin and end your day with flowers always.
    Have a beautiful week ahead. I see on our news there might be a tropical storm brewing towards you. What!???!!! Too early for that nonsense to be starting. Hope it does not develop into anything awful.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…Garden BikeMy Profile

  12. Shirley, this is such a beautiful post. I’m sorry that you lost some of your treasured pieces, but I’m glad you found a silver lining. All of your floral displays look so pretty. I’m looking forward to being able up go to the store again to purchase flowers. For now, I have been foraging the yard to make bouquets. Take care, and happy Monday!

  13. what a lovely way to think of loved ones with your silver pieces. I may copy this idea as I desperately need to find silver linings right. what kind of polish did you use to get them that beautiful?

  14. A beautiful post at so many levels, Shirley. I was reminded of a ceramic vase that I loved and was accidently broken. My girlfriend took the pieces and repurposed them into a lovely mosaic tray! Your photos absolutely brightened my day today. Thank you.

  15. I really enjoyed this post Shirley, you are such a shining example of how a positive attitude can change your life! From now on when I see silver I will think of your words about finding the silver lining…so glad you were able to get a flower fix from TJs, truly a treat! Your table vignette of memories is so special, and I love how you’ve placed displays to enjoy in favorite spots around your home {so sorry about the shelf and damage!!} Thank you for a wonderful Monday moment 🌺

  16. All the arrangements are lovely. My favorite is the one with all the tulips. It make4s me think it is what one of the great Dutch painters would create if living in modern times! There is always something to be thankful for each day….sometimes we just have to remember to stop and look for it. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  17. Note to self: dig out the silver pieces that are tucked away. THANKS, Shirley for the nudge! ❤️

  18. Absolutely wonderful!Congrats!

  19. Beautiful florals in the silver containers! What a tragedy with the shelf falling and destroying the tv and the antique commode. Thankfully no one was hurt. Can’t wait to see more of your home!
    Liz’s recent post…Purples and Blues Springtime TablescapeMy Profile

  20. Nancy Brantley says

    Look for The Silver Lining indeed!! Such beautiful arrangements in your house. I agree that was a message that the vases didn’t even have a scratch! Enjoy every day of GOD’s beauty…TRULY A SILVER LINING FROM ABOVE

  21. Shirley, Your uplifting post is inspiring. Thank you for reminding me of looking for the silver linings.
    Your flowers are beautiful and your photos just shine. Such clarity and crispness.
    Thanks for the beauty in flowers today but also seeing your heart.

  22. Your attitude is wonderful! I do think this virus and staying at home has made many of us look for the silver linings. I LOVE your choice of flowers! OMGoodness they are just beautiful. The frame of your sweetie is adorable! Wish I had one like that for C’s picture:) I am curious now that you had a shelf above the TV. Anxious to see the room reveal! Have a most beautiful day, Shirley. It is still crazy windy here. XO

  23. Politely, I wonder if you would check the location of your new, and beautiful, American flag. From my viewpoint of your Instagram picture, it appears it might be located on the wrong side of your front door. I quote the following from

    “So where do you hang the flag? Coming out the front of the house, the flag should be on the right of the door.

    If you come down the steps and face it from the curb, the flag will be on your left.

    The American Legion says many people do not know the proper etiquette — a flag code set by Congress.”

    Thank you.

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