Peonies and Lenox

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and

Happy Monday Morning Blooms!

I am joining Lidy, Mary and Pam

for another inspiration filled

post for all of you flower and

garden loving friends.

The links to their beautiful

creations are at the end of this post.

We are continuing with our

“Anything Goes” theme.

So here goes. . .

I chose Peonies and Lenox today.




You are probably wondering

about the title of this post.

Well of course there’s a story!



As I was shopping the house,

looking for an idea for this post

and what container I should  use

for my pretty flowers that I just bought.



I passed by this beautiful bowl

by Lenox that was on our

Master Bedroom mantel.



How did I obtain this beautiful bowl?

I was at a friend’s estate (moving) sale.

She and two other friends said that I have

to have this bowl to make an arrangement in.

I hesitated (for a nano second) and gladly accepted

her gift….and then she gave me another one!




I know that there has not been much

desire for the younger generations to

have Lenox pieces/dinnerware.



Most of the younger  generations

want dinnerware and accessories

from places like Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel.



Now, don’t get me wrong,

I like Pottery Barn and

Crate and Barrel too; however,

dinnerware/china such as Lenox and

Waterford, etc. are of such

wonderful quality and are timeless.

When done properly, mixing the

timeless china with an updated/trendy

piece of dinnerware is a great look.



YEARS ago, my friend and I would make

a monthly trip to the outlet mall to

scour deals at Lenox and Waterford.

(Oh and the shoe stores too!)

I still have those pieces.

(Not so much the shoes!)

 The reticulated apple jar is part

of a set.  An apple, pear and pineapple.

The other two are waiting for the apple’s

return to the shelf in the Master Bedroom.


Oh, by the way,

the petite candlesticks are

also from my friend’s estate sale.

There are no candles in them; however,

it’s the latest thing (or not so)

to display them with no candles.

What do you think?



Back to the subject of Lenox.

Lenox is an American company

founded in 1889 originally

called the Ceramic Art Company.

by Walter Scott Lenox.

They still produce beautiful dinnerware

and accessories. My favorite set of

Christmas dishes are Lenox Holiday Tartan

(no longer available).



The Lenox bowl which contains

the flower arrangement of

Peonies, Pink Roses, and White Stock

belonged to the mother of my friend’s husband.

I told her that it will be well loved.

And it is.

I used wet floral foam

that was placed in a smaller bowl

than the Lenox bowl.

The container within a container.

I do this procedure

when I want to protect a beautiful

vintage bowl.


I created this arrangement,

using my usual “bowl method”

starting with one flower placed

at the top center and working

my way down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maybe one day there will be a

comeback for this beautiful, creamy

fine bone china that is still

manufactured here in the U.S.

in a “neighboring town” of

Kinston, North Carolina.

(currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus)



I do love to mix trendy things with my

“collected” decor; however, I tend to hang

on to the classics. Hey, wallpaper made

a great comeback! …. so did brass!



So there is hope for the creamy, ivory Lenox.

Did you know that Lenox was the first

North American bone china to be used

in the White House?

Lenox is the last significant

manufacturer of bone china in the U.S.



Hope you enjoyed my flowers in Lenox today.

Now it’s time for you to visit my lovely

Monday Morning Blooms friends!!


Pam ~ ~ Everyday Living

Lidy ~ ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is


And Me! ~ ~ Housepitality Designs


Have a most beautiful day everyone!


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  1. Shirley, What a stunning arrangement of peonies, roses and stock in your beautiful Lenox bowl! I wish peony season lasted longer and that I had a Trader Joe’s near me to pick up some beautiful blooms. I cut a few peonies to enjoy a couple of weeks ago but rest were shattered by all our heavy rain and gone until next year…*sniff*. I know your friend must be thrilled to see her bowl displayed and the love and attention you will give it. I have a few pieces of Lenox Winter Greetings with birds that I love and have always admired Lenox Holiday Tartan, so beautiful. As always it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy and MMB. Enjoy this beautiful weather ♥

  2. Barbara C. says

    I still enjoy using some Lenox pieces; love the eclectic look—much more interesting. Sometimes I will place a small votive candle on top of a candleholder. It finishes the look without adding another eight or ten inches of height.
    I have enjoyed seeing glimpses of your new home; thank you for sharing.

  3. Shirley, your gorgeous floral arrangement of peonies, roses, and stock looks so elegant in the creamy Lenox bowl. I love the traditional Lenox china that is timeless. Your pieces placed on the chinoiserie coffee table are perfect, and I love the comeback of brass. However, good classic design never goes out of style as far as I am concerned. I always enjoy your backstories and the memories that you share. What a delight to share. Monday Morning Blooms with you, wishing you a joy-filled Monday! ♥️

  4. Oh Shirley, this is all just gorgeous! Your floral arrangement is beautiful in the Lenox bowl with the accompanying pieces staged around it. I’m not really one to subscribe to trends, and I adore the classic traditional pieces. I really love the color palette you are displaying in your sunroom. I know you must really enjoy spending time in this pretty room. Take care!

  5. Good morning, Shirley! What a lovely post. I’m so glad to see someone else cheering for Lenox. My wedding china is Lenox, basic white with a silver band and I love it as much today as when I chose it more than 4 decades ago! And I use it and mix it with colorful Italian serving pieces from our travels and, of course, some of my blue and white. I also have a few small pieces of the creamy Lenox like your beautiful bowl, passed on to me from my grandmother and my mother-in-law. You’re right — if wallpaper can make a comeback, so can fine china.

  6. Wow, absolutely smitten with your pink arrangement in that perfect white and gold Lenox bowl! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Mia |

  7. Shirley this is stunning. I love your Lenox pieces and those flowers are just gorgeous in the lenox bowl. My peonies are almost ready to start to open up. I cannot wait. Have a beautiful new week ahead.

  8. Bobbie T says

    So beautiful and I love Lenox. I hate to inform you but Lenox in Kinston is permanently closing. They have been working on the Trump china but I don’t think that will come to fruition. It saddens me. Enjoy the pieces you have. Always look forward to your posts.

  9. Beautiful arrangement!!

  10. Shirley,what a beautiful arrangement in a stunning container. I have a number of pieces in my home including the same scalloped bowl you used for green apples. For several years, my late husband would give me a nice serving piece in “Holiday” for Christmas. I think that Lenox will soon be considered timeless.

  11. This is so pretty Shirley! The flowers are gorgeous, and those happy colors really warm my heart this morning. Lenox is always a good idea, classic, and made even more special since you got it with love from a dear friend. {Is there anyone out there who isn’t your friend? I don’t think so, you are the kind of person who makes a friend where ever you go.}
    Love the flowers, love you. And love being part of Monday Morning Blooms with you, dearest friend. xo
    FrenchGardenHouse’s recent post…Peony Care TipsMy Profile

  12. Your arrangement is beautiful, Shirley. I especially love the Lenox apple, a piece I have not seen before.

  13. I love your beautiful arrangement of peonies, roses and stock (doesn’t it just smell heavenly???). Your Lenox bowl is gorgeous. I, too, have Lenox Christmas china and just love it so much. Just wish I could still host Christmas dinner but don’t have the room now. I SOOOO miss entertaining for the holidays but the younger generation has taken over. Have a most beautiful week. Your new home is beautiful. I so look forward to the reveal of each room.

  14. Your arrangement is gorgeous Shirley, I LOVE the combination of flowers you used. The Lenox bowl is so pretty, I never think to use a bowl for flowers, but from now on I will! I loved the stories, the history of Lenox, and the candlestick trend. The apple is beautiful! I know what you mean about the younger generations not wanting our traditional china and silver…I shudder to think about what will happen to my china closet full of china and silver, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy it!

  15. Your arrangements and vignettes are always spot on! I’m afraid I have neither Lenox or Waterford pieces in which to make a beautiful arrangement. you know me, I like bottles! Thanks for the candle holder tip. It gives me reason not to worry about having matching candles in them. I’l display them empty. I like that!

  16. Loved the vignettes and the Lenox bowl. Mixing old and new decorative items, a great way
    to update tired decor in the home. Love the black coffee table also! Peonies & roses are some of my favorite flowers.
    Love your blog.

  17. Lovely, Shirley, and I still love Lenox….and brass. Yes, I noted the candlesticks without candles. they look fine. It’s hard to mess up good taste. 🙂

  18. I have several pieces of Lenox and Waterford that belonged to my mother. I cherish them because of the memories they hold. I also have many Baldwin Brass candlesticks that I collected in the early years of setting up house. I think anything that is good quality, well-made and beautiful is timeless. Your flowers are gorgeous in the Lenox bowl.

  19. Bobbi Duncan says

    Beautiful, Shirley, just beautiful! Hearing that Lenox has closed it’s doors makes me happy to know that I have six full sets of their china and many decor pieces as well. I love Lenox…so timeless and the neutral color goes with everything. I even have it in rooms with my blue and white porcelains and one doesn’t cancel out the other. I have some similar bowls to yours that I use for low arrangements that guests can peer over for conversation at the dinner table. I especially love their reticulated and raised relief pieces which add such interest. Your stories about how you came to have certain items always adds so much. With all the horrific things happening now in our world, it actually brings me some peace and hope to see all the lovely blog sites I’ve loved for years…like an old friend. Wishing you a lovely week. Hugs!

  20. When the young brides get older, I think they will wish they had held on to their grandmother’s china and crystal. My daughter has actually told me she doesn’t want my silver flatware. I cannot understand it at all, so now I use it for every family celebration. I am hoping she will start to feel the love.

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