Hickory Cottage Guest Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

I thought that it was time to show you

more of the Guest Room. It is probably

one of the few rooms that is somewhat complete

with the exception of the window treatments

and one piece of art that is waiting

to be framed.

The windows are wide open so controlling

the light was difficult.

Welcome to the Hickory Cottage Guest Room!



I used the same bedding that was

in the former guest room.

I love to change the bedding

for each season; however, this bedding

has remained on the guest room bed

in the former house for a long time.



Even though the duvet cover is a king size,

(by Pottery Barn purchased years ago)

it worked just fine on this queen bed.

The Ralph Lauren lamps that were in the

Great Room in the former house, now have

a home in the Guest Room.


The bed and the dresser were actually

in the Master Bedroom in our former home.

A few years ago,

I had purchased a new bed for the Master Bedroom;

however, we had did not set it up in that room,

as we knew we were planning on placing our home

on the market soon.

The dresser is adorned for summer.



A Pottery Barn hurricane is filled with sea glass

topped with a starfish.



A photo of your “host and hostess”

to welcome you with some mints for the pillows.



My mission was to find bedside tables

in my “inventory”

that would blend/coordinate with the

bed and dresser as the original bedside tables

are now in the dining room.


This vintage cottage style table

was in the Guest Room previously

and thought it would be a nice

“collected look” for the new Guest Room.



The pretty flower sconce on the wall

was a gift from a friend for our new home.



On this table is my framed poem welcoming guests.




On the left side of the room is the closet.

I placed a small table between the closet door

and the bathroom door. You can see a sneak peek

of the bathroom. Every bedroom has its

own bathroom.



The right side of the room has a

“new to me” bedside table.

It’s a table that I found at my

favorite consignment shop

(Always Home in Durham, NC)



It is made by Baker Furniture that

extends to a larger size.

I thought I was going to use it

at the end of a hallway; however, it

is perfect here next to the bed.



The bench that was at the foot of the bed,

now resides under the window for added




Here is one of the views should you

be seated on the bench.




This would be your view as you wake up

and greet the sun.



So happy that you came by to

visit the Hickory Cottage Guest Room.

I wish you all a most beautiful day . . .

AND . . . . .


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  1. Shirley, your guest room is gorgeous! Your guests will never want to leave! The blue and white theme is beautiful, and I love your new bedside tables. The views out the windows are stunning! Happy Wednesday, sweet friend!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful guest room. I now have a vision for several tables I planned to part with as we downsize from two homes to one. Your colors and style are similar to mine so seeing how you use fabulous pieces from your inventory helps me reconsider furniture I should keep for a curated and comfortable home.

    Praying for your happiness, creativity and good health.

  3. Shirley, your guest room is beautiful and so welcoming! I love the views and especially the basket of yellow flowers visible from the blue and white guest room! It is so nice in these days of having to be home more, that you have a new home to decorate. Stay well and safe!

  4. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your guests are never going to want to leave! Love all of the blue and white. Such a restful place.

  5. Diane Douglas says

    Absolutely stunning! I love blue and white also, so I love everything about this room. You are an artist! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Alice Genzlinger says

    I love all the light coming in and the blue and white. Plantation shutters that would let the light come in but close at night would be my choice. It’s beautiful Shirley.

  7. Terri Santa Coloma says


  8. Shirley, if I were a guest I think I might just stay. The room is beautiful and blue and white is such a welcoming color scheme…always classic and timeless. It is so nice that each bedroom has its own bath. Every detail is perfection!p

  9. Nancy Brantley says

    BEAUTIFUL! Your guest might decide to be permanent residents after seeing their room!!

  10. May I make a reservation??? Your guest room is beautiful and I’m sure you are anxiously awaiting the window coverings. You know how much I LOVE that bedding and all your blue and white pieces. The views are beautiful too! I hope your sweet Mom gets to come and stay SOON!!!! Have a beautiful day!

  11. charlsie woodside says

    Beautiful!! You have such lovely taste!!

  12. Shirley Kent says

    Such a beautiful room!The blue and white are a favorite of mine. I have looked forward to seeing your new home. I hope you are doing well.

  13. Clairmarie says

    Oh my goodness! I love your taste! It is so refreshing to see the things I love being used instead of some of the more modern things. I still love my brass candlesticks and that bed is beautiful and the bench is so cozy looking. Charming room~! SO glad I found your page!

  14. Sherry Myers says

    Who wouldn’t feel like royalty staying in this exquisite bedroom? It’s a dream. Your touch of creativity is well thought out. The colors are so welcoming. Enjoy your hard work, and enjoy every lucky guest who has the pleasure of staying in this beautiful room.

  15. This is so pretty and welcoming! I do love that bedding set and don’t blame you for not changing it. A classic is a classic! Love the two end tables and the bench by the window. How lovely to have a bathroom for each bedroom! So far your home is looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  16. I know you have to put window coverings in this lovely room, but I hope they are minimal, because the light is gorgeous! And, I always love blue and white! Lovely room and I would steal it immediately as my permanent one…LOL.

  17. Is Hickory Cottage accepting reservations?

  18. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    What a gorgeous Guest Bedroom you have! And, how nice that each bedroom has its own ensuite. You have done a fabulous job of putting this room together. Everything is so beautiful! I know your guests will just love this room and being spoiled by their “host” and “hostess”! The lovely views you have from the windows are so pretty! How nice to wake up in such a gorgeous bedroom and look outside and see the beautiful yard. Your guests will be so blessed!

    Bless you, Shirley! Do pray that you are doing well!

  19. Donna Grimes says

    Absolutely gorgeous, Shirley! Hope you are doing well.

  20. RRebecca turner says

    Shirley; I’m always so pleased to see one of your posts pop up on FB or Instagram for eye candy! Your guest room is so welcoming that anyone would feel special and pampered there. You’ve given a lot of thought to your guests comfort, and you’ve made the room beautiful as well. It’s so luxurious to provide a private bathroom as well. I’m just a wee bit envious. Thank you for sharing your joy with us!

  21. Karenann S. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the beautiful finishing touches in the room. Truly beautiful!

  22. Pat stansel says

    Love your timeless style !!!

  23. Love the classic, timeless style of blue & white in the guestroom @Hickory Cottage. Plantation shutters would look gorgeous in there and you could control the light as well. I love the Chinoserie duvet as well! I don’t remember seeing that at Pottery Barn. Cant wait to see a full tour of Hickory Cottage in the weeks to come.

  24. Shirley, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal of your beautifully decorated rooms. This bedroom certainly did not disappoint. My home is similar to your last home and my decorating style is the same as yours although you put things together much more elegantly than I am able to achieve. I look to you for ideas such as mixing dark wood pieces with chippy white ones. It’s nice to see traditional furniture with a mix of new and old things. It gives a home a comfortable feel and classic look without being too trendy. I am so happy for you having that beautiful home and being able to decorate it with all your lovely pieces. Looking forward to seeing the next room!
    Diane R.

  25. What a gorgeous space, Shirley! It’s so well-appointed. Your intention with getting your spaces complete amazes me. I still have things remaining in boxes that I wonder if I will ever even use again. This space is very welcoming, and what a nice view out the windows.

  26. It’s such a beautiful and welcoming room! I love all your blue and white touches, and the pineapples I know you are so fond of. I can only imagine what it treat it is to stay in this stunning room. xo Lidy

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