Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal

Hello Dear Readers . . . Happy Monday!

It’s Monday Morning Blooms Day and I

also thought that I would present my

Dining Room Reveal since the floral centerpiece

was created for the dining room table.

Join me and my amazing Monday Morning Blooms

friends, Lidy, Mary and Pam as we present another

rendition of our “Anything Goes” theme.

The links to their posts are located

below their beautiful images at the

end of this post.

I bring you, Flowers for the Dining Room Reveal




When I bring my flowers home from the store,

I cut the stems and let them soak

overnight in my “flower bucket”



The flowers I used today are:

White and Yellow Alstroemeria

Green Carnations with pink striations

Hot Pink Gerbera Daisies

White Spider Mums





My inspiration today were the beautiful

Chelsea House vases that I scored at one

of my favorite places to shop. Can you guess?

Yes, Always Home Consignment Shop, Durham, NC



As I was leaving the shop,

I spotted these vases out of

the corner of my eye.

They looked very elegant and when

I turned them over . . . of course

they were the elegance of  Chelsea House!



The vases have been on the dining room table

without flowers in them.

The vases flank the jardiniere that

I have had for years.



When arranging the flowers

in the vases, I tried to achieve

a symmetrical look.

Having one side of the arrangement

drape down the side of each vase.

The alstroemeria is great for that effect.



Very recently, I unpacked

a box of linens and this beautiful

sequined and beaded table scarf was in it.

I purchased  this beauty years ago at a

“After Christmas Sale”

I think I may have paid $15 for it

with it being 75% off!



The table scarf was the perfect color

for the dining room centerpiece

with the green jardiniere.

Since the vases have a bird motif,

I added my antique “Home Sweet Home” book

and placed my lidded bird jeweled box on it.



I “borrowed” the sweet bird bath

from my Sweetie’s bathroom to

add to the “bird” themed centerpiece.



As you can see the dining room is

a very open room that is just to

the left as you enter the front door.

Let’s take a tour…..


When you come through the front door

this is what you see.



This was the only place that I could

place my Secretary and it seems to work well here.

My home definitely has that “collected look!”



Adjacent to the dining room is the hallway

that leads to the master bedroom,

powder room, stairs to the bonus room

and laundry room.


I moved the lamps from the guest room

into the dining room when I purchased

new lamps for our bedroom.

That “Domino Effect”

The plates on the tables are

birds from the Audubon collection.

You will see more Audobon decor in the new house

as I have added to my collection and my Sweetie

is quite the bird lover.



The Chelsea House Trumeau mirror

has many pretty reflections.

This angle reflects the dining room fireplace/mantel.



Another mirror in the area is

across the dining room in the foyer

above the French buffet.

The mirror is also a French antique.



When I told my builder that I wanted

a fireplace in the dining room,

I think he looked at me as if I had

two heads. I get that look from

my hubby too. I always wanted a fireplace

in my dining room and so happy I got one!



I cannot wait to dress up this mantel

for the Holidays!

Thank you for your visit today and

hope you enjoyed my Flowers in the Dining Room.

Now it is time to visit my wonderful

flower loving friends!

The links are below their beautiful images!


Pam of Everyday Living


Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse


Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


And ME!

Housepitality Designs

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!!

Note: Many thanks to our fellow Monday Morning Blooms

friend, Lidy, of FrenchGardenHouse for always making our

Monday Morning Blooms graphic image so beautiful.

She creates a new image to adjust for each season

using an image from our Monday Morning Blooms


Thank you Lidy!

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  1. Shirley, I love your fireplace in your dining room, how cozy! I love how open and organic everything is placed without being a ‘set’ and the addition of your secretary. You can truly live and use your dining area, not just when you’re dining. Gorgeous mirror and reflections, it looks like you have some wonderful natural light in your new home. Your Chelsea House vases were such a great find so pretty filled with flowers and flanking your jardinière on your table. Thank you for the peak into your new home, I’m anxious to see more reveals. As always it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy. Happy Monday ♥

  2. Shirley, the dining room is exquisite with that wonderful collected look! The fireplace will provide all the feels for every holiday as you dress the mantel with seasonal beauty! The Chelsea House trumeau and vases are gorgeous. I remember always going to Chelsea House showroom when I shopped the Atlanta Gift Mart. Your floral arrangements are so lovely on the pretty table scarf. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Hickory Cottage with us, and I can’t wait to see the reveal of all your curated spaces. I so love sharing Monday Morning Blooms with you ♥️

  3. I love your posting today! Gorgeous! Do you live in Durham? I’m in Atlanta, but am from Durham.

  4. Shirley, Your dining room is gorgeous. I still marvel at how much you have accomplished in a short time and gone through chemotherapy at the same time.
    How beautiful your flower arrangements are and the lovely vases. You are very talented to do flanking symmetrical arrangements. Did you have that vision before you bought the flowers or did it just evolve?

  5. Your dining room is beautiful, Shirley! From the beautiful arrangement with the bird theme (I also love birds) to the exquisite white dining room chairs, I love all of it!

  6. Donnamae says

    I really like the fireplace in your dining room…it adds warmth. It all looks lovely, as usual. And, I love the dining chair arrangement, with the wooden chairs as the head chairs! Stay well! 😉

  7. the fireplace! swoon. we were once in a house that had a double fireplace, one side in the dining & the other in the kitchen. loved it and placed it in our someday file. your room is exquisite, love the combo of chairs, sconces, the inviting way your opened up the chairs to the table. looks like a home of many years already.

  8. Hi Shirley,
    Your dining room is gorgeous. The beautiful bird theme vignette is gorgeous too. Love the vases. I love the fireplace in the dining room. Always loved when there is a fireplace in a dining room. So romantic and beautiful. Been thinking about you and hoping all is going well with your health. Love you girlfriend.

  9. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I thought I left a comment but I don’t see it so I will try again. Your dining room is beautiful! I love the floors and the chandelier is stunning. I know you must be so happy to be in your new home. Can you share what color the walls are painted?

  10. Shirley this is a beautiful! I think the fireplace was such a nice addition and I love the blue and white porcelains flanking both sides too. Oh and I like the portrait you chose to go over the mantel too! Your florals are beautiful especially in those Chelsea House vases! I have always adored that French buffet and seeing it there with the mirror is wonderful! You must be so happy!
    Liz’s recent post…Celebrating the 4th In My GardensMy Profile

  11. Shirley, the vases and floral selections are excellent complements to each other! I love getting the staggered reveals into your new new home. The details are full of luxury. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the process of designing and decorating your new space! Have a wonderful week.

  12. Your flowers and vase are simply gorgeous Shirley! A stunning arrangement, I love that it looks so natural. I had a house with a dining room fireplace once, and we LOVED it! Especially for the holidays, I know you will so enjoy it! Thank you for the beautiful eye candy today!

  13. Lovely post…I haven’t done any in house decorating since a year ago spring…Christmas even was a three tote minimum and a tree. Lovely photos, and I like the bit of minimalism you have used. I’m finding clutter is simply adds stress to our trying times! You are making me want to clear my bedroom and rearrange…lol. Hugs, and loved it! Sandi

  14. Beautiful! Love the “collected” decor…it tells your story. Fireplace in the dining room…awesome!

  15. I never would have thought of a fireplace in the dining room but it looks beautiful! I LOVE the Chelsea House vases and you filled them beautifully along with your beautiful jardinaire! The French buffet and mirror are exquisite. You must be having so much fun decorating your new home. Take tons of pictures cause it is fun to look back in a few years and see what has changed! Have a BEAUTIFUL week!!! I brought Colleen home from the 4th of July and will have her til tomorrow afternoon. WE are having fun:)
    Pinky’s recent post…Christmas Mantle and Hearth, 2019My Profile

  16. Ellen Shook says

    As a confirmed mirror-obsessed woman, I am very taken with your two mirrors in this post. Seeing your home come together is a marvel, especially when I think about what you have dealt with over the last year. I think you are my icon of what it means to keep on moving forward.

  17. Shirley, this room is absolutely perfect. I am so glad you pushed for the fireplace! I’ve always wanted one of those, and since we don’t even really have a dining room in this California home, I can live vicariously through you, friend. Love it!

    The flowers are perfect. Your forever home looks like a happy home, and I know you can’t wait to once again fill it with family and friends. xo Lidy

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    You’ve once again worked your magic–your dining room is stunning! Beautiful Chelsea vases and floral arrangement. We have the same game birds artwork in our parlor–love it’s old-world charm! Hugs!

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