Summer Flower Arrangement in Blue and White

Hello Dear Readers

and a Happy Monday Morning Blooms Day to you!

It’s one of my favorite days when you

can just feel the happiness from beautiful flowers!

My forever happy Blooms Friends, Lidy, Mary, Pam,

and I are continuing with our fun theme

of “Anything Goes!”

Today I bring you,

a Summer Flower Arrangement in Blue and White

The links and beautiful images to Lidy’s, Pam’s and

Mary’s posts are at the end of this post.



I thought I would show you where I

arrange my flowers these days.

In my former home, I used to arrange

flowers in the kitchen … next to the kitchen sink.

In our new home, I do my flower arranging

in my laundry room/craft room.



I am lucky to have such a huge sink

in the laundry room. Perfect for placing

loads of flowers, such as this haul

from Trader Joe’s.



When starting most arrangements,

I choose the largest flowers first.

Then the next size, etc.

I really did not have a vision

when I was shopping for flowers, I usually do.

So I chose a variety of colors. Happy Summer colors.



The tulips of yellow and garnet

really caught my eye.

Then found one bouquet of those

fabulous velvety green hydrangeas.


The flowers I used today are:

The prettiest shade of rosey pink and blush carnations

Hydrangeas (blue – green – pink)


Seeded Eucalyptus for filler and texture.


You may notice more types of flowers

in my “bucket.” I always buy a couple

extra bouquets just in case and there

is always a place for extra flowers here!



I knew I wanted to do an arrangement

in my Juliska Country Estate pitcher.

It was just a matter of where I was

going to place it.

I then thought what better place to

make a happy vignette than on my

new coffee table in my little sitting area.



Pretty colors to truly pop against

the pale blue armoire.



I truly love, that I can take

this  arrangement and

place it in any room of the house.

And it just may do that 🙂

Things are always “on the move” in this house.



I had divided the great room into two sitting areas.

One area is the main sitting area where we watch TV

and hopefully one day entertain.



The other area just has two chairs

yet large enough for four. It’s a cozy area

that is still a work in progress.

Well, a good part of the house is still a work in progress.

But then again, isn’t a home always in that state?



The mini-orchids were already on this table

along with the pears. Yes, they are perfect

looking…that’s because they are faux.



I could not find organic pears (exclusively eating

organic fruit and veggies now) so the faux

pears from Pottery Barn fit the bill.



I had purchased some very pretty small

blue and white pots from Sweet Pea, Knoxville

and mini orchids seem as though they were made for these pots.



I have another pattern in these mini

blue and white pots and they are sitting pretty

in the sunroom.



I’m happy that this little sitting area

is coming along. Mainly due to the new

glass and gold metal coffee table.

The rug is the one that was in our

former sunroom. This will have to do

for a while until I can find another.



So happy that my armoire fit perfectly

in this space … as if it was meant to be there.



Hope you enjoyed my summer flower arrangement

simply placed in a blue and white pitcher.

I think summer is all about simplicity.

Now it’s time to visit my amazing flower

adoring friends. The links to their posts

are below their stunning images.


Pam of Everyday Living


Lidy of FrenchGardenHouse


Mary of Home Is Where The Boat Is


And ME ~ Housepitality Designs


I hope you all have a most beautiful day

and my thoughts and prayers are with the

ones who will be affected by

Tropical Storm/Possibly Hurricane Isaisas.

We are in the “cone” so we will be hunkering down.

Hope it will just be a “bit of rain”,

and wind, however, not likely 🙁

Stay safe out there in more ways than one!

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  1. What a stunning combination of flowers Shirley! Those gorgeous striped tulips make your whole arrangement pop! I envy your generously sized sink in your laundry room and having access to a Trader Joe’s near you. 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful your gorgeous French armoire fit perfectly on your wall…such decorating serendipity! So happy to join you, Pam and Lidy for some flower therapy on these Mondays. I keep hoping things will get back to normal sooner rather than later. Keeping fingers crossed that Isaias loses steam and is more of a rain event than tropical storm or hurricane. Stay safe ♥

  2. Shirley, the backdrop of the gorgeous armoire is always perfect. Your flowers are so beautiful, the tulips caught my eye immediately. I have Trader Joe’s envy, it is 60 miles to the closest one to me. The Juliska pitcher is lovely standing alone, but your flowers make it stunning. The coffee table was a great find and it was made for your space. I hope the storm is only a rain event for you and Mary. It is always a pleasure to spend Monday Morning Blooms with you, Happy Monday!

  3. Gorgeous composition of both your floral arrangement and seating arrangement, Shirley! You keep teasing us with bits and pieces of your new home….I can’t wait to see the entirety in one post, hopefully you will do that. It will be like enjoying a magazine. Your laundry room basin is terrific, not only for flowers but it would be for soaking vintage linens too! Happy August!

  4. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    What a happy arrangement! I love that blue armoire and your new table is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful arrangement! I never see tulips around here for sale past spring! I like the bright colors and they look great in that Juliska pitcher. Love the new coffee table and I always enjoy seeing that blue armoir! That sink in the laundry room is great. I have one in my laundry room but it’s downstairs so I still use my kitchen sink!
    Liz’s recent post…My Potting WreathMy Profile

  6. Beautiful flower arrangement!! Love the laundry room sink and would love to see more of your beautiful new home! Hope you are feeling well!

  7. What a beautiful arrangement, Shirley! The colors are so uplifting. Love your new coffee table, too and I’m thinking I need some faux mini orchids as well. I just don’t have much luck with the real ones.

  8. Your flowers are always sooooo beautiful. I just smile when you post. Have a great new week ahead and I hope the hurricane just brings you some rain.

  9. Shirley, this is a stunning combination of colors! My favorites are those gorgeous striped tulips. Your armoire fits so perfectly on your wall in this room, it’s such a beautiful beautiful piece. It is always a joy to share our special Monday Morning Blooms with you and Pam and Mary. I’ll be keeping you in mind and prayers for the storm. Stay safe, dear friend. xo Lidy

  10. I really enjoy this series so much. Your table arrangement is just so lovely. I loved the peek of your new laundry/craft/floral arranging space, hope to see more of it soon. The blue plate of laundry being hung on a line is darling. We had the storm yesterday but it stayed off shore and had very little rain, just wind burn on some foliage. Kinda of a non-event for us, thank the Lord.

  11. Shirley, Just beautiful as always. I hav a deep sink in my mud room but the space is not pretty like yours! I love your armoire. Did you buy it or paint it? I have a farmhouse one from my great aunt that I want to freshen up. I like the colors.

  12. Rebecca turner says

    Your arrangement is so colorful and gorgeous! Love the blue armoire and your little sitting area! I imagine when you’re standing at your sink working, you have something beautiful to look at whichever way you turn. 😊

  13. Beautiful flowers…love that deep sink in your laundry room. Your home is so lovely Shirley. Love the new coffee table…any chance you would share a source?

  14. Shirley. I love your arrangement and I think your new home is beautiful! I am in love with your new coffee table also. If you can, please share where you found it. I live on the border in Texas and would love to have hydrangeas in my garden, but they just won’t grow here. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  15. Shirley this just says beautiful, simple elegance to me….and that describes you too!!! Your armoire is so beautiful and the perfect backdrop. I love the combination of flowers and colors you have used today! And your SINK, it amazing! I wish I had a laundry ROOM instead of the closet but I have learned to live with it. have a beautiful week. I love when I see you have posted!

  16. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Just catching up with the posts! Your arrangement is so beautiful! You always do such a lovely job with your arrangements, Shirley! Your new table is lovely, too — as is that gorgeous armoire! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us. Do pray that you are keeping well. Keeping you in my prayers!

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