Kitchen Reveal

Hello Dear Readers!

Today I am finally revealing the kitchen.

I know, you are probably saying that it

is about time. You can’t believe how many times

I have arranged and re-arranged this area.

Not being totally satisfied with what I have done.

Until…my hubby mentioned that it was “too white”

Where’s the color that you love?

That was it … I needed to add more color.

So here we go … my Kitchen Reveal.

The Source List is at the bottom of this post.


I always wanted a large white kitchen

including cabinets with glass fronts.

In this house, I got my wish and more…

such as this large island that I can place

5 stools around it with ease.




Three stools fit comfortably at the

head of the island and 2 are tucked into the sides.

Rather than the cabinetry under the island extending

to both ends of the island, I left some space

to tuck in stools at each end.



I so loved working with my cabinet designer and

owner, Ricky, of Triangle Cabinet Art, in Raleigh, N.C.

He was so extremely patient with me as I tweaked my

design several times. Actually, all the cabinetry in the house

was done by Triangle Cabinet Art.



I told him that I was not a fan of “corner lazy susan” cabinets,

so we came up with this design. Love it!

Such a great use of space!



I know that open shelving is quite popular

these days; however, I just wanted a couple

of spaces with that concept, mainly for

display purposes. My ironstone is on the

open shelving for now and I can see it changing

with the seasons to come.

You can see a peek of the one area of

open shelving below the countertop to

house my copper pots.



The peninsula that houses my sink and

dishwasher were not in the original design.

I wanted to be able to stand at the sink and look

out into the sunroom and beyond and

also convenient to the breakfast area.



I lost my pantry when adding the peninsula;

however, I have so much storage space in

this kitchen.  I created a pantry in the

laundry room. It is actually working out well.





The back side of the peninsula has decorative

panels. The end/corner panel opens and is a

functioning cabinet with shelving; otherwise

that area would have been a “dead space”

Another great way to take advantage of

utilizing every inch of this kitchen.



This end of the kitchen is where you will find

my refrigerator with its custom panels, and

a beverage/wine cooler.



Next to the refrigerator is my “coffee station”

which was a must on my kitchen wish list. 🙂



The stove is on the back wall of the kitchen

with it’s very “tall” hood.



Because of the BTU’s of this stove and

my hood being made of wood…code dictated the height.



The other side of the island

where there are lots of deep drawers

for storage and the microwave and warming drawer.



On now on to the details.

As I had mentioned, I was not totally satisfied

with the decor on the kitchen counter, then my

hubby mentioned I was missing color.

So I decided to add a few of my favorite things

such as this canvas/photo of my Sweetie and her

beloved Budgie, Opal. Love this! The colors were perfect.



I went through some boxes of framed prints

and found the watercolors that my friend Martha

had painted. The perfect items that

added color and more interest and also

the sentiment of those paintings are important.




Blue and White is always a perfect

addition to any kitchen.




You will find vintage bread boards and many

antique kitchen pretties throughout the kitchen.





Silver and antique European crocks.



French bowls nestled in a vintage ironstone bowl.



And let’s not forget Chef Bovine

who will be wishing you a beautiful day!!

Now on to the Source List:

Kitchen Cabinetry: Triangle Cabinet Art, Raleigh, N.C.

Lighting over island: Currey and Company

Quartz Countertop: Daltile (Golden Gate)

Sink: Kohler Dickinson Apron Front

Sink Faucet: Moen Waterhill

Counter stools: Frontgate Chapman Swivel Chairs
in Cocina Grey leather.

Stove: Thermador

Dishwasher: Thermador

Refrigerator/Microwave/Warming Drawer: Kitchenaid


Note: The fabulous cabinet Hardware is from
D. Lawless Hardware
The great folks at D. Lawless Hardware provided me all the
beautiful cabinet hardware for my kitchen.
I chose the classic Amerock #BP1303-G9
All great reviews of this hardware are joyfully and
entirely my own!


Hope you enjoyed my Kitchen tour.
Note to self: remember to use my lighting umbrellas!!!

Have a most wonderful day!

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  1. Beautiful! Did not see any info on the tile backsplash. Can you share the source?

  2. Martha Davis says

    I am ready to renovate my kitchen! I love everything about this design! A couple of questions:
    Where is the microwave?
    Do the glass front cabinets next to the stove require daily cleaning?

    Great job!

  3. Pat Francoforte says

    Everything is absolutely perfect! What a beautiful view everyone you look! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy every moment in good health!

  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous and appears to be a great layout for actual cooking. We share a love of white kitchens with glass front cabinets and a large island, a timeless design to treasure for years to come.
    Hope you have a great week!

  5. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Your kitchen is beautiful and it looks like it really functions well! That island is amazing and I love the lighting.

  6. Shirley, this is spectacular! I have pinned every image!! You must be over the moon. We used Triangle Cabinets also almost 30 years ago and my husband actually wants new cabinets, so you’ve given me so many great ideas. Could you please share your backsplash tile also? I love it!

  7. This is one of my favorite kitchens I’ve ever seen. Every detail I saw, made me think — oh! I love that! The floor, stove, sink, Island, stools, all of it. I’m pinning this to my “kitchen” Pinterest board because I need to do a big kitchen makeover someday soon. Good job!

  8. Barbara C. says

    Very pretty! I love the blue and white accents with the white.

  9. Beautiful kitchen!

  10. It’s exquisite, Shirley! And you’ve solved the whole corner cabinet lazy Susan dilemma!!!! And tucking in the stools is genius!

  11. Your kitchen is stunning. I love everything about it, especially the drawers where a lazy Susan is usually located. Genius! And I am pinning the photo of your blue and white platter, plates and pitcher in the corner of your counter. I really like that arrangement and if I ever manage to create an empty corner in my kitchen I would love to do a similar arrangement.

  12. Just gorgeous Shirley. You never disappoint with your decor. The layout and organization is fabulous. So happy for you that you are finally settled in your new home. Hugs. Kris

  13. Oh what a DREAM kitchen you have created!!! It is gorgeous and SO well thought out. I love, LOVE your stove hood, I have always wanted a design like that with a sort of “mantle”!!! Every vignette is beautiful and I’m glad Tom suggested to add some color, it all works so beautifully! Your view from the sink is wonderful, that is the thing I love about my kitchen too: the view from the sink. Your kitchen is huge but so beautiful… a said, a dream. I never knew you could do drawers in a corner like that, that is wonderful! Enjoy it for MANY years ahead. It is the perfect space to make many new memories!!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Summer Table in the Dining Room.My Profile

  14. Shirley….absolutely beautiful. Wish I could of done the same with my corner cabinet. Im not a fan of corner cabinets either. You will love the all white kitchen…did mine five years ago and still love every bit of it.

    Any chance you have source of your new coffee table that you posted a few days ago?

  15. Sandra white says

    Such a beautiful kitchen and so well planned out. This would be my dream.

  16. It’s wonderful! What a clever stool arrangement & I always love having the coffee bar near an opening so people can refill without actually being inside the work zone. Your counter decor is perfect!! Who wouldn’t love this vast, high-function Kitchen?!

  17. An absolutely exquisite kitchen, Shirley! You’ve thought of everything. Could you please tell me what the 2 thin cabinets on either side of the stove are used for? Bravo on a job well done!

  18. Linda Ramsey says

    Your kitchen is absolutely stunning, love it all! You did a wonderful job with the use of spaces. Hoping you get to cook & enjoy many, many meals in there. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see more of your beautiful house.

  19. Shirley, it is fabulous! Absolutely love the little touches that make it yours.

  20. Shirley, I never had a doubt that your kitchen would be amazing! It definitely is and I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  21. Your Kitchen is perfect, too perfect I hate so say. Hopefully with time it will look like somebody lives there. After subscribing to English Home and Country Homes and Interiors for years my eyes have changed. Even in the most elaborate Estates there are something not matching, something personal, just love that English lived in look.
    Sorry to be negative, but as soon as i saw your kitchen, my thought was too perfect.
    Your husband is right bringing in Colors help a lot.
    No I feel guilty writing this, just wanted to speak my mind like your column says
    Agneta Romano

  22. Beautiful, Shirley! You have done a fabulous job. The great thing about your kitchen is you can constantly change all the accessories to your hearts content because you won’t be clashing in any way.

  23. Beautiful Shirley! So glad you have the kitchen you always dreamed of!
    Hope you are doing well.

  24. This is the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen! You have done a great job in designing ever little space.

  25. I love every detail, Shirley!! Soooo beautiful and you have so many fantastic details!!

  26. Sherry myers says

    What most of us dream of! Stunning, gorgeous, genius design…so happy for you! Thank you for sharing with those who love the lovely touch you put on everything. I, for one, am enjoying every reveal.

  27. Shirley, such a pretty kitchen! The lighting and the hardware are especially beautiful. I do like the color you brought in.

  28. Judy hubbard says

    Just an unbelievably gorgeous kitchen. Everything you did is perfect I love the decor touches. What a beautiful new home you’ve created!

  29. Wow your kitchen is a dream kitchen came true and I love the title and the back splash and what is the name of the title that i see? and that kitchen island is something I have always wanted in my kitchen and all your gorgeous cabinet and I love how everything was so beautiful and thought out and well place and love that corner cabinet and I like that better than the Lazy Susan also. but that stove hood where did you get that one and I have always wanted one of those over my stove like that? could you please tell me? and the color on the wall? what is that paint color that I see there at the arch way? and I do love that hard ware for the cabinets that style is gorgeous and also different and you really have out did your self in your kitchen and you really thought of how you really wanted everything and all I can say is you did a great and fantastic and also amazing job and I for one loooove all that I see and more.

  30. Shannon@belle bleu interiors says

    Shirley, your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! What a well thought out space….every detail is perfect. All of your collections are so beautifully displayed! I know you must enjoy preparing meals in your new kitchen! Happy Friday!

  31. What a beautiful, well thought out kitchen you designed, Shirley. White is so bright and uplifting, and you can change your accent colors whenever you wish. The large island must be a dream come true and it provides so much seating with those wonderful bar stools. You didn’t miss a detail!

  32. It’s beautiful, Shirley!

  33. Shirley, Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love the way you displayed all of your collections and I love the island! It’s great that you were able to create a penninsula with your sink installed so you could look out into your sunroom! Love all the beautiful details! I’m not a fan of lazy Susan’s either and loved what your designer was able to create for you. I’m finally getting my little dream galley kitchen remodeled. We are on the home stretch. You are so blessed to have such a large beautiful space!

  34. What a dream kitchen Shirley! I love all the white…the perfect blank canvas for all your kitchen accessories, collections and pretties! I hope you’re firing up that Thermador oven, what a beauty, I’d be in heaven! ♥

  35. Shirley, I read your kitchen reveal on the day you posted. I didn’t comment, but knew I wanted to visit again when I had more time. This is a dream kitchen, your well thought out plan was perfectly executed. Each and every detail is perfection, lighting, cabinetry, appliances, open shelving all combined for a fabulous space. I am so happy for you my friend…Happy Tuesday!

  36. Absolutely gorgeous, Shirley. The view from the sink is so important! I’m so happy for you, everything looks perfect!

  37. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love all the touches of color and personal pictures! I see someone else loves M & M’s. They are a staple in our house! So happy for you! Enjoy this beautiful space!

  38. Gorgeous Shirley! I like all the white, that gives you so much freedom to add the touches of color that you want, not to mention all the fun you can have with seasonal decor! I love where you placed your sink, the corner drawers and the huge island, so perfect for cooking, projects and entertaining. I wish you many happy times in your new dream kitchen!

  39. I have 4 of those pesky corner cabinets – I wish I had the drawers too. The kitty figured out how to open the doors and now they are tied shut. I like your plan for your kitchen and may “borrow” some ideas for our next home.

  40. I love the corner cabinets, the warming drawer, the beverage cooler. I, too, would love a white kitchen. It’s so versatile. You were right to keep open cabinets to a minimum. I like doors to keep dust off. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  41. I’m speechless Shirley! Your kitchen is absolutely stunning, and has SO many fabulous details, both practical AND beautiful ❤️.

    I’m so glad I decided to stop by. Thought about you often and hoped you were well, and I’m thrilled to see you are thriving and living your dream.

    I hope you enjoy many years in your new, drop-dead gorgeous home.

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