Fall Bouquets in the Sunroom

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Monday and a very Happy Monday Morning Blooms!

May I also say, Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday weekend.

We, (Lidy, Mary, Pam and I) are back to bring you

some lovely flower inspiration for you to enjoy.

Their links are below their most beautiful images

at the end of this post.

Today, since we are now into September and with

Fall fast approaching, I bring you,

Fall Bouquets in the Sunroom.




My inspiration for today’s bouquets was

the Suzani like pillow on my “bee chair.”

I actually took a pic of it so I could

recall the exact colors to mimic the pillow.



I had also taken my Leopard pillows from the

pillow cover abyss and added them to the sofa,

along with one of my fav pillows, “the Pheasant”.

With the exception of the Leopard pillows,

all pillows are from Pottery Barn several  years ago.

The Leopard pillows were custom made from fabric

on super clearance.

When searching for the perfect vase, I found

my pair of Tortoise vases (also from Pottery Barn)

which coordinate so well with the Leopard pillows.



The flowers I used today (all from Trader Joe’s) are:

Blue Hydrangeas

Orange Gerbera Daisies

Eryngo (the blue thistle type flower)

Green Mums

Yellow Roses with deep pink edging on the outer petals.

Feathers were added for that extra Fall touch



I selected the lidded brown transferware container

that I had used in my previous Monday Morning Blooms

post of Transitioning from Summer to Fall Flower Arrangement.

to be a part of the the Fall vignette on the coffee table.




I missed celebrating last year’s  Fall season the way I have

done it in the past and I am  so looking forward to planting mums

and setting out lots of pumpkins this year.




So how did I create today’s simple vase arrangement?

I started out with the blue hydrangea as I knew it would

be one of the tallest and fullest of the flowers and then tucked in

the roses around it, then  alternated with the other flowers.

I made certain that I set aside a few Gerbera Daisies

to place at the base of the vase to conceal any stems.

The feathers were adorned last, like jewelry.



With enough flowers left over and having a coordinating vase,

I made a mini arrangement to place on the vintage

Venetian stacking tables.



With possibly a few more added Fall touches,

the sunroom will be ready to welcome in the Fall season.



I will soon be rescuing the velvet pumpkins and more,

from the dreaded storage abyss.




Hope you enjoyed my “pre-Fall” sunroom today.

When looking for inspiration to create a simple vase of flowers. . .

wondering what flowers/colors to choose. . .

look to things in your room for inspiration or possibly

something that may be in your “storage abyss.”

And….speaking of inspiration, it is time to visit my

ever so passionate about all things flowers, friends.


Pam ~ Everyday Living


Lidy ~ FrenchGardenHouse


Mary ~ Home Is Where The Boat Is


And Me! ~ Housepitality Designs


Have a most beautiful day,

making your own kind of music

and singing your own special song!

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  1. I love your selection of blooms that mimic the colors in your pillow Shirley! The feathers add the perfect fall touch to pair with your pheasant and leopard print pillows and tortoise vases. Fall can’t get here quickly enough for me. We’ve enjoyed a teaser this weekend with lower humidity and temps in the 80s instead of 90s. Wishing you a Happy Labor Day. ♥

  2. Shirley, I think you know I have coffee table envy…you always style it to perfection. Your arrangements are giving me all the fall feels especially in the tortoise vases. I am reminded that I have tortoise vases that I have never used, I will be pulling them out of my storage abyss. I am a fan of feathers and they are the finishing touch to your beautiful arrangement. I also adore animal prints…your pillows including the pheasant are the perfect transition into autumn. We have had a break in the humidity, now if our temps would cooperate. Happy Labor Day, Shirley! ♥️

  3. Traditional elegance! Love your sunroom look for early fall, Shirley! There is something about thistle (enryngo in your case) that I find quite attractive. It’s the sort of yang to the yin of what thinks of in a typical floral arrangement. Very nice touch with the feathers as well!

  4. I normally don’t like an orangish color but this is just stunning! Makes me want to run out and buy the exact same flowers! You have such a talent for decorating and I am always excited when I see your post pop up!

  5. Shirley, you always create the most stunning arrangements, and this one is no exception. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for fall. The coffee table vignette is so beautiful and compliments the pretty autumn pillows perfectly. I know you must be so excited for fall this year. I’m so happy for you and greatly admire your strength and grace. I hope you have a most beautiful week ahead!

  6. Love the entire room from start to finish! Colors are warm and inviting. Floral arrangement brings in warmth and a great pop of color to the room. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Labor Day. Jo

  7. So lovely Shirley! These colors look wonderful in your room. Your arrangement speaks my autumn language to a t”. I love your vases, perfect for this season. And unlike Pam I have ALWAYS had coffee table envy! I love that table!! It’s always a blessing to join you on our Monday Morning Blooms. Xo Lidy

  8. Love the way you worked in the colors of your pillows. Your arrangements are beautiful! My husband is a serious hay fever sufferer, so right now at least I have avoided bringing fresh flowers into the house, but I’m “chomping at the bit” to do something like this for fall! Have a great week!

  9. AHHHH, Fall!!! Your arrangement(s) are beautiful! Love the colors and the pillows in the sunroom. I have finished decorating!!! Inside. I have done some outside and even got a couple of mums and will be going to the Amish farm for pumpkins soon! I love, love my house decorated for Fall. I think it is at it’s prettiest this season. Have a beautiful Labor day!!!

  10. Dear Shirley,

    Love the vivid colors you chose in your arrangement. I’m curious about your “storage abyss.” Do you have a large closet or room dedicated for your accessory storage? I’m always trying to figure out ways to organize my pretty things that I rotate. Thank you.

  11. Gorgeous as usual. I love that you are not afraid of orange….It really spices up that arrangement. Looking forward to seeing all your fall decor. Stay well and safe! 😉

  12. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Beautiful! I love the combination colors of the blue and orange. Love your pillows too!

  13. Wow I love the striking colors i on f your bouquets. The feathers really add a beautiful touch! Love the vases you chose and the animal print pillows! Lovely fall accents!

  14. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says

    Shirley, your Sunroom looks so beautiful and those gorgeous Fall floral arrangements are just gorgeous! Love the feathers in them! So happy that you can enjoy Fall this year! How wonderful this is for you! Thanks for sharing with us once again. Your arrangements are always so beautiful — as is your lovely new home. Enjoy!

  15. Shirley, your elegant style is beautiful. Your room has so many pretty touches and the gorgeous light is lovely.
    I love your tortoise vases. I have two huge ones that have dried hydrangeas in but they are difficult because they require a lot of flowers. This year my hydrangeas did not bloom so I will have to wait another year and hope for the best.
    I like how you put it that adding the feathers last was like putting on your jewelry. Like minded people think alike. I put feathers in my arrangement for tomorrows blog hop.
    I am ready for fall also.

  16. This is so much fun and unexpected! The combo of bright blooms in the leopard vase with a crown of feathers is a gorgeous way to welcome fall Shirley! I do have some feathers, I must dig them out!

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