Happy Together Christmas Trees

Hello Dear Readers!

I hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

Much like most of you, our Thanksgiving was

a bit different this year; however, wonderful.

We shall all just count our blessings and

be grateful for all that life has to offer.

Today, I am here to show you my Christmas trees

that I placed in the Great Room flanking

one of the  archways into the Sunroom.

AND….just a reminder that there is still time

to enter our Crown Linen Designs and Arte Italica

GIVEAWAY….See details below.

In the meantime, please enjoy my Happy Together Christmas Trees.


I have collected many Christmas trees

throughout the years. Some I purchased

and many sent to me for review.

I have “scaled down” my collection;

however, I think I could do some more of that!



I would say that this is also true for my

ornament collection. However, must say

it is sometimes hard to let go.



Ornaments from travels,

precious gifts from friends,

family memories, and those

thought I sought after on those

after Christmas Day sales!




My hubby and son would gift me

ornaments knowing how much I love them,

along with  friends and family.

I remember the Christmas when my hubby

gifted me this cute little rocking horse.



My trusty nutcracker stands tall

alongside one of the trees.



I think I waited in line at a fav gift shop

in hopes to get this guy at 75% off! I did!



No elaborate topper for these trees

this year.  Just some ribbon and faux branches

with hanging icicles.


The tree on the right….



The tree on the left….



And here they are together …. Happy Together!

If you haven’t already entered the Crown Linen Designs

and Arte Italica Giveaway …..



You are not too late!

Click here for the Giveaway Details:

A Tablescape of Classic, Casual Elegance and a Giveaway.

Good Luck!

Have a most beautiful day everyone!

P.S. Stay tuned for more trees throughout the house!

You can’t just have two….

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  1. Maree Sperle says

    Love the idea of the clip on candles. I have never seen that before.

    Follow you on Instagram

  2. Swoon Shirley! What a gorgeous pair of trees flanking your archway into your sitting room! Happy Thanksgiving to you. ♥
    Mary’s recent post…Happy Turkey Day from Lola and SophieMy Profile

  3. Wow loving the affect of the double trees and that wreath hung on the lighting fixture in the sun room! I’m like you I have a lot of collected ornaments and love it. Tis lovely!

  4. Shirley, I absolutely love your trees. So many fabulous and interesting ornaments that I am sure are full of wonderful memories.

  5. Glad to see you keeping busy!! Miss you!!

  6. Rebecca turner says

    Shirley, you had such a great idea to use two trees! I love their placement, and the wreath in the center between them, with winking from the sunroom! The gold ribbons photographed well. I fell in love with a nutcracker with a hat made entirely of pinecones (at Dillards) a few years ago, but I didn’t purchase them because I was concerned about storage. Boo! Now I wish that I had.


    Your trees are just beautiful, Shirley! How nice for you and your hubby to be in your lovely new home and enjoy all your Christmas decor!

  8. Beautiful, Shirley. Since downsizing, I have been very selective in which memories I’ve unwrapped this season. Last year and this year both I’ve disciplined myself to separate some to let go of and resell in our booths. It’s a win-win.

  9. Shirley, the pair of trees flanking an archway into your sunroom are gorgeous, I see beautiful ornaments, including Radkos like some of mine. This is the year that I am letting go of trees, ornaments, etc. it is hard, but necessary! Have a beautiful weekend celebrating your precious and lovely Mom’s 95th birthday!

  10. Alycia nichols says

    I just let out a little squeal and woke up my husband who is still knocked out after all the work he put into helping me decorate yesterday…and the day before that…and the day before that! Your trees are magnificent, especially in that space!!!!!!!!! It’s so lovely how the collection of ornaments near and dear to you take center stage in your thinking. As for scaling back… I hear ya! It is HARD to banish beloved items from the house!!! It’s like kicking your kid out!😄😄😄 I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving and I wish you joy this holiday season!

    • Hi sweet Alycia!!!!…you make me laugh…and laugh! Yes, it is hard to
      banish those beloved items as you stated…I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
      with your family…may your decorating bring you joy this season Alycia…don’t be
      a stranger! 🙂

  11. Bobbi Duncan says

    Great idea w/ the double placement of trees, Shirley! I’m sure many happy memories are recalled as you hang each ornament. Still have a bit more decorating to do at our house, but things are already looking festive…just love this time of year! Hugs!

  12. Shirley your trees look beautiful together. Love those special ornaments with such beautiful memories attached. Enjoy sweet friend. Big Hugs. Kris

  13. Your beautiful paired trees, so centrally located, will bring you many memories as you pass by and see a particular ornament and remember who gave it to you or where it was purchased. The Christmas trees and special ornaments are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Wising you many blessings during this special time of year.

  14. Oh my, the trees are gorgeous!! I love that you put two as you enter the sunroom. It frames the view and the room beautifully! Thank you for sharing!

  15. These are beautiful and in the perfect spot! I love that you use collected ornaments over the years. This is what I do on my main tree. So many memories and I love watching my adult sons search the tree for their ornaments. Your new home is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see all your other decorations!

    • Thank you Robyn…I have in the past done so like you on my main tree;
      however, since in the past years with multiple trees, I have spread those
      ornaments out a bit. I could fill a very large tree with just Hallmark
      ornaments gathered over many years…one year I will get the energy to do that!
      Happy December!

  16. Beautiful, Shirley. Your trees are a statement of welcome home. Our main tree ( the one we open presents around) looks much like yours. It is memories. I wouldn’t trade it for all the department store looking decorated trees in the world. Though I love them too, my favorite is filled with reminders of students I have taught through the years, ones my son and I made when he was growing up, friends and family who know I love Christmas and know I have quite an obsession for beautiful and memorable ornaments. Thank you for sharing yours. Treasures, that’s what they are. Yours are absolutely gorgeous, and I know you placed each one on the tree with painstaking precision in their place of honor.

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