Relocating the ASCP Duck Egg Blue Painted Table

If you read about my “Unintended Paint Project”

… know that the table did not go well in the living/great room as I intended.

So, I roamed the house…tried a few spaces to find it a home…and it landed in the second guest room.

…..this room also doubles as my craft room.


I replaced a lower profile nightstand that was a part of our very first bedroom set with this table.


If I had originally wanted this table in this room, I most likely would have gone with another color….

…..but for now, it shall stay ASCP Duck Egg.


I placed a vintage milk bottle from the Biltmore Estate Dairy that I purchased from Kristen

…..filled it with pretty “grocery store roses” and rosemary from my yard (deer hate rosemary!)….




Added a magazine and a dish of chocolates for guests…



I have plans to replace the nightstand on the other side…one of my many projects…

… for now…the table has found a home…

……….and all’s well, that ends well with the unintended paint project.