Americana in the Media Room

I added some Americana touches in the media room.

I have seller’s remorse as I sold many Americana themed items before our last move…

…..but I still kept enough pieces to decorate this room.



The flag pillow is from Pottery Barn…

…..and the two red and white pillows that flank it are also from Pottery Barn (outdoor collection).


Added a book and an antique iron star..





Added a vase of flowers, an antique Atlas (dated 1915), and a basket to the vignette.

I have had this Americana/flag throw for many years.



Not much “Americana” here, but had to show you the Big Ben clock I scored for $5.00..

…..why just $5.00??? because it does not work..but you can move the hands.

I set it at 5 o’clock, as you know, it is always 5 o’clock somewhere!

PicMonkey Collage

I decided to add this lamp to the media room…

…..I painted the lamp red as I use red for one of my accent colors in the room.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint/Emperor’s Silk.


PicMonkey Collage

I am thinking that I may distress this lamp a bit with some antiquing wax and possibly add a burlap shade..


Today was very dreary…raining on and off…will be like this for at least a couple more days….

… I had to really make adjustments on my camera, as this room did not have much natural light today.


I will be showing the dinette area of this room on Friday, as it will be a part of my Friday Series.

Across this seating area is the bookcases and TV…no Americana decor there..

You will see more of this room when I finally get around to updating my home tour..

….as my “home tour” is in dire need of being updated!

I wish you all a very safe and wonderful 4th..enjoying the celebration of our nation’s Independence Day!