The Sunroom, A Cheery Place in the Winter

I can honestly say that the sunroom helps ward off any possible winter blues.

Even when the sky is gray, this room always sends out a message of cheerfulness.



Sunroom in Winter - Housepitality Designs

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“Gardening” and the Pie Safe

Previously, I showed you all the new hutch in the kitchenette . .

There was an antique pie safe in that spot . . .

~ ~ so it had to be relocated.

You know, my “changes in latitude . .. changes in attitude” . .

My hubby said there was no space left!!!..Ah, I now had a “challenge”!!

Antique Pie Safe

Can you guess where it landed?

Antique Pie Safe

Antique PIe Safe

Yep!…in the sunroom!

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

Since the sunroom has a “garden feel” to it . . .

~ ~ I decided to place my vintage flower pots and garden tools in the pie safe.

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

Vintage Garden Tools/Flower Pots

The vintage garden tools were a gift from my great friend and fellow blogger Kim . . .

~ ~ ~ and the great “Shirley” seed packets were also a gift . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ from my friend and fellow blogger, Mary.

Antique Pie Safe

Antique Pie Safe

Antique Pie Safe

I placed a dried flower wreath on the door that was a gift from my dear friend . .

~ ~ I have had this for over 20 years!…I know she is looking down and smiling . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ and saying “you still have that” !!!

Antique Pie Safe

My collection of tole trays add some great color . .

~ ~ to the “all white” vignette on the pie safe.

Antique Pie Safe

So I won the challenge!…now I have to ask my hubby what my prize is!!! 🙂

~ ~ most likely a good “atta girl” !!

Have a wonderful day!!

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A Bit of Retro Christmas Decor

In our family/media room…

… area that I place my vintage and antique items that I have had for years….

……….the items that I decided to keep when we moved.

I love using these items to embellish for Christmas…

This post will be very heaving on the pictures…I have much to share before Christmas!! 🙂


My collection of picnic baskets, Santas made of old quilts, “Welcome” blocks made by a friend many years ago.


The stack of picnic baskets sit on top of my antique pie safe…
…..a Christmas present from hubby many, many years ago.



There is a vintage Coca-Cola calendar (1973) that hangs on the door of the pie safe.



A vintage Christmas tablecloth hangs on the door…
That day was so dreary…almost dark…difficult light to take pics in…


Vintage Lance and Tom’s Peanut Jars with snowmen…a snowman hangs on the handle of the Dazey Churn.


A very large “snowman” stocking hangs in front of the kitchenette cabinetry…

… is made from an old quilt.


I made these felted wool Santas in our Crafty Chicks group several years ago…




The tree…

…..contains many sentimental ornaments…and many are Hallmark.
………..Burlap ribbon used as garland.



I had this Barbie and the case when I was a little girl…



The tree skirt…a beautiful burlap skirt that I won from a giveaway (At the Picket Fence)
…..from Sonya Hamilton Designs (Beyond the Screen Door) is beautiful!


I placed it under the family room tree along with my vintage games…


My hobby horse…another Christmas gift from long ago…


My treasured angel…




Another view of the tree…



And here is the mantel..

…..I have to be careful decorating this mantel due to the TV….


I used ribbon and florals and assorted picks to match the wreath and the upside down tree in the room.



Ya gotta love “flying deer”…



And the Santa riding the “moose”…
…..the moose is a gift friend my friend Linda..


We were vacationing in the Grand Tetons (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)….

While the guys were driving…we are always on the lookout for “animals”…saw many..but no Moose.

…..on the very last day there..on our way home…there it was…We both shouted “MOOOOOSE”…

You would have thought we found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!


Now…just a few more pics…thanks for being very patient!…

…..these are a few from one of the bookcases…


Another felted wool Santa that I made…beside a bee skep that I bought from Kristen
…..still has the bee pollen on it!




And my terra cotta Nativity Set…I so love this…

…..and do you recognize that “young thing” in the picture…??? 🙂


There is one more tree in that room that I will share later…my granddaughter’s tree…

Thanks for stopping by…I have lots more to share…

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