A Wreath Is Not Only for a Door. . . A Mantelscape

A wreath is not only for a door.

You have seen them hung on walls, on mirrors, on a bookcase

or a decorative element for a chair.

So many ways that you can decorate with a wreath.

I have used my preserved boxwood wreath in a container in the past.

Today, it is in a container.

2016 Winter Mantel - Housepitality Designs

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Great Fall Mantels ~ Fall Ideas Tour

Yesterday I participated in a Fall Ideas Tour.

Day One featured mantels and I want to share some great Fall Mantel Inspiration today.

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas - Housepitality Designs

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How To Embellish Antique Shutters

Once upon a time there were two ladies who love to shop for antiques . . .

just love the thrill of the hunt.

Many times when these ladies find something that they both like,

they often say to each other, “no you take it, no you take it”

but in this case, the other Fair Lady spotted these beauties first,

in a basket tucked in a corner on the floor and they were the perfect items for her home.

Antique Shutters-Housepitalty Designs

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Easily Transitioning from Christmas to a Winter Mantel

When I created my Christmas Mantel, I kept in mind that I want to be able to easily transition

it to Winter by making a few adjustments.

By doing this, this certainly created less work and a great segue into Winter.

Winter Mantel 2015-Housepitality Designs

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Top Projects of 2014

Can’t believe that 2014 has come and soon to be gone so quickly.

I am making a list of my 2015 project and reflecting on 2014.

Changes to several rooms and several areas happened this year.

I can’t really say which one is my favorite . . .

~ ~ but most of them have to do with fabric . . . lots of fabric.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

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So…the mirror that was located in the foyer needed a new home…

……….and the lamp too.

But the mirror and the lamp would not look good over this space:

Entry into Kitchen

So I “shopped the house”….

Searching for an appropriate piece of furniture for this area…

It had to be narrow.

Dining room side table

I thought this table may do the trick….

It actually is a sofa table that I purchased from Ethan Allen years ago..

I think this is the piece for this space.

Entry Wall to Kitchen


I think I have convinced my hubby to paint the a/c and outlet covers to match the paint.
They really stand out on the wall…:(


The table has enough length to accommodate all the accessories and lamp.

I originally had crystal serving pieces on the bottom shelf when it was in the dining room.

So I needed something to place on that shelf.


So much for my zero dollars “domino effect”….

A trip to Hobby Lobby and 4 baskets later…I think it was just what this shelf needed!

I took accessories from around the room including this one..


Actually this is a covered crystal jar that I placed on a Pottery Barn candle holder…

…..it actually worked out well…do ya think?



I bought a set of these candle holders at the Pottery Barn Outlet..

…..on my way home from Haven…

…………with the intention of possibly using them as “lifts/stands”

This is the other candle holder that I used…turned it upside down and it makes a great stand.


I used my Johnson Brothers Pomona plates…

…..as they worked well with the color scheme and has a bit of a “Fall” feel…



I am pleased that I was able to relocate the lamp to this area…and my sentimental mirror too!


I am really enjoying that the mirror reflects the shutters over the mantel…


And how it reflects the outdoors….


My Trader Joe’s orchid was happy there…so I made sure it stayed in the same place….


Now…where did the cabinet go that was in this area?….


It just swapped places with the sofa table that was in the dining room….


This cabinet will live here until I can get my window seat built in this area…

…..all in due time…

But until then…I am having fun re-designing the “domino affected” areas….

Stay tuned to Part Three….where did that mirror that was over the cabinet…

…..that is now in the dining room go?

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So where did you place the stained glass window?….

After the antique wood and iron shutters were mounted above the mantel….

…..the question presented by many was….

So where did you place the stained glass window that was over the mantel?

So here is the before:


And here is the after of the mantel with the new antique iron and wood shutters:


Here is the foyer before:


And here is where the stained glass found its new home….


The mirror over the table has been relocated….

…..you know, that domino/snowball effect.

You put one new thing on the wall and you have to move many other items!!…

In my case, I also had to move a couple of pieces of furniture.


So is this what they call Zero Dollars Decorating?


I had a lamp on that table and it just did not go with the stained glass….

…..it actually was too large and covered most of the bottom portion of the stained glass.

So off it went to another space.

I replaced it with a trio of Pottery Barn Champagne Mercury Glass candle holders.

I added a square Portmeirion plate…




The plates on the sconces had to be changed out too….the domino effect again…

So I placed my Jadite plate and bowl on the sconce…and added a dried hydrangea bloom.



I like the change…..

…..as I really like the other changes that I had to make….Oh, Dom – min – O…..

As I was moving things around…

…..my hubby kept singing that song…Oh…ah…oh…Dom – min – O…



I hope you liked my “re-design”….the Part One of the Domino Effect…

And I would like to add a great big THANK YOU!!!…and a shout out to Susan from Between Naps on the Porch….

…..as I won the $100 Gift Card from Old Time Pottery!…..

Great timing for some great Christmas decor shopping!!….Thanks again Susan!!!


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Antique Wood and Iron Shutters

There’s a new store in town, I said to my hubby. He replied…

“Uh, oh..am I in trouble?”….

….”Hmmmm”, I replied, “You are never in trouble (ha!)…but your wallet may be!”

So a visit to the new store after a nice dinner at a restaurant in the mall.

We walked in….and the angels sang….

But the good thing was that they sang to my hubby!….

It was love at first sight!…


He loves old architectural things…he loves the true craftsmanship of them.

We were smitten…but not smitten by the price..



Who wouldn’t love the beautiful old hinges…the gorgeous patina.

But alas…we walked away….with my small purchase of a pillow that was on sale.

We kept thinking of those shutters…we loved them.

Who could resist the chippy wood….and scraped paint….and rusty hinges.


The store associate said they came from Italy…I just imagined them on a grand Villa…

I went back to that store…they were having a sale!!

Those shutters were still there…hanging so majestically behind the beautiful large checkout stand….

I gave my purchases to the store associate (the design consultants)….I mentioned that I so loved those shutters!


She said that they were on sale!!…Really????…But still with the discount, they were a bit too steep!

When I said that $$$$ was a little more than I wanted to spend….she looked a little puzzled.


Apparently, the other associate thought that the price on the shutters were times 2…..

…..rather than the price including both shutters….


Sing, sing, I heard the angels sing!!!! The harps were also in accompaniment….!!

And….on top of that…they were 30% off….The angelic music was all around…

So, the price of which we thought was not only cut in half, but an extra 30% off!



Well, let me tell you….I never whipped out my phone so fast in my life….

…..to call hubby….to tell him the news!…

He could hardly tell what I was saying, as I was talking so fast…I was so excited!

“Calm down”, he said…just buy them!

So, a “sold tag” was quickly placed on those gorgeous shutters…


Here they are…proudly over the mantel….

We had them sitting the garage for months…while my hubby tried to figure out how to safely hang shutters…


He is very precise kind of guy…so he set forth some plans.


It took 4 men to get these shutters on the wall..my thanks to my son and neighbors…

….in helping me get to this result.


So now, I am left with…Where am I going to hang the stained glass window that was previously hanging over the mantel.???

It’s that domino/snowball effect…

A new item goes up and 5 more items need to be re-arranged…and not to mention…

…..I need to find some great new accessories for the mantel!!

So, what do you think? Do you love old architectural elements as much as we do?

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