Master Bedroom Makeover

A beautiful little girl said to me . . .

~ ~ “Grandma, it sure would be nice if I had my own room in your house” .

We have always told our sweetie that our house is her house too.

Her wish is our command…

We obtained a bedroom set for her from my friend and neighbor.

Thus began the re-locating of 11 pieces of furniture (My hubby is a saint!!!)

This is the way the room was arranged before . . .

~ ~ with the bed in the bay window area.

Master Bedroom for Spring

With some major re-arranging . . . this is what it looks like now.

Master Bedroom Makeover

The bed is no longer in the bay window/sitting area . . .

~ ~ it is actually where it is supposed to be according to the original room design.

Master Bedroom Makeover

The bedding is the same . . the Furber print was relocated above the head of the bed.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Replaced the comfy yellow chair with this bench that was in one of the guest baths.

Master Bedroom Makeover

The dresser was originally where the bed is now . . .

~ ~ we moved it to the opposite side of the room where the wash stand and shelf were . .

~ ~ ~ ~ oh, forgot about that mahogany shelf . . that makes 12 things we moved!!

Master Bedroom Makeover

This tall chest was one of two things that was not moved in the room!

Master Bedroom Makeover

Now with the bed on the wall that the dresser was on . . .

~ ~ and the dresser on the opposite side of the wall . . what is in the bay window area???

I added a table . .

Master Bedroom Makeover

Well, actually three!

Master Bedroom Makeover

I needed a table for my tea set that I purchased in France . .

Master Bedroom Makeover

And to set my cup of tea on . . .

Master Bedroom Makeover

My friend and neighbor had a table that she was letting go that fit the bill . .

Now are you getting any hints on what is in the bay window area?

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

One of the three tables added to this area . . .

~ ~ along with the chair that was in another area of the room.

Master Bedroom Makeover

The “tea table” . . .

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Sitting Area

Yes, you are right . . .

~ ~ the furniture in the sitting area which was in the craft room landed here.

That room was originally a second guest room/craft room . . .

~ ~ and now it will be our sweetie’s room . . . well at least half of it!!

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

The mirror was relocated to this corner. . .

Master Bedroom

I am truly loving this arrangement. . . now that it includes a great sitting area .

Even though I loved to see the bed as the focal point when I entered the room . . .

~ ~ having the pretty sitting area makes up for that.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Change sometimes is a good thing . . .

Master Bedroom Makeover

To sit down and “smell the roses” and have a cup of tea!

Hope you all have that special place too!

Have a most wonderful day, taking time to smell the roses.

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A New Cozy Space

I am joining The Scoop Party for the Cozy Room Tour.

So, today, I am presenting a “new cozy space” of mine.

~ ~ a space that was formerly an area designated as a second guest room/craft area.

What makes a space cozy for me???…

A place where I can curl up and enjoy a great cup of tea ~

~ ~ especially from this tea set that I purchased in France.

With the glow of a great scented candle, a wonderful magazine . .

~ ~ and a very soft throw (from France) close by..

Some pretties to surround you ~ ~

And a basket to house your favorite magazines ~

And a view that gives you a great sense of peace.

That can also be seen in the reflection of a mirror in the room.

Are you wondering what I did in this room?

Here is what the area looked like before:

The craft area is still there; however, the bed is not.

A family member needed a bed . . so off it went.

Here is my reveal of the newly appointed space.

A friend no longer needed this beautiful Lee Sofa ~ ~

~ ~ it had unfortunately faded from a taupe to a peach tone, obviously a flaw in the fabric.

We have a “pay if forward” attitude between us and since this space was empty ~ ~

~ ~ I was more than happy to receive this sofa.

With the exception of my “french treasures” ~ ~

~ ~ I “shopped the house” for this area.

Soft, comfy pillows a must in a cozy area.

I went searching for pillows in my “stash” that would coordinate with the sofa ~ ~

~ ~ I then realized I had the perfect ones..the ones I used for my Fall Porch decor.

I then remembered that I had a vintage paint by numbers painting stashed away . .

~ ~ that contained the perfect colors for the sitting area.

I was originally planning on placing the vintage French toy chest in another area ~

~ ~ but it seems to work well here and the storage is a bonus.

You can see part of my Martha Stewart Craft Furniture in this picture..

The pair of chairs I brought into this room were in the foyer ~ ~

~ ~ the Antique French buffet took up most of the space there.

I am now debating on whether to paint these chairs . .

The pillows in the chairs were in the media room and discovered them perfect for the chairs.

I was able to bring the two tables on each side of the sofa from various places in the house ~

~ ~ One of the tables was replaced by my antique French Commode from France.

My intentions in decorating are to create rooms that are warm and cozy ~ ~

~ ~ for family and friends to feel comfortable and welcome.

Thanks for visiting my new cozy space!

Please hop over and visit my fellow bloggers on this great “Cozy Home Tour” today . .

~ ~ and the rest of the week, to see the wonderful ways in which they make their homes cozy!

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