Elegance and Style

Hello everyone. I am back!

I was in Washington D.C.  last week and took a little break

to meet up with my friend Mary Alice of Chateau Chic.

We had great fun visiting and shopping together.

One thing that we did one day was to travel to Bethesda, Maryland

to see our friend Loi at his exquisite antique shop, Tone On Tone.

Mary Alice had never been there so it was an extra treat for her to see

the shop and finally get to meet the sweet and talented Loi in person.

Loi is the definition of Elegance and Style.

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-4

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A Most Charming Shop of Vintage and All Things Beautiful

This past weekend I traveled to Richmond, Virginia where my hubby had a tournament.

Yes, tis the season and let the games begin!

I had the over the moon pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger friend,

Lisa of Celebrate Creativity.

Many of you may already know Lisa. Lisa with such  amazing talent in so many things

which includes jaw dropping photography.

Lisa picked me and my friend Merry up from the hotel where we were staying

and took us to a most charming shop of vintage and all things beautiful.

Gather Shop-Porch-Housepitality Designs

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How To Beautifully Live In A Small Cottage

Want to know how you can beautifully live in a small cottage?

In a cottage that is 1300 square feet?

Well, my friend Mary Alice of Chateau Chic can show you how.

Mary Alice recently downsized from a large home in the suburbs of D.C.

to a very quaint cottage on the east coast.

Today, I am thrilled to show you how she has made this cottage a beautiful retreat

for her and her hubby.

When you enter her home you come into an area they call the sunroom.

Chateau Chic - Housepitality Designs

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Two Elegant Designer Showhome Dining Rooms

I love color and beautiful pattern.

While I do love the neutral palettes, I always gravitate toward rooms

with beautiful color, texture and pattern.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of touring two Designer Showhomes

in two different states. Yes, I get around!

One in Birmingham, Alabama and one in Cashiers, N.C.

We shall begin with the one in Birmingham, Alabama.



Southern Living Idea House Dining Room - Housepitality Designs

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10 Minute Decorating, A Pre-Autumn Mantel

A simple pre-autumn mantel was on the agenda

when I returned from my Florida trip to visit my mom and sister.

I knew I wanted something simple that I can later tweak to add autumn decor.

I guess you can say this is my late summer, pre-autumn mantelscape.

Great Room Mantel - Housepitality Designs

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A Moving Sale of Beautiful Antiques

This week I will be helping my friend Martha,

the artist, the quilter, the gourmet cook, the expert on antique linens,

and more. No, her last name is not Stewart!

She and her hubby are relocating to the Lone Star State to be closer to their son.

Their home is filled with many beautiful, quality antiques and unfortunately,

they are unable to bring them all to their new downsized home.

8 Foot Antique Bench - Housepitality Designs

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A Walk Down Memory Lane of the Lucketts 2013 Design House

Today, I thought I would take you down memory lane of the 2013 Lucketts Design House.

The Lucketts Spring Market is around the corner so I thought for those of you who

have not seen it, or for those of you who had, you can take a peek again.

So grab a cup of coffee or the beverage of your choice as this post is filled with great inspiration!!

It was gorgeous…such a great group of talented people

had decorated the Design House impeccably.

So many designs from Farmhouse Vintage, Shabby Chic, 

Industrial Chic, and more.

So armed with my “point and shoot” camera (did not bring the heavy DSLR with me)

I proceeded to “the house”.

When I approached the front porch, you see this:

Lucketts Design House 2013-Housepitality Designs

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Shabby and Vintagelicious

Previously, I presented some great places where I have been antiquing and finding some great things

for great prices . . . always shopping on a budget.

Today, I have more eye candy for you. Great things on a budget.

Rust and Feathers/Ekster-Housepitality Designs

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A Great Day of Antiquing

Well, most of you know that I love a great field trip.

I love to travel and I have no problems with driving hours to get to a great place

to antique. And so does my field trip partner.

So off we went this week, traveling to one of our favorite places . . .

The Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne, PA.

Antique Marketplace Lemoyne-Housepitality Designs

Now I know some people like to keep their favorite spots a bit of a secret, but me being me,

love to share so that others can experience a great place to find things.

It is fabulous as soon as you go through their doors.

Ladder/hand truck-Housepitality Designs

I spotted this cutie as soon as we walked in . . .

It is a combination of a step ladder and hand truck.

Antique Cradle/Demijohn-Housepitality Designs

This green demijohn was huge . . . it was a great price to start with and an additional 15% off . . .

So what did I do . . . I passed it up. Why do I do that?

Antique purchases from Lemoyne, PA-Housepitalty Designs

So here are SOME of our purchases for the day.

I cannot wait till June/July as this marketplace is expanding and adding another 100 vendors!!

The next day I paid a visit to Rust and Feathers with my friend and field trip partner.

With two purposes . . . she was filling her booth with new goodies and I was shopping.

Rust and Feathers-Housepitality Designs

When I turned the corner, I saw this fabulous piece in Mary Alice’s booth . . .

Wish I had a spot for it!

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

Isn’t this a super cute collection? . . . Love that red farm table!

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

I have been on the lookout for more vintage garden items . . .

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

I kept walking around saying, “now where can I put this, and where can I put that?”

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

Now that rusty, crusty typewriter stand would be great for a plant stand, or when painted a cute color,

great in a kitchen . . . or my laundry room . . . hmmmmm.

Rust and Feathers/Chateau Chic-Housepitality Designs

I have more to share on this wonderful place. . . and there is a “new person in town” in this

antique shop . . . I was wowed when I saw some of the beautiful things that the new vendor was

bringing in and got to take a great peek of her setting up. Can’t wait to come back and see it

all done.

Had a great time and looking forward to the next!

Do you travel great lengths to shop at your favorite places with ones who love to do the same?

Have a great weekend !!

Antiquing in Pennsylvania

I have been a bit M.I.A. as far as posting . . .

Within the past 2 weeks I have been on 3 separate trips . . with only a day or two in-between them.

It has certainly been a whirlwind for us.

Just got back from our trip to D.C. . . . Hubby had a business trip there.

While I was in D.C., I met up with a fellow blogger and friend. . . .

~ ~ and had 2 great days of adventure.

You will know later who that “friend” is as I will be doing another post on our adventures!

Antique Market

I arrive at her house an hour later than I anticipated . . .

~ ~ even with my Garmin in the car . . . I rode in circles trying to get out of the heart of D.C.

Her hubby called me and talked me through getting through the D.C. streets and on the the main highway!

Yep, I was going in circles within a 2 mile radius in D.C. for an hour!

Antique Marketplace

When I arrived at her home . . .

~ ~ she asked, “do you mind taking a 2 hour trip” . . . I am always up for a good road trip!

So off we go . . . from Virginia to Pennsylvania!

Antique Marketplace

We arrive at this beautiful storefront.

My hubby called me from the office . . . just to “check in”

He asked where we were . . . I told him Pennsylvania!

“Well, he said, I guess it’s better than Canada, as you won’t be back in time to pick me up” !!

P.S. . . . we were running late, so he took the Metro to meet us for dinner!

Susquehanna River

When we arrived at the Antique Market it was lunchtime . . .

~ ~ we decided to go to lunch first, so that we would have nourishment to have lots of energy to shop!

This was the view from our table . .

Susquehanna River

The restaurant had beautiful views of the Susquehanna River.

Antique Marketplace

The Marketplace was huge . . . sometimes while strolling through the aisles, I felt “lost”

There were hundreds of booths . . . and many of them were having sales!!!

Antique Marketplace

You can spend the entire day there! . . . Seriously.

The prices were great and when there was a discount . . . well, it was even better.

Most sales that some booths had were an additional 15 to 30% off!

Antique Marketplace

So here is my “loot” prior to them wrapping up the pieces . . .

~ ~ 3 ironstone tureens . . . all made in England.

~ ~ ~ ~ one chamber pot with lid . . . (this one was $8.00 with 20% off) 🙂

The total including tax on all 4 items was $67.00 . . . OH HAPPY DAY!!!

My “friend” got lots of deals too!!!…and one of them was a vintage scale for $5.00, yes, $5.00 !!

So stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip to D.C.

But in the meantime . . . I want to share our granddaughter’s Moshi Monster (our Flat Stanley) . .

~ ~ his name is Oddie.

Oddie in DC

My granddaughter gave Oddie to my hubby as good luck charm and he travels everywhere with us.

Oddie and I tried to convince the White House security to let us take a picture on the “lawn” . . .

~ ~ we both smiled and asked nicely . . . they said “no way”!!!

Oddie in D.C.

So he settled for a pic through the fence!…a bit out of focus from his pleading and whining.

Oddie in D.C.

After a long day of seeing some sights . . . Oddie relaxed with us at a D.C. Steakhouse . . .

~ ~ saying, “it was a good day” ! !

And Oddie and I wish you a good day too!!!