Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

One of my favorite things to do while at Lucketts is to visit the Design House . .

This year it was a bit more difficult to snap pics and it was pretty crowded . . .

~ ~ being that it was the first day of the Lucketts Spring Market.

So hope you enjoy this mini tour of the Design House:

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

The Porch . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

As you come up the steps to the house . .

~ ~ this is what you see when you look to the left.

They set up for an “outdoor dining experience”

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

The right side of the porch, also set up for dining . .

Lucketts 2013 Spring Design House

This is what this area looked like last year…

~ ~ So which one do you prefer??

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

As you enter through the front door there is a small foyer area . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

The dining room to the left of the foyer . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

This is another dining area in the house ~ ~

~ ~ the chairs look similar to my Pottery Barn dining chairs.

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

I so love how the designers incorporate many architectural elements throughout the house . .

~ ~ such as many gorgeous antique doors.

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Love, love this mirror!

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

So many unique things for sale in this “house” . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

And many items had a “sold tag” on them!

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

This home had many wonderful lighting fixtures in all of the rooms . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Beautiful vignettes everywhere . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

Lucketts 2014 Spring Design House

There were many fabulous accessories available for purchase . . .

~ ~ from farmhouse and industrial chic . . . to garden themed pieces.

If you are ever in the area of the Lucketts Store, in Lucketts, Virginia . .

~ ~ the Design House (when open) is a must see!…

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend ! !

Have a beautiful day!!!

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Lucketts 2014 Spring Market, Part Two

I was asked what I enjoyed the most about going to the Lucketts Spring Market…

~ ~ and my answer (according to the “questioner”) was indicative of me . .

Seeing and being with great friends of course . . . and then the shopping!

However, of the thousands of people attending . . shopping was definitely primary!!!

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Kim (Savvy Southern Style) and I for some reason thought that the Market opened at 9 a.m.

~ ~ so with hubbies in tow, we left our hotel at 7:15 a.m. to drive to Lucketts.

We got a great parking spot. In the Community Center . .

~ ~ much of the grass parking was under water from the almost 5 inches of rain they received.

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

So after 2 hours of “hanging out” before the Fair opened . . we discovered wonderful booths.

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Rows and rows of booths . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Lots of various displays . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

And something for everyone . . . From beautiful beds . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

To magnificent doors . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Even the “hubbies” perused the many antiques and vintage wares . . .

I must say they were great sports!!!

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Beautifully appointed booths such as Kristen’s and Karen’s . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Was admiring the trophy lamp and chair with that gorgeous bird pattern fabric.

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

Great painted furniture . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

As soon as the gates opened, many standing in line headed directly to Marian’s booth!

And after almost 5 hours of being at the Fair . . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

We found these guys . . . sitting on the bench (would that be the “husbands’ bench?) . .

~ ~ Patiently waiting for us to complete our rounds of the booths . .

At this point . . we decided that they deserved a great lunch.

It was a beautiful day of great friends and shopping. . .

~ ~ what more could you ask for!

I was so busy taking in the many beautiful things there . .

~ ~ that I realized I did not take as many photos as I should have (bad blogger) !!

Watch for some great photos of the Lucketts Fair over at Kim’s. . she took lots of pictures!

Have a most wonderful day!!!

2014 Lucketts Spring Market Weekend, Part One

Happy Monday everyone . . Hope you all had a great weekend . . . We did!!

We drove up to the Washington DC area on Thursday . .

~ ~ as my hubby had a meeting in D.C. on Friday.

So Kim, Mr. Savvy, and I took advantage of a little sightseeing . . .

~ ~ while my hubby had his meeting.

Washington Monument

I believe it was the first day of the re-opening of the Washington Monument.

Kim and I took lots of pictures of the sights . .

Washington DC

And if you follow Kim on Instagram . . you can see what Mr. Savvy was holding in his hand.

After my hubby’s meeting we headed toward Frederick, Maryland . . to Sweet Clover . .

~ ~ however, it was closed as Cassie and company were setting up at Lucketts.

We then headed to the Lucketts area to visit Mary Alice (Chateau Chic) . . .

~ ~ and her lovely space at Rust and Feathers!

Rust and Feathers

"At Rust and Feathers"

Mr. Housepitality and Mr. Savvy auditioning for the new “Green Acres” lead role!

(Please excuse the iPhone photos taken this day) !!

Mary Alice, Shirley, Kim

After a great time and shopping at Rust and Feathers . . .

~ ~ we met Mary Alice and her hubby for dinner.

Had a fabulous time! . . We actually met again the next evening for dinner . .

~ ~ we had too much fun the first night and needed to continue the second night too!

Whether it is going to a conference or meeting up at an event . .

~ ~ it is not about the actual event . .

Lucketts 2014 Spring Market

It’s all about seeing “friends” !!

Me, Marian, and Kim

Lucketts Spring Market 2014

And sweet Kristen in her cute Sophia’s Decor apron . . who was a vendor at Lucketts . .

~ ~ I sneaked a photo op of the camera shy Kristen.

More to come on Lucketts tomorrow!…

Have a most wonderful day!…

Coastal Charm Feature – Shop Talk Series

Happy Friday everyone!….

I am extremely flattered that I was asked by Linda from Coastal Charm . . .

~ ~ if I would share my antique booth with her readers as part of her Shop Talk Series.

~ ~ ~ ~ and today is the day that I am appearing at Coastal Charm !

Here are some sneak peeks!!

Antique Booth

A mix of antique, vintage, new, and gently used items.

Antique Booth

Antique Booth

So I hope you hop on over to Linda’s today at Coastal Charm . .

~ ~ to see the remainder of my booth!!!

Thanks again Linda for featuring me today!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And just a note and shout out to my sister Betty Ann ~ ~

Now, let’s cue the theme song to “Stand and Deliver”

I have always been so proud of her accomplishments as an educator.

She has won many awards to include Teacher of the Year in her school district…

~ ~ for her role in taking a “D” rated school which she was transferred to . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ to an “A” rating in a very short time.

Her “non-gifted” students scored the highest test scores in the district. . .

~ ~ beating out the “gifted class” in a magnet school.

Betty Ann just notified me that a wonderful ex-student of hers ~ ~

~ ~ who has stated that she was his favorite teacher . . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ just got picked #5 in the first round of the NFL Draft ~ ~ Khalil Mack.

Congrats to Khalil and to the teacher who has inspired him!

This shows that with hard work and determination, your dreams can come true. . .

~ ~ and as the school year comes slowly to an end, remember to THANK A TEACHER !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wish you all a most beautiful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Architectural Salvage Heaven {Black Dog Salvage}

This weekend we traveled to Virginia…to the Salem/Roanoke area where my hubby had a tournament.

For a few years now I have always wanted to go to Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke…

…..however the “tournament schedule” did not lend for me to make that trip.

But on Saturday…I had some time between games and traveled to Roanoke and visited the place…

…..where you hear the angels sing as soon as you walk through the door!




You are greeted by this “knight in shining armor”


And a rocket!


The front section of the building is architectural salvage items…



Rows and rows of shutters, doors, windows…..

…..if you can’t find it there…you can’t find it anywhere…




Gorgeous tin panels anyone?


More vintage plumbing fixtures..and there was a very large section in the parking lot…

…..just filled with vintage plumbing fixtures.

I saw a gorgeous large sink that I would love to have in a future garden shed….

…..but no room in the van…filled with baseball equipment!






I am definitely going back as it is just a few hours away from me…

…..but next time…the van will be empty :).



I want that door!!!



As we were walking through the building we discovered that in the back portion…

…..there were many, many gorgeous booths of private vendors.


As we were leaving…one of the owners (you may recognize him from the show “Salvage Dawgs)

…..was inspecting a fabulous sink brought in by who I am assuming was a picker.


Stay tuned tomorrow for some great eye candy from those fabulous vendors there!!

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Sunday Morning at The Lucketts 2013 Spring Market

This year, I had the great opportunity to go to the Lucketts Spring Market for the very first time.

I had visited the Lucketts store last year, but have never attended the Spring Market.

Even though, I was only able to spend a few short hours there on Sunday, I so enjoyed it….

…..and plan on going back next year!!

The true highlight of this fair was meeting fellow bloggers and Miriam of Hometalk.


This is the “admission booth” …. the cutest.

I believe the person shown at the left of the picture in the long skirt, is the coordinator of the Spring Market.


The entrance was flanked by two large birdhouses!!..


We arrived soon after the gates opened and there was already a large crowd…


Found the Hometalk booth…there is Donna of Funky Junk Interiors doing a stenciled sign tutorial…


Donna was demonstrating using her power drill…I was paying close attention!!…


Donna doing more demos…..


Miriam of Hometalk and me…so glad I finally got to meet her!!


And here is Amy of Atta Girl Says (also my antique booth partner) and I with Donna…

…..Donna is the type of person who you feel like you have known her for years..

……….Donna is an incredibly “fun” person!!

Can you see Marian of Miss Mustard Seed at the left of the picture?

Her booth was next to Hometalk’s..


A “bloggers group photo”..

From left to right: Me..Paula (Virginia Sweet Pea), Miriam (Hometalk), Jocie (The Better Half),

Liz (Naptime Decorator), and Allison, the Hometalk Lucketts trip winner (The Golden Sycamore)


Donna and Karen (The Graphics Fairy)…looks like Karen had her eyes slightly closed…

…..that is unfortunate as she has the most incredible blue eyes!!


This sign is very special to me…you will see why in a future post 🙂


I had a wonderful chat with Marian’s (Miss Mustard Seed) mom…she is such a heartwarming and supportive person…


I gained much inspiration from Marian’s booth…and was able to purchase a couple of treasures from her…


My hubby stated that I did more socializing than shopping…a good thing for him!!!


So many things to see in so little time…


Wish I had enough room to bring that cute blue wagon home!…


I always enjoy my hubby coming along…he is a trooper…

…..and a good thing to have someone making a few trips back and forth to the car!

Now…other than “socializing”…where do you think I spent most of my time?


In the Lucketts Design House!!!…On my first trip there, it was closed…

…..and I am so happy that I was able to go through the house on this visit!!…It was awesome…

Stay tuned!…Design House post coming soon!!!

And I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of Oklahoma…

… heart is breaking with every news detail of their horrific tragedies…


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