Antique Bamboo Tables Added to the Dining Room

Hello Dear Readers!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

We traveled to Florida to attend my Great Niece’s graduation and the added bonus

of visiting with my mom and my siblings and their families.

On my way down we stopped off I-95 to meet up with our dear friends to have

lunch and to pick up some great pillows

that my friend JoAnn had picked up for me.

You shall see those pillows at a later date.

When there is time,

I always try and stop at one of my favorite shops on the way home.

The Plantation Shop, on Amelia Island, Florida.

I always find some treasures there

and this time was no exception. My purchase led to:

Antique Bamboo Tables Added to the Dining Room


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More Bamboo in the Decor

Last week, I was on the hunt for some items that would go well in my sweetie’s room

a.k.a. sweet granddaughter’s room.

She seems to have gravitated to the theme of birds and flowers and a crown or two.

I found one sweet little birdcage at a very great price.

So I thought, hmmmm . . . should I hang birdcages in her room?

Bamboo Bird Cage - Housepitality Designs

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Gold, Coral, Bamboo and Reflections

Gold, Coral, Bamboo, and Reflections have been the mainstay in the master bedroom lately.

I found a pair of “bambooesque” lamps from HomeGood about a year ago

and a gold mirrored table about the same time and then started the addition

of more gold in the room.

Then I added the peach/coral sofa and thus began adding more of this color into the room.

That snowball effect.

Master Bedroom - Housepitality Designs

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