Have you heard what the buzz is all about? . . . Why it’s bHome!

Yes, have you heard that buzzing sound? You know those sounds when you look around and say,

“What’s that Bee-utiful sound?”

It’s the Bee-utiful sound of bHome!

bHome App-Housepitality Designs

Yes, you will be Bee-dazzled at this innovative, creative, and revolutionary mobile app available

FREE OF CHARGE on your iPhone and iPad (coming to androids soon!).

bHome Mobile App-Housepitality Designs

This mobile app is the brainchild of Kelly (My Soulful Home) and her husband Peter.

To bring together, like a sweet Beehive community of workers . . . .

 the sweetest results of all things home and garden.

bHome-Housepitality Designs

You can visit with your favorite bloggers, read their posts.

bHome-Housepitality Designs

Pin their very Bee-coming images, and want to Bee-friends and chat with them?

bHome-Housepitality Designs

You can do that too! . . . You can join in on a chat from your favorite blogger . . .

bHome-Housepitality Designs

or go to the bHome app on the bHome app page and ask a  question or make a comment.

bHome App-Housepitality Designs

Like the one that user sw31313 asked of the bloggers on bHome:

“Need color ideas to go with brown leather sofa”

You cannot see the entire thread here, but I can tell you that her questions was answered

by quite a few of the bloggers on bHome. Now how great is that!

All from the convenience from your phone or iPad.

You can “favorite” your favorite blogs, shelter magazines, and shops too!

by simply tapping on the star. For a great video tutorial, you can go HERE.

Those you favorite will come to you in a feed, BEE-fitting of you and your likes.

BEE-lieve me . . . I am not very techy . . . pretty tech challenged I would say.

Hey . . . I learned to type on a manual typewriter!

I can say that this mobile app is for the BEE-ginner and of course the BEE-guiling tech savvy person.

So, download this amazing bHome mobile app today!

You can also go to my side bar and click on the bHome image.

bHome-Housepitality Designs

 If you want to download this app on your iPad, go to the iPhone apps to download.

bHome is also on Facebook, you can go there for amazing and Bee-utiful inspiration.

I travel often and I must say that it is so wonderful to have a plethora (love that word) of

home and garden inspiration from many sources at my fingertips on my phone. Just ask my hubby,

he said that I am more attached to my phone now than ever before.

Yep! . . . . Reading and interacting with the bHome mobile app!….The BEEE-EST!!!