Decorating for Summer with Transferware

Hello Dear Readers!

Summer is all about wonderful vacations to the beach or to the mountains

for those who prefer the beautiful vistas and fresh mountain air . . . 

or your very favorite place to be . . .  

perhaps a getaway you travel to every year,

or a new adventure to an unexplored place.

Other than travels, I find decorating for summer is fun.

Whether you prefer decorating with shells

or the colors of the summer holidays

like the 4th of July . . . you can gather what you have in your home,

without having to purchase seasonal decor from your local craft store.

I chose to go with a red, white and blue theme

to adorn the sofa table this year,

thus I chose, Decorating for Summer with Transferware



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A Sweet Treasure and the Winners

When I was in Maine antiquing with the lovely Linda (Lulu’s Musings),

I came across this sweet treasure.

Everything about it attracted me to it . . . the color, the pattern and the shape.

When we completed our rounds of the shop

I headed back to take a second look,  it truly called my name

and I had to take it home with me!

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

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Changing an Area from Winter to Pre-Spring

Changing an area from Winter to Pre-Spring was on the agenda

when I replaced the blue accessories in the sunroom to red.

The blue items shifted to another room which caused the usual domino effect.

Great Room Blue and White Vignette - Housepitality Designs

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A Crisp White Winter Vignette

I am slowly transitioning my decor from Christmas to the crisp white of winter.

When I remove Christmas decor from a surface, I cannot let that surface stay bare for long.

In fact, I have to gather items right away to create another vignette.

Coffee Table  Winter Vignette-Housepitality Designs

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Indoor Plants in the Decor {A New Summer Table Vignette}

My granddaughter said the other day that my house is like a garden inside . . .

~ ~ that I have so many plants.

I always have . . . they make me happy . . . and they also make the air inside cleaner.

I have quite a few in the sunroom:

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

And plants on my sunroom desk . . I try to use vintage containers . . .

~ ~ like this vintage McCoy planter. . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

A vintage crock serves as this plant’s container . .

Sunroom/Housepitality Designs

This French Wine Wicker Carrier serves as a plant stand in the dining room . . .

Ironstone Planter

An ironstone chamber pot serves as a container for this plant . .

I needed a change in the table vignette in the great room . . . .

So what better than to have a plant on the table for a crisp summer look.

Great Room Table Vignette

I started creating this vignette with my variegated ivy plant . . .

~ ~ that was formerly in the back upper porch and then the sunroom.

Great Room Table Vignette

I was going for a “lighter and brighter” vignette . . .

Great Room Table Vignette

So I added some crystal candlesticks . .

Great Room Table Vignette

A Waterford “Millenium” Crystal Ball . . .

~ ~ Hmmmm. . never realized I truly had a crystal ball….

~ ~ ~ ~ do you think I can see my future? 🙂

Great Room Table Vignette

Added more bling with my crystal “signature pineapple” and silver candleholder….

Great Room Table Vignette

And a book for “texture” . .

~ ~ this is a great book, by the way. . .

Great Room Table Vignette

The ivy plant is in a blue and white transferware container that was a gift . .

~ ~ from a friend and co-worker many, many years ago.

Great Room Table Vignette

I am loving this change on the table of a fresher look for the summer . .

Great Room/Housepitality Designs

Even though summer has not officially come . . it sure does feel like it here . . .

~ ~ with temps in the high 80’s.

I am busy preparing for two large projects and a “fun” travel excursion this weekend!

Stay tuned!!! 🙂

Have a most wonderful day!!

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