I Will Keep The Light On

OK . . . you are probably going to say . . . you are showing us another treasure?

Yes, I am! 🙂

When I was placing some things on the table

that is between the two chairs in the dining room sitting area . . .

I thought, it would be nice to have a lamp on the table.

Then it came to me, after releasing my senioritis, that I bought a lamp at the estate sale!

Dining Room Sitting Area-Housepitality Designs

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I’m All About That Brass . . . I’m All About that Brass

I’m all about that brass . . . not the bass . . . not the bass.

I have always loved brass . . . however, it fell out of favor for a while.

But, now it is back.


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Ever So Clever, Ever So Pretty Friday, #10…A Metal Lampshade Makeover

I love Pam’s blog, Simple Details.

Pam always has the greatest projects and decorating ideas and this week I saw her makeover of a metal lampshade.

I have a lamp that I purchased many years ago from Bombay (I miss that store!)…

…..but I no longer am crazy about the color of the shade. It was a “dark greenish blue”..

So I decided to do what Pam did and give it a makeover.

And here it is:


I love the shiny lacquered look.


This is was my inspiration from Pam…

metal shade

Pam’s shade looked similar to these….she had forgotten to take before pics…I can so relate to that!!

She took these shades similar to hers from an eBay pic.


Pam compared the shiny lacquered look to a flat black look, and I agreed that the lacquered look was the best.


This is the lamp before….


It was hard to capture the true original color of the shade before I painted it…but is truly was a “dark greenish blue”


I gathered my supplies which with the exception of the paint, are items that were in my SWAG bag from Haven last year!!


I used Pam’s paint of choice…and it was a great choice!


So a lamp that I have had in the attic for a long time, has found its way back home!


I changed the foyer table vignette around since the lamp found its home here…


I removed the large demijohn and placed the lamp in that space and added the bird house…



I am so pleased on how this turned out.

I have other metallic paints (Martha Stewart) and now have the inspiration to try it on more lamp shades…


I so glad that I went with this finish..and my hubby also gave it the thumbs up!


And now that brass is making a comeback…I may be dragging more things out of the attic!


So here’s another look of the lamp I rescued from the attic and updated the shade thanks to Pam!!

Take the time to visit Pam’s blog, Simple Details…you won’t be disappointed…she is a very talented lady!!

I am off to my Watercolor Painting Class…yes, I am going to try my hand at this!!!…so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend…and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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